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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“Cape May Brewing Company has been a great friend to the Festival throughout the years.”

Bring on Jazz Fest!


“Anyone who understands Jazz knows that you can’t understand it. It’s too complicated. That’s what’s so simple about it.”

Perhaps the single greatest Yogi Berra-ism of all time. The man had some wisdom. Like a chord that’s both major and minor, Jazz is complex and simple, both at the same time.

That’s why we like being the exclusive beer sponsor for the Exit Zero Jazz Festival April 12-14: it gives us a chance to be a part of something that’s both simple and complex, much like our beers.

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“We’re weird in a good way.”

Spotlight On… The Exit Zero Filling Station!

We don’t usually Spotlight a restaurant that’s only been open for a few weeks, but, then again, there’s nothing usual about the Exit Zero Filling Station. It’s not often that you’ll find a gas station that serves curry. In New Jersey. Owned by a Scotsman. Who’s primary business is publishing.

Yet, there it is, in all its clapboarded glory, spanning the block of Sunset Boulevard between 1st and Fow Ave, the Exit Zero offices overlooking the 2019 Cape-May-ian interpretation of a 50s roadside burger spot.

However, since four of their five tap lines are dedicated to Cape May brews — and owner Jack Wright has been a good friend to the brewery, otherwise — we decided to head down there last week to get the answer to that all-important question: …what…?!?

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“This is a great example of how beer can be fun and positively impact the community.”

Brew for a Cause


As a brewery essentially located in the middle of the Atlantic, the ocean is of vital importance to us. Not only does it produce over half of the world’s oxygen, but it provides many of the opportunities for tourism in our area and adds $282B to the US economy.

And the scallops. Don’t forget about the scallops.

So, when Iron Hill’s Voorhees location approached us to do a collaboration brew benefiting Surfrider Foundation South Jersey — a non-profit, activist organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches — it was a no-brainer.

“We’re inextricably tied to the ocean in Cape May,” says Ryan, “and it’s up to the businesses and residents who are here year ‘round to protect it. It’s — by far — the most precious and threatened natural resource we have in our area, so, when Iron Hill came up with the idea of a collaboration to support Surfrider South Jersey, we were happy to come aboard.”

That’s why we’re getting together to brew Twin Fin, a kettle-soured, session, New England-Style IPA, overflowing with juicy hop aroma and an enticing tartness and oozing with flavors of pineapple, tart lemon, and tropical fruits.

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"You guys are already pioneering in our town and embody the best of local passion, performance, and class; all of which we admire and wish to emulate. Cape May Cares could not imagine having our inaugural fundraiser at any other establishment."

Cape May Cares

It’s easy to miss when you’re down the shore, but Cape May County is ranked one of the more economically depressed areas of New Jersey. The median income is one of the lowest in the state, and the seasonal unemployment rate is by far the highest. We have a large number of people in between the Atlantic and the Delaware who are in need of assistance.

That’s why, when an organization like Cape May Cares steps up to Be a Good Neighbor, we’re there to lend a hand with a Pint Night in their honor on April 5th from 5-8pm.

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“There’s really not a bad spot in the Bourse.”

Spotlight On… TAPS Fill Station!

The Philadelphia Bourse is one of the most iconic beaux-arts buildings in Philadelphia. Situated in the heart of “America’s most historic square mile”, across from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, a block from the Betsy Ross House and Christ Church, within walking distance of Elfreth’s Alley and the Second Bank of the United States, the Bourse is US History central.

Seriously. Some of Hamilton took place, like, right here.

Originally a commodities exchange founded in 1891, the Bourse completed a massive restoration in November of 2018, reopening as an artisan food and shopping market.

Inside, there are some 27 vendors, including a Korean taco grill, Chinese dumplings, artisanal grilled cheeses, Filipino comfort food, fried chicken, Hawaiian poke, Indian street food, pasta, a bakery, a distillery, an escape room, a florist, and a chocolatier.

And, to wash it all down, history buffs, visitors, and Iowa State engineering students on spring break (yeah, we met three!) can stop by TAPS Fill Station, featuring 36 taps of beer, cider, kegged cocktails, red and white wines, and mead.

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They're always after our lucky charms....

St. Paddy’s Day Green Out Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and we know that you’re looking for a great party to celebrate the man who drove all of the snakes out of Ireland.

Look no further! The Cape May Brew Co. Green Out starts on Friday night and goes all weekend long! The festivities begin at 4pm on Friday, March 15th and go through 8pm on Sunday!

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There was also a 5K run. I'd jump in TWICE if it meant I didn't have to run!

Take the plunge!

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta take that plunge.

Sometimes, it’s in 40° degree water in the Atlantic.

If that’s something you’re down for, you could do so while benefiting the Cape May Food Closet by joining a handful of Brew Crew members in the 3rd Annual St. Paddy’s Day Plunge, brought to you by Carney’s on the Promenade!

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It’s an "it" beer right now for an IPA.

Spotlight On… Jasper’s Backyard!

There has never been anything typical about Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Just look at that name. That’s a combination of letters that shouldn’t exist anywhere in the world. Yet, when you realize that a river called the Schuylkill runs directly through town, maybe you give ol’ Conshy a pass on its name.

There’s nothing typical about Jasper’s Backyard, either. Located a block off the main drag at 101 E 7th Ave. in Conshohocken makes it easy to miss, but the ambiance, the food, and the fact that they’re one of the few spots in the Philly area to carry Cape May IPA as a permanent tap offering lets you know that you’ve stumbled upon something special.

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Dateless? We have beer. Dating? We have beer. Married? We have more beer.

Beer Mine

You’ve definitely got your choices laid out for you at Valentine’s Day, and, if you’re not an amateur at this romantic stuff, you know what you’ve got to do:

Breakfast in bed.



Fancy dinner.


String quartet.


Hire a flying baby to shoot arrows at your loved one.

Enchant a rose to drop petals until your true love proclaims his or her love to you or you must forever remain a Beast.

You know. The usual.

Or, you could just make it easy on everyone and not run the risk of your family and friends remaining furniture for the rest of their lives and come to Beer Mine, our 2019 Valentine’s bash, on Saturday, February 16th, starting at noon!

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