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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

Apple Bomb Fritters

It’s one of our fans’ favorite beers, and, to make sure we end 2018 on the right note, it’s back again in the Tasting Room and out for distribution — Apple Bomb!

With its explosion of apple flavor, Apple Bomb’s bready and biscuity malts make it perfect for baking. We tasked our Head Chef JP Thomas to come up with a recipe using Apple Bomb, and he didn’t disappoint.

“The tartness of Apple Bomb makes it great for desserts,” JP says. “It freshens up the dish like a crisp, green apple. You get that clean, fresh flavor that makes baking with Apple Bomb really very nice.”

This delicious recipe for Apple Fritters with Caramel Bomb Sauce will be a stellar addition to your holiday meal. Stop down to the Tasting Room and get a growler fill — the recipe only calls for 9oz of Apple Bomb, so that’s more than three pints left for you to drink!

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Sounds like a great time to me!

Ugly Sweater Party Part Four!

The signs of the season are upon us! The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, children’s faces are all aglow, and we’ve successfully roused Mariah Carey from her eleven-month slumber to accost us with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

…when, really, we know that all you want for Christmas is CMBC’s annual Ugly Sweater Party, comin’ atcha on Saturday, December 21!

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‘Tis the season for giving....

Good Neighbor Day

46183031_1990893194328946_4786747145950593024_oEach year, our food drive collects hundreds of pounds of food, non-perishable, and shelf-stable items for our neighbors in need throughout Cape May County.

We’re proud of that fact. We’re proud that our fans step up, year after year, to help the food-insecure families throughout South Jersey.

This year is no different. And, with the chance to win a $500 CMBC gift card, you’ve got five hundred reasons to help out.

So, at our Food Drive Event on Saturday, December 15th, we’re asking all of you to step up.

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“This is the first project in my life that I’ve seen from concept to execution,” Michael tells us. “I’m proud of it.”

Spotlight On… Project P.U.B.

Breweries are heavy. We’ve got big, heavy tanks that hold thousands of pounds of beer, in addition to kegs, cans, bottles, and hundreds of pounds of ingredients lying around here at any given time.

Buildings constructed during the 1840s probably couldn’t handle that weight. People weren’t necessarily concerned that, 170 years later, someone might want to construct a brewery in them.

While that was bad news for Michael Proske, owner of Tapastre and Project P.U.B. in Somerville, it turned into good news for the future of brewpubs.

“I was originally going to make this a brewery,” he explains, “but once I got my structural engineers’ plans back, it was going to be a substantial investment for renovations and equipment. I didn’t really want to start that deep in the hole.”

Not wanting to give up entirely on his dream, the concept for Project P.U.B. was born. Each month, Michael turns the twelve taps in Project P.U.B. over to a different brewery, creating a brewpub experience with an entirely new menu around the brewery’s offerings, and CMBC has moved in for the month of December.

If it sounds insane… you’re absolutely right.

If it sounds like something you don’t want to miss… you’re absolutely right.

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Get together with old friends or friends you haven't met yet.

Open House

We’re feeling festive this holiday season and can’t wait to spread the Christmas cheer!

Our Holiday Open House on December 8th is a great opportunity to check out our space if you haven’t already, or simply return for the 47th time. Our brew crew will be spreading joyous laughter and entertaining you with a reading of the classic story: “Twas’ the Night Beerfore Christmas” right before we ceremoniously light our two trees in all their holiday glory!

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You always knew on the day of the West Cape May Christmas Parade, that’s what you were doing.

West Cape May Christmas Parade

15230710_1215082081910065_6484670256286880048_nEveryone loves a parade. You know, the tramping of feet, every beat you hear of a drum.

Everyone loves a parade. When you hear a band, you just want to stand and cheer as they come.

And we particularly love the West Cape May Christmas Parade. The parade kicks off on Saturday, December 1st from the WCM Firehouse at 5pm, marches south on Broadway, east on Perry, and down Carpenter Lane into Cape May.

For 53 years, the West Cape May Christmas Parade has been an area institution. It’s the kickoff to the holiday season, and CMBC will be joining the festivities.

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We believe in the movement and being sustainable and having a cuisine that supports all of that.

Spotlight on… The Farm and Fisherman Tavern!

F And FThe locavore movement is gaining more and more traction, with people far and wide choosing to know not only what’s in their food, but wanting to know where it comes from. They choose to eat locally raised fruits, meats, and vegetables, sourcing locally whenever they are able.

Thankfully, sourcing locally speaks to our own core values and those of the wider craft beer movement. People want to #drinklocal, as well.

That’s why it’s a wonderful thing to see when a farm-to-table restaurant picks up the craft beer mantle and runs with it. Few restaurants have seen as much success with it as The Farm and Fisherman Tavern at 1442 Marlton Pike in Cherry Hill.

We got together with General Manager Ben Menk a few weeks ago to get the deets on their digs.

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“I appreciate what they are trying to do with tariffs,” he said in the article. “But it definitely has unintended consequences for small businesses like ours.”

Varney & Co.

From the ICYMI files….

(…that’s In Case You Missed It for the uninitiated….)

…Ryan was on Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network, discussing President Trump’s proposed tariffs on aluminum imports!

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“It’s totally decked out for Christmas,” Danielle says.

Winter Wonderland

Cape May knows how to do summer. We all know that. There are few towns on this planet that do summer the way Cape May does — the beaches, the bars, the restaurants. It’s a veritable cornucopia of summer fun in Cape May.

What you may not know is that Cape May also knows how to do Christmas. Like… really knows how to do Christmas. With the sheer preponderance of Victorian architecture, our little town practically cries out for winter decorations, transforming each November from beach haven to life-sized gingerbread town.

And, at Cape May Brewing Co., we love getting into the holiday spirit! So, we’ve got two places around town where you’ll be able to get into the holiday spirit and get into your favorite CMBC swag!

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