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John Ackley
Warehouse Associate
His dream job as a kid was to be a skateboard videographer!
Mike Austin
Retired Delaware State Police officer who went surfing with Robert August
Mary Braccili
Guest Guru
Passionate about the craft, always willing to learn more, and does so with a winning smile
Jim Bradley
Retired Wildwood Crest police officer. Father and friend. Friendliest greeter we know.
Barbara Bur
Brewtique Manager-on-Duty
Preschool teacher, avid runner, and lights up the greeter stand
Chris Costello
Tasting Room General Manager
Got his fifteen minutes of fame on Rob Dyrdek’s "Ridiculousness" thanks to a sheet cake.
Cody Danks
People Operations Coordinator
His unique background makes him a one-of-a-kind fit!
Liz Feyas
Accounting Manager
She says she's a homebody, but she sure does love to travel.
James Fox
Brewery Operations Manager
He's been brewing beer since he could walk, but he misses his racecar.
Lauren Frech
Events Team Member
Bubbly and vibrant and knows how to work an event with style.
Sue Gibson
Works at Mid-Atlantic for the Arts and part-time greeter. Eagles fan and lover of craft beers.
Mark Graves
Procurement Manager
He's a former band geek, but he's not allowed to choose the music in the brewhouse.
Paul Greer
Packaging Supervisor
He runs. He sails. He travels. He loves beer. He's what we hope for our retirement.
Brock Harton
Packaging Operator
If you give him a musical instrument and five minutes, he'll learn to play it.
Jake Hauser
Tasting Room Manager
Beertender. Cooks some mean barbecue. Loves giving off positive vibes.
Brian Hink
Production Planning & Specialty Brewing Manager
Our resident beer geek and sour lover who holds the travel trophy for visiting all 50 states.
Bob Krill
Co-Owner and Vice President
The man, the myth, the legend: CMBC's resident Mop Man
Ryan Krill
CEO and Co-Owner
Villanova and NYU alum, BI ex-officio and BA Gov. Affairs board member, panelist, pilot, and new dad
Sean Loder
Packaging Operator
Originally in the Tasting Room, Sean's dream was to work in production here.
Christine Marsh
Brewtique Associate
She's from New England. Don't ask where, unless you want a 30-minute discussion.
Mike McGrath
Juggler, brewer, and collector of an enviable vinyl record collection.
Sean McGuirl
Packaging Lead
Traveled to Russia to teach English to orphans. Yeah, he's that good of a human being.
Rob Page
Maintenance Technician
If he's not here making things run perfectly, he's probably out fishing somewhere.
Kaley Palasch
Brewtique Associate
Loves making people laugh, loves her pooch, Paisley, but looovves CMBC beer!
Rich Schmidt
Tasting Room Supervisor
A retired North Wildwood police officer, don't try getting anything past him. You'll regret it.
Jacob Snizik
Brewtique Associate
His experience in formalwear retail allows him to find the right fit for each guest!
JP Thomas
Culinary Ops, Soda Guru, and Cellarperson
Certified resident chef and master of our craft sodas and one-off concoctions.
Katie VanZandt
Accounting Lead
Studied in Brussels for a semester, learning about beer, chocolate, and waffles.
Brad Young
He once drove from South Jersey to Tucson in three days, but didn't listen to any Grateful Dead.
Bill Zaninelli
Special Projects
He's been to more Allman Brothers concerts than most people have been to regular concerts.