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Our Purpose

Enjoy the Moment!

Our Values

  1. Be a Pro: Reliable and dependable | Take action and see it through | Lead by example | Think before you react
  2. Be Direct, Honest & Respectful: Be objective, not personal | Listen first | Value other people’s time
  3. Foster Creativity: Give your intuition a chance | Try something new | Share ideas and communicate openly | Embrace change
  4. Be a Good Neighbor: Give back and create positive change | Help others | Turn caring into doing | Be empathetic, reliable, and accessible
  5. Work Safe, Work Smart: See something, say something | No shortcuts | No one is above safety
  6. Make it Better: Be curious | Constant improvement big and small | Accept and give feedback; we can all get better
  7. Have Fun: Celebrate the wins | Take what you do seriously, but not yourself | Make friends