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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
We make every day Earth Day!

Earth Day!

We hope not to offend Mars or Jupiter — or, sadly, Pluto (pour one out for our homie…) — but next Thursday is Earth Day.

And we should celebrate! We only get one planet — it’s up to us to steward this blue marble, rocketing alone through the infinite vastness of space. It’s our home for a cosmically short amount of time: we’re here and gone in the blink of an eye, but Mother Earth is eternal. (We hope.)

Leave things better than we found them, that’s our mission on this planet. There is much work to be done: the world only spins forward. All we can do at this point is make an attempt to clean up the messes of previous generations while ensuring that future generations can enjoy themselves here as we have.

After all, it’s the only planet with beer.

So, in honor of this singular day, we have ten reasons you should make Cape May Brewing Company a part of your celebrations.

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“This is The Qualified Captain’s first major collaboration, and I don’t think we could have done it with a better company. Cape May Brewing Company is family-oriented and has a strong sense of community: exactly the type of people we could trust and build a relationship with.”

The Qualified Captain

Our collaboration with Instagram influencer and clothing company The Qualified Captain comes out next week, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A Helles lager called Boat Ramp Champ, it’s the ideal brew to crack open after a day on the open sea. Crisp, clean, refreshing, and light, Boat Ramp Champ is the perfect beverage to complement your fresh catch.

We’ve got a great day planned for the release of Boat Ramp Champ on Friday, April 2nd. We’ll be re-opening the Brewtanical Garden at 1pm that day, as well, and Animal House will be rocking the Brewtanical Garden from 2:30-6pm on Friday. 

And Aaron and Lauren Stasiak of The Qualified Captain will be in town to join in the fun! We caught up with them this week to get more information about The Qualified Captain.

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“It's a fun beer that really starts to put you in the mindset of spring- and summertime."

What a Weekend!

It’s going to be a great weekend at Cape May Brewing Company!

We’re all totally stoked that the governor has raised capacity to 50%, and not a moment too soon. Since it’s still pretty chilly in the Beer Garden, this is excellent news for all of our fans!

And, we’re thrilled that it’s just in time to welcome back one of our favorite brews, Cococabana!

Brewed with an abundant amount of Sultana and Cashmere hops, Cococabana is a pale ale perfect for pairing with the oncoming spring weather. House-toasted coconut lends a gentle and complementary silky-smooth mouthfeel, with an enticing aroma showcasing these brilliant hops. 

You won’t want to miss this!

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"If people don’t feel comfortable coming inside the Brewtique to pick up their beer-to-go or merch, this is a great option for them to get their beer in a safe and responsible way."

Introducing… Curbside Pickup!

It’s been slightly over eleven months — almost an entire year — that we’ve been living through this pandemic, and, throughout that time, Cape May Brewing Company has made a number of improvements to how we serve our customers and visitors.

We upgraded the Beer Garden. We found new and interesting places to add tables in the Tasting Room. We added the Brewtanical Garden. We’re cleaning and handwashing and mask-wearing as if our lives depend on it — because they do.

As the pandemic has ebbed and flowed over the past eleven months, we’ve closed, re-opened, expanded, contracted, and pivoted, all as the governor and the CDC have mandated.

At this point, the Brewtanical Garden is closed for the season, the Beer Garden is open if you’re willing to brave the elements, we have sixteen tables in the Tasting Room, and we’re allowing up to ten people at a time to shop inside the Brewtique.

Yet, we’re still searching for ways to improve our customer experience safely. So, this week, we’re excited to announce a new service: Curbside Pickup!

We caught up with Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith to get the lowdown.

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“Whether you're celebrating the one you love or your love for beer, we'll have something special for you in our romanticized Tasting Room!"

Opposites Attract

This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be celebrating Opposites Attract, beginning at noon on February 12th, and extending all weekend long!

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“Working here at Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage is simply enjoyable!”

We’re Hiring!

Who doesn’t want to work for a brewery? 

You get to work with a lot of awesome coworkers, some great perks… and you get to make really, really good beer.

“Working here at Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage is simply enjoyable!” says Director of People Operations Christine Bry. “I enjoy the challenges, the community, the collaboration, the competition, but, most of all, I enjoy the people and their embodiment of our Core Values. We are repeatedly told how authentic we are in our living of our Core Values by new hires and tenured employees. That is so enjoyable to hear!”

Well, if it’s been your long-time dream to work for Cape May Brewing Company or Cape Beverage, now’s your chance! We’re hiring for several jobs — check ‘em out!

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“We’re doing everything we can to make it a safe and enjoyable shopping experience for you within some of the limitations that we have.”

Come browse inside!

If you haven’t yet had the chance to stop down to the brewery this holiday season, you’re running out of time.

We’ve got the Brewtanical Garden beautifully decorated, and the Tasting Room and Beer Garden look amazing. We’ve got a killer tree this year, your favorite holiday tunes are pumping, and visiting Cape May Brewing Company is like walking into a winter wonderland.

There’s no way to be here without feeling part of the Christmas spirit. We have decked the halls. And you’ve only got one final weekend to drink it all in.

For the final weekend of the pre-Christmas shopping season — and the last weekend of our Food and Supply Drive (hint, hint) –, we want to make sure that you’ve got as many chances to give as possible and be part of our new Holiday Wall of Cheer.

And, it’s the last weekend for shopping before Christmas — stop by the Brewtique and stock up!

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“If I were looking for an experience that includes shopping, having good cocktails, and great beers, I’d be shopping at the Exit Zero Festive Station. It’s nice that they’re giving everyone a safe way to get into the Christmas spirit.”

Exit Zero Festive Station

Throughout the country, 2020 has seen the cancellation (or drastic reimagining) of some of our favorite events. From GABF to festivals to tap takeovers, our events calendar has dwindled to naught this year.

That’s why it’s great to see a new event make its debut in our town. The Exit Zero Festive Station will run Black Friday through Christmas Eve, and we’re glad to be involved!

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Shop 'till you drop!

Home for the Holidays

While this holiday season will look very different than those past, at Cape May Brewing Company, we’re determined to make it a holiday to remember — even if you’ll be Home for the Holidays.

We’ve got a great Thanksgiving weekend planned. Check it out below!

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