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Frequently Asked Questions

On all guided tours, please bear in mind that you are touring a working production brewery. Floors may be slippery, brewers may be working, and equipment will definitely be busy doing its job.
Please exercise caution at all times.

Sour Brewery Tours

How long is the tour?

Each sour facility tour will last approximately 30 minutes.

Do I need a reservation for the tour?

Nope! Reservations aren’t necessary for guided tours of our sour brewery. Our guided tours of HQ do require reservations, but can only be made in person when you arrive at the brewery. For more information, including tour times, check out our tour page!

Production Brewery Tours

How long is the tour?

Each tour will last approximately 1 hour.

Where do tours start?

Tours will begin in our Tasting Room, and guests will walk outside to our production facility (HQ). This walk is approximately 500 feet each way.

Tasting Room

Is the facility handicapped accessible?

Yes! All of the Tasting Room, Brewtique, and Production Facility are handicapped accessible. All of our restrooms are handicapped accessible, as is our self-guided tour and daily tour of the Sour Brewery. However, please be advised that maneuverability on sections of the weekend tour of the Production Facility may be difficult from time to time. Nonetheless, all are welcome!

Do I need reservations for the Tasting Room?

Generally, reservations are not necessary for the Tasting Room. However, if you plan to bring a large party of 25 or more, advance notice of several days would be greatly appreciated.

Are kids allowed?

Of course! NJ law allows anyone under the age of 21 to visit a production brewery. However, since we are a production facility, please keep your eyes on your little ones at all times.

Can I bring in outside alcohol?

Sorry, no. We have many tasty brews for you to choose from.

Do you allow animals?

Unfortunately, we have to ask you to please leave your pets at home at this time. Service animals are always welcome!

Do you serve food?

It is against NJ state law for production breweries to serve food. We have a BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) policy — feel free to bring what you’d like or even to have food delivered.

General Questions

Do you have gluten-free beers?

Unfortunately, no. However, our handcrafted sodas and seltzers are gluten-free but made in a facility that processes gluten.

Would you donate to my charity/event/function?

One of our Core Values is “Be a Good Neighbor” — we love to help out when we can! Regrettably, we frequently must decline certain requests, particularly those involving or supporting children or children’s organizations, as we do not see a good fit for beer and kids. Please fill out our Donations Request form and we will let you know what we can do to help. We hope we can!

Can you ship me beer?

Nope, sorry! That’s another thing that’s against the law.

Where can I get your beer outside of New Jersey and Philly?

At the moment, we only distribute through South and Central New Jersey and Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania. If you are outside of that zone, unfortunately, you can’t get our brews.

How can I get your beer in my kegerator?

We sell retail kegs of many of our brews in sixtels or half kegs. You can always stop by and take your chances, or give the Tasting Room a call at 609.849.9933 to see what’s available.