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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“I’m looking forward to people seeing what Reading has to offer.”

Fire & Ice Reading

Ordinarily, we only write about events that we host at Cape May Brewing Co, but there’s seriously nothing ordinary about the Reading Fire & Ice Festival. 

It’s even rarer that we use the phrase “cool as hell”, but, y’all… this is cool as hell.

We’re talking live ice carving demonstrations, fire swallowing, music, a chili cook-off, a killer party, and a craft beer festival.

And it’s kicking off Friday in the 500 block of Penn Street at 5:30pm. 

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Honestly, I've never met a CMBC beer I haven't liked!

Meet More Brand Ambassadors!

Sometime last year, we introduced you to our Sampling Program. We hired a bunch of Brand Ambassadors — smart, friendly folks who descend upon your local bottle shop or liquor store, set up a brightly-colored table and display, and entreat upon you to try our beers.

Yeah. It’s a good gig.

In fact, things have been going so well that we’ve had to add a few more Brand Ambassadors. We’ve opened up the Reading/Lehigh Valley, and we’ve needed a few on hand to help us pick up the slack in our existing territories.

“I am so fortunate to have been able to add these four to our slew of Brand Ambassadors recently, totaling 11 team members,” says Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana, who heads the program. “They all have a serious passion for craft beer and extensive knowledge of the industry. Mary D, Michelle, Casie, and Walt are all extremely reliable and great team players, which aligns very well with our CMBC family vibes here. I have received nothing short of positive feedback on their performances at samplings from fellow CMBC sales managers, store owners, and managers, as well as happy beer drinkers. I am thrilled to have these four on my team. Keep up the good work!”

Meet your new Brand Ambassadors!

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“Fruity, fruity, fruity!”

Sea Chest

It’s only mid-January, but we’re all wishing that it was quite a bit warmer. Thankfully, like most things, we’ve got a beer for that!

Enter Sea Chest: a New England IPA set apart in the sea of NEIPAs.

(Sea what we did there?)

With one sip of Sea Chest, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to sunny days and beach weather, with your feet in the sand and the sun glinting off the Atlantic.

Man, that sounds really nice about now….

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"I know 'hop bomb' gets thrown around a lot around these blogs, but I think this is the hoppiest of hop bombs, and I love the beer for it."

The Brew Crew on Snag & Drop

It’s one of our favorite beers at the brewery, chock full of nearly all of the hops you could conceivably fit in a beer.

That’s Snag & Drop, our 10% ABV Triple IPA.

Dank and resinous, with hints of pine and orange citrus in the background, this alluring Triple IPA is packed to the gills with some of our stickiest and most pungent hops. 

We hit up the Brew Crew to find out what they love about this perennial favorite.

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“Everyone’s super nice. Really welcoming. It’s a fun place to work.”

Welcome Andrea!

If there’s ever been anyone in the world who has needed an assistant, it’s Ryan Krill. 

The man has a lot on his plate. From travel arrangements for speaking engagements throughout the country to keeping a schedule that can go horribly awry by 9:05am to sitting in on meetings about expansions and growth and financial matters, there’s a lot that could potentially fall through the cracks.

Late last year, he bit the bullet and hired Andrea Sharp.

“Andrea is really smart, has a great sense of humor and has strong critical thinking skills,” Ryan says. “Her training and experience with finance and accounting is really helpful in keeping all the details of Cape Beverage and Cape May Brewing Company straight. Her title is Administrative Assistant but it’s so much more than that: she’s more like my right-hand woman in making shit happen.” 

Welcome Andrea!

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It’s time for a good, ol’ luau at Cape May Brewing Company!

Floral Friday

It’s cold.

It’s not overwhelmingly cold, but you know it’s coming.

It’s so cold that it’s time to start thinking about stocking up on beer. The last thing you want is to get snowed in without your favorite CMBC brews.

It’s so cold that people are going to start saying “think warm thoughts,” as if that helps. You could imagine yourself on a beach in Hawaii, but you’re still going to be cold. 

Well… we’re going to make it a little bit easier to imagine yourself on that beach. It’ll still be cold outside, but you’ll have Cape May Brewing Co. beers to keep you warm at our Floral Friday event on Saturday, January 17th!

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"I am a builder at heart and I look forward to getting back into something that feeds my need to design, engineer, and build."

Farewell, Hank….

Everyone’s next chapter remains to be written.

At the State of the Brewery in December, Hank reminded us of that fact, kicking things off with a short and surprising statement: he had decided to leave Cape May Brewing Company.

The announcement was met with universal surprise and quite a few tears, but also with the knowledge that Hank has been absolutely instrumental in getting us to where we are today. Without his wisdom and guidance — and, most importantly, his encyclopedic knowledge of both beer and mechanics — we might never have seen the growth we’ve achieved to this point.

However, while there’s a certain amount of sadness, at Cape May Brewing Company, we know that whatever the next chapter holds for Hank — whether it’s doing HVAC on an island in the Caribbean or a fry cook on Venus — he’ll be a tremendous success, and we wish him nothing but happiness.

Below, you can read what he had to say in his own words.

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It was a very good year....

A Look Back at 2019

With each passing year, we’re reminded how lucky we are at Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage.

Back in 2011, when Ryan, Hank, and Mop Man brewed up their first batch of Cape May IPA and sold it to Cabanas, do you think they had any idea that, eight short years later, they’d be owners of one of the largest breweries in New Jersey?

Probably not. In all likelihood, they never anticipated you — the overwhelming generosity of our faithful fans.

So, as we move into yet another year, we’ll take this time to look back on the previous year and all you helped us to achieve.

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“I just want to kick ass.”

Meet Cape Bev’s New Operations Manager… Justin Vitti!

He’s more than magic. He’s more than a mustache and a smile.

He’s a guy with a singular past that prepared him to be the new Operations Manager of Cape Beverage, with an accrued business acumen that only a background in sales, homebrewing, bartending, and distribution could possibly create.

That’s Justin Vitti: Pearl Jam fan, walking encyclopedic compilation of Harry Potter spells, and able to shove a nail through his septum.

Straight to the Pint has never formally introduced him to our readers. He’s sort of always existed as this force at Cape May Brewing Co., doing card tricks and ensuring that our beer gets to its final destination: your stomach.

Now, on the precipice of his new job, we wanted to get it down. Get it all down. Sit back, because Justin is known to tell stories. 

And we’re starting at the very beginning.

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We’re thoroughly excited about 2020, and we hope you are, too!

2020 Release Calendar

As we barrel into 2020, we’re looking forward to a great year. 2019 was an awesome time, and we’re planning to have an even better year in 2020.

We’re proud to publicize our production schedule for 2020. Each year, we plan for the next; however, for the first time, we’ve got a lovely graphic to keep us on track. 

You might say that Cape May Brewing Company is a seasonal brewery. We’re strong throughout the year, but things really explode in the summer: production skyrockets, visitorship in the Tasting Room is through the roof, and we’re all working our hardest to ensure that our beer is at every bar, every wedding, every barbecue, and every event throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

Next year’s release schedule is designed to maximize upon that fact. As such, there will be some changes to what we’ve done in the past. We’re excited about some of the additions; we’ll miss some of the ones we’re retiring, but this is all being done to ensure that we’re at our best when it counts the most.

It should be noted that this is subject to change — we’re definitely going to do our best to keep to this schedule, but we are at the mercy of can suppliers and governmental agencies and little microorganisms that are really the ones who decide when we can release a certain beer.

Check out the changes below!

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