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Doggo Swag

Don't forget your favorite doggo -- he loves CMBC, too! You know they get as excited as we do to open presents, and we've got a bunch for your favorite furbaby. You can get them one-by-one or save by buying the set for $25!Don't forget your favorite doggo this summer season! You know they get as excited as we do to open presents, and they deserve one, as well. And every awesome dog needs an awesome chew toy -- preferably in the form of your favorite beer. Now, you can both get your wish! This plush doggo chew toy has that unmistakable squeak as well as the unmistakable form of Cape May IPA. $15.99When it comes to slaking your thirst, Cape May Brewing Co. has you covered, and now we've got your doggo covered, too! The perfect gift for your favorite CMBC lover/doggo owner, our Pop-Up Dog Bowl will never let your furbaby go thirsty while you're on the go. Featuring our badge logo, this collapsable water bowl keeps your poochie pleased while letting the world know that you've got excellent taste in beer! $7.99Let's face it: one of the least fun aspects of pet ownership is picking up poop. But, you're a conscientious citizen and you don't want to leave it lying around to be found by the next unsuspecting -- probably barefoot -- walker to come around. You're one of the good ones. That's why you need this nifty poop bag holder! Sporting our windswept logo, doing the do has never been easier. Now on sale for $3.00



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