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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Valentine’s Day Gifts

In Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Cogsworth gave the Beast some misguided advice on gifts for your loved one:

“Oh, there’s the usual things: flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep….”

Notably, Cogsworth spent the movie alone, while Lumiere, the dashing and romantic candelabra, spent the film wooing the lovely Fifi. If there’s any lesson to be learned from Beauty and the Beast — other than the fact that owning your own castle will help things tremendously — it’s that Cogsworth’s “usual things” aren’t exactly the best gifts for your loved one.

Generally, you should probably ignore talking clocks. 

Instead, you should get your valentine a wonderful gift from Cape May Brewing Company! A four-pack of Chocolate-Covered Pineapple Porter would be a lovely gift on its own, but you might want to add one of our great pieces of merch below!

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“Craft beer drinkers in Delaware are excited!”

Delaware, Here We Come!

Let’s talk about some great days in history.

Sometime in 5000 BC: Beer was invented.

July 4, 1776: America was invented.

September 21, 1950: Bill Murray is born.

July 4, 2011: Cape May Brewing Company is founded.

March 2, 2020: Cape May Brewing Company begins distributing in Delaware!

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"Love the 'big game' as it's a great time to get together and have fun with friends and family."

What are you doing for the big game?

This Sunday is the year’s major television event. It’s GAME DAY! The BIG GAME! Whatever you want to call it without being sued, it’s a gigantic day for television, for football, and, of course, for beer.

So, whether you’re celebrating with a SUPER-sized BOWL of chips and salsa, or if you’ve planned a huge spread of meats and dips and soups and sandwiches, whether you’re rooting for the guys in red and gold from San Francisco or the ones in red and gold from Kansas City, remember that Cape May Brewing Company has you covered as far as the beer is concerned.

And, if that Hyundai commercial that leaked this week is any indication, we’re pretty sure that the ads will be the big winnah this yeah, kid.

We caught up with the Brew Crew to find out their plans. Check ‘em out!

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Take a Bite Out of Love

It’s pretty chilly outside, but love is in the air! Poor Cupid is routinely underdressed for February. Perhaps it’s love that keeps him warm.

And if you need a little more warmth in your life, we’ve got the beer to take care of it. So, all day on February 14th, we’ll be celebrating it with our Take a Bite Out of Love celebration and the debut of Cape May White!

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“We respect Night Shift and what they’re doing.”


Last week, the guys from Night Shift were in Cape May, helping us put the finishing touches on Brewberry, our collaboration Imperial stout with coffee and blueberries.

Coffee. And blueberries. In an Imperial stout. Yes, you read all of that correctly.

It’s unconventional. It’s different. It’s a little weird. But it totally works.

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“We’ll make you more interesting.”

Spotlight On… White Horse Wine and Spirits!

You might think your life is interesting. 

You work an interesting job. You have interesting friends. You go on interesting vacations. You have interesting hobbies. You read interesting books and listen to interesting music. 

Your life exceeds Thoreau’s quiet desperation, knocking on the door of a life worth living.

And that’s a good thing. In fact, that’s an awesome thing. Few of us get that far.

However, unless you’ve visited White Horse Wine and Spirits, you have no idea how interesting life can be.

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I feel like I’m working with really smart people. Really smart people.

Welcome Katie!

As we grow, our accounting department grows with us. It’s been a challenge for us to find someone to lead it — there’s a lot to learn, and we definitely need the right person. We found that with Katie VanZandt.

“She’s a total pro,” says Ryan. “She’s got experience throughout the area, in hotels and businesses that we really respect. Her accounting experience was just what we were looking for to head our department as we grow.”

Welcome Katie!

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“Sweet does work really well in stouts. It’s not always chocolate and roast all the time: getting those nice, sweet, dark fruit flavors a lot of time works really well in those beers.”

Brewing on the Night Shift

There are some really awesome things about working in this industry, but even better than the great beer are the friendships we make along the way.

It makes sense. Beer brings people together. It stands to reason that it brings together the people who make it, as well.

Throughout the years, we’ve been lucky enough to have a great relationship with the folks at Night Shift Brewing up in Everett, Massachusetts. Back in 2018, they were extraordinarily gracious when the Pats lost in the Big Game to our beloved Eagles, making good on our bet. Their co-founder Mike O’Mara was behind our bar slinging our brews, taking in stride the good-natured ribbing that Philadelphia fans are known for. In addition, they lent a hand during Extreme Beer Fest last year, getting us to Boston through their distribution arm.

It only makes sense that the two of us join forces for a collaboration. And, since Night Shift expanded into coffee roasting in the past year, it made even more sense that we brew a beer together that incorporated that burgeoning side of their business.

Brewberry, an Imperial Stout with blueberry and coffee, releases next week. Earlier this week, we welcomed Daniel Griffith and Issac Boucher to lend a hand brewing it up.

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It’s an incredibly balanced beer: perfect alcohol content and a hop flavor that keeps you wanting more.

Why We Love Coastal Evacuation

If it wasn’t your first Cape May brew, it was probably your second. It’s meant for sharing with friends, enjoying on a cold night by the fire, or perhaps on a warm day on the beach.

It’s a Double IPA that’s as big and bold as hurricane season itself. It’s time to evacuate. Are you prepared?

You’re not prepared if you haven’t stocked up on Coastal Evacuation.

We caught up with the Brew Crew to find out what they love about this perennial favorite.

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"...with the extension of CBMTRA, we expect to save over $100,000 next year."

CBMTRA Extended!

Our fight for full adoption of CBMTRA is still going strong, and we have seen a recent step closer to victory!

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