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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"They’re the best. We really do work well together, we’re a good team, and we have a lot of fun."

Our Events Team

Odds are, you’ve met these women. You’ve seen them out at our Tap Takeovers or at beer dinners or at any number of beer festivals throughout the region.

They’re our intrepid Events Team: Jenna Tesauro and Lauren Frech have been with us for a little over three years, and, since we’ve added a new member of the team — not coincidentally Jenna’s twin sister Danielle –, we figured it was time to introduce our fans to these wonderful ladies.

“I’d be lost without them,” says Events Coordinator Randi Friel. “They’re incredibly hard workers. They’re out in the field, rain or shine, running awesome tap takeovers and beer festivals, answering questions from new fans — all while getting our beer to flow through our sometimes-temperamental jockey boxes. They are perfect.”

And Randi’s not just trying to make them sound good — they really are amazing. However, if you’ve been to an event that features our beer, you probably already know that.

Meet your Events Team!

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"Over the years, Cape May Brewing Company has proven to be a great friend to the festival, sponsoring our stage at Cabanas and brewing up a chocolate stout that even Jelly Roll Morton would love."

Jazz Fest is Back!

Twice each year, the sounds of jazz fill the streets of Cape May. 

And the sounds of funk. And zydeco. And R&B. And samba. And reggae. And soul. And swing. And… and… and….

Essentially, every genre of music that gets you on your feet and dancing is represented twice each year at the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, kicking off next weekend at venues throughout Cape May. 

And you’ll be able to find Cape May brews — in particular our stellar King Porter Stomp — at venues throughout the festival!

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"From this moment forward, we will only be serving New Jersey-brewed beers." -- First Lady Tammy Murphy


When the Governor of New Jersey says, “Hey, stop by the house for a beer,” you show up.

That’s essentially what happened last week when the Governor hosted several of New Jersey’s craft brewers at his house in Princeton, better known as the Governor’s Mansion, Drumthwacket.

Ryan and Mop Man were in attendance and Brand Ambassador Mark Dumsha was pouring. The Governor gave us a proclamation in honor of our recent GABF win for Honey Porter, and declared that, henceforth, only New Jersey beer would be poured at Drumthwacket.

Pretty cool!

It was an honor to be invited and an honor to be proclaimed. Check out the pictures and video below!

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“There are all these different uniquenesses to these farms, so the hops are going to have slightly different characteristics.”

Hop Selection for the Brew Crew

Each year, we’re invited out to the Yakima Valley to select our lot of hops for the upcoming year. It’s an incredible honor to be invited, so Ryan flies out with Innovation Director Brian Hink, allowing us to ensure that the hops we use for, say Cape May IPA, are the Cape May IPA-iest hops we can get. We’re looking for consistency, so that when you crack a can brewed in January, it’ll taste the same as a can brewed in September.

So, in keeping with a few of our Core Values — like Be a Pro, Make it Better, and, of course, Have Fun — Hank and Innovation Director Brian Hink set up our very own Hops Selection for the Brew Crew, tucked into a corner of our loading dock, where we got down and dirty and tested our schnozzes alongside the best snouts at CMBC.

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“Ohhhh great puummmpkin…. Imma cut you open!”

Pumpkin Cooler

It’s Halloween, and that means pumpkin everything. You’ve got pumpkin donuts, pumpkin coffee, and even David S. Pumpkins arises from his year-long slumber to do a weird hand jive and make everyone say, “What…?

Well, we’ve got directions for a Pumpkin Cooler for you! Simply follow the easy steps below, and you can have your very own Pumpkin Cooler!

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"All of the flavors really come through in their own time, nothing really jumps out at you, nothing’s really overpowering."

Mexican Coffee Stout

It’s definitely cooling down in South Jersey. It took us a while to get there, but the signs of fall are in the air and on the trees — you get to break out your favorite hoodie every day and watch as the leaves turn brilliant colors of red and gold and yellow.

And, as the weather turns cooler and the days become shorter, it’s time to turn your taste buds from the thirst-quenching beers of summer to the warming beers of winter. Break out those porters and those stouts — it’s time to start looking for something bone-clinging, maybe with a bit of heat to it.

“While I do believe that any beer can be had at any time of the year,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman, “there is just something about a viscous and roasty/chocolately stout when the weather gets cooler.”

That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to release our Mexican Coffee Stout, chock full of vanilla, cinnamon, and guajillo peppers.

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"It was interesting to see how government actually works."

BI Hill Climb 2019

Ryan and Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello flew down to D.C. last week for the Beer Institute’s annual Hill Climb, eventually getting stuck down there during that awful storm that shut down everything along the Eastern Seaboard.

However, that simply gave them more time to discuss matters that affect the brewing industry with our local officials. (Or, more accurately, hunker down in the hotel, wait for the storm to pass, and work on their budgets for 2020.)

Regardless, aside from a few networking and social events — where Cape May beer flowed liberally –, they engaged our legislators on two bills up for review: CBMTRA and the APEX Act.

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It’s going to be a spooOOooOOooky night!

2019 Halloween Bash

It’s the spooOOooOOkiest time of year! The pumpkins are hung by the cauldron with care, and the children are huddled in the most sincere pumpkin patch, awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin.

And CMBC is gearing up for their annual Halloween Bash!

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See you next year!

Pick of the Batch Pics

We had a blast at Pick of the Batch

Animal House rocked, everyone had a great time at all the activities, and the beer selection was fantastic! We’re going to see what we can do about ordering up the same weather for next year — 75° and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect!

“What a home run of an event!” Ryan said. “The beers were great, and I think everyone was having a great time. Even Radley had fun!”

If you’ve got #FOMO for missing it, no worries. We’ll definitely be doing this again next year, and it’ll be even bigger and better than this year!

In the meantime, check out the pictures below.

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You won’t be remotely as crabby as your hoodie when you’re wearing this hoodie!

Fall Swag is Here!

It looks like fall is finally here! The leaves are still relatively green on the trees, but, if you’ve got any number of oak trees near you, you’re probably aware of the hazards of going outside barefoot right now: those acorns will kill you!

Yet, temperatures are dropping! The 80° days of early October are finally a thing of the past, and the days are dawning upon one of our favorite times of year: hoodie weather!

Is there anything better than donning your favorite, well-worn hoodie, either proclaiming your love for your favorite team, or a much-loved band, or even — luckily for us — your favorite brewery.

Well, we’ve got a killer lineup of products — including your new favorite hoodie — just in time for fall.

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