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What’s on Tap


Cape May IPAIPA - American


The American IPA named for America’s Oldest Seaside Resort, Cape May IPA is loaded with floral and citrus notes, slightly bitter with a zesty finish. A West Coast-style IPA brewed at the heart of the East Coast, it’s the beer that’s Crafted on the Cape.

Coastal EvacuationIPA - Imperial / Double


Coastal Evacuation — it’s a phrase that’s everywhere at the Jersey Shore. This West Coast-style Double IPA is as big and bold as hurricane season itself, with Centennial hops serving up hints of orange citrus and honeydew melon. It’s time to evacuate. Are you prepared?

Honey PorterPorter - English


Here’s a taste of South Jersey, better known for farms than fist pumping. Roasted and dark crystal malts shine through in a smooth and light-bodied porter that is balanced by a hint of sweetness thanks to the local Jersey Fresh honey. Welcome to the Garden State, bro. Apiology is the bee’s knees!

Cape May IPA NitroIPA - American


Our flagship beer with a twist. Served on nitro, you’ll notice a creamier and fuller mouthfeel, with the bitterness seemingly toned down due to the lack of carbonation. Very much the same beer at heart, but with a refreshing spin, this is a decidedly hoppy and slightly bitter American IPA. We load it with a blend of hops that provide floral and citrus notes, focusing on the quintessential American west coast hop profile. Which has become our style, this India Pale Ale emphasizes the hop aroma and flavor, while muting the hop bitterness by back loading the hop additions. Dry hopped with almost a pound per barrel, the hops come bursting through – encapsulating your senses to the point where you’re not sure where the rest of the pint went by the time you’ve put down your glass. You should’ve just ordered two.

Honey Porter NitroPorter - English


What’s better than our beloved flagship Honey Porter? A nitrogenated version! With a creamy and rich texture, the roasted and dark crystal malts shine through in a light-bodied porter that is balanced by a hint of sweetness thanks to the local Jersey Fresh honey. Welcome to the Garden State, bro. Apiology is the bee’s knees!


City to ShoreIPA - Imperial / Double

From the boil to the dry hop, the hops blend in City to Shore hits all the right notes and tickles your taste buds. The sexy hops in this Double IPA bring a wave of citrus, grapefruit, and other exotic fruits to your face. Not as dry as our usual hop-bombs, we leave a touch more of the body behind to bring out the juicier hop profile.

Mop WaterSpiced / Herbed Beer


CMBC’s Chief Mop Man mandated a beer brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice, and a s-load of real vanilla. Combining these spices with the flavors of German malts creates a brown ale perfect for cool autumn evenings and bitter winter nights.



This rich and complex amber-colored lager is the perfect beer for changing seasons. Smooth and clean due to a cool fifty-degree fermentation and allowed to mellow out while lagering for a few weeks, this traditional Marzen style lager is all about balance. Enough hop presence to show up in the background, Oktoberfest is focused on the grain bill. Comprised of a blend of Vienna, Munich, Caramunich, Pilsen, and Melanoidin malts to lend a toffee and caramel-like sweetness with a nutty note, Oktoberfest would feel right at home being guzzled out of das boot or out of a solo cup on a beach overlooking the sunset.

The Bog Cranberry ShandyFruit Beer


Sometimes we’ll create a beer because we’ve always wanted to make a certain style, other times it’s to fill a hole in our lineup, but what happens when we’re making our Cranberry Wheat and accidentally add too much cranberry making it too tart? We embrace it and turn it into a Shandy. What was supposed to be a one-off batch has turned into one of our top-selling and sought after beers. The Bog has become the definitive South Jersey summer beer, a tart cranberry wheat beer blended with lemonade to create an uber-drinkable summer shandy. Designed to enjoy on those sweltering days, this beer is light and refreshing while still packing tons of flavor.


Demisemiseptcentennial AlePale Ale - American


For Villanova’s 175th year, Ryan Krill ’05, Chris Henke ’05, and Bob Krill of Cape May Brewing Company have brewed Demisemiseptcentennial Ale: a Pale Ale brewed with German Pilsner malt, our House Ale yeast for its clean and easy-drinking quality, and a hefty dose of Centennial hops in the whirlpool for a floral and citrusy hop aroma. This brew is a veritable Professor of Suds, unifying all Wildcats with its drinkability, brewed with the care that only Villanovans can provide, and leaves an echo ringing from Bartley to Tolentine.

CorrosionSour - Ale


Sour. IPA. Boom. A beer geek’s’ dream beer. Bitter and sour, two flavor profiles that more often clash then complement, are brought together in a harmonious blend via the guiding nature of ample amounts of Citra and Centennial on the dry hop. Opening up with a huge nose of fresh citrus and grapefruit, then hitting the palate up front with firm bitterness, before giving way to back of the tongue acidity, the dance goes on until you’re left wanting more.


Three PlowsIPA - Farmhouse


To celebrate our rich agricultural history, we are honored to bring you our 2017 edition of Three Plows — a Farmhouse IPA brewed entirely with New Jersey-grown ingredients: malt from Rabbit Hill Farms in Shiloh, hops from Laughing Hops and Sky High Hops in Pennington, yeast cultivated by East Coast Yeast in Hillsborough, and water sourced from the Kirkwood-Cohansey Aquifer. The Three Plows on the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey honor our strong agricultural tradition and our status in the order of statehood. Three Plows has a fruity and peppery yeast presence, an earthy-malty sweetness, and a pleasant, hoppy aroma flirting with a firm bitterness, yielding an IPA that is uniquely New Jersey.

Coastal Evacuation With BrettIPA - Imperial / Double


Normally we ferment, dry hop, condition, and package the beer in two weeks time, but for this batch we spiked it with Brett. Allowing a second fermentation from the Brett to take its time to develop, we’re left with a more rustic and earthy profile, expressing a more funky finish. A second dry hop — after the Brett had time to express itself — leaves an aromatic and intriguing brew that is still the Coastal we know and love, just a whole lot funkier.

Follow the GullIPA - American


Brewed with 5.5 pounds per barrel of Citra, El Dorado, Amarillo, Cascade, and Azacca, Follow the Gull is super juicy, ridiculously tropical, ultra-drinkable, and imminently Cape May. Brewed to celebrate Cape May County’s 325th Anniversary with the Cape May County Department of Tourism.

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Sour Facility Tours:

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  • Beer is permitted on the sour facility tour.

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