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“Despite the weather and changes, we had a great group of volunteers and successfully prevented 235 pounds of trash from entering the ocean!”

“Beach” Cleanup

Sometimes, it rains on your parade.

Such is the nature of parades, being outside and all. Unfortunately for parades, they’re large and require a street with spectators, otherwise it’s just a bunch of marching bands, floats, and beloved character balloons creating a cacophony in some school gym somewhere.

Sometimes, it rains on your beach cleanup.

Such is the nature of beach cleanups, being outside and all. Fortunately, if you’ve got a small group of committed citizens, you can make a beach cleanup happen anywhere — beach not included.

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Talk about a sugar rush! Hope to find some of The Bog on my Easter egg hunt!

Easter Pairings

It’s a holiday weekend, and that means the beginning of spring break and the Easter Bunny will soon be here, filling your basket with all the chocolate you can eat. You’ll be gorging yourself on candy. We need more candy-centric holidays.

This holiday, we polled the Brew Crew for their favorite Easter candy and to pair it with one of our brews. They didn’t disappoint!

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“Cape May Brewing Company has been a great friend to the Festival throughout the years.”

Bring on Jazz Fest!


“Anyone who understands Jazz knows that you can’t understand it. It’s too complicated. That’s what’s so simple about it.”

Perhaps the single greatest Yogi Berra-ism of all time. The man had some wisdom. Like a chord that’s both major and minor, Jazz is complex and simple, both at the same time.

That’s why we like being the exclusive beer sponsor for the Exit Zero Jazz Festival April 12-14: it gives us a chance to be a part of something that’s both simple and complex, much like our beers.

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“We’re weird in a good way.”

Spotlight On… The Exit Zero Filling Station!

We don’t usually Spotlight a restaurant that’s only been open for a few weeks, but, then again, there’s nothing usual about the Exit Zero Filling Station. It’s not often that you’ll find a gas station that serves curry. In New Jersey. Owned by a Scotsman. Who’s primary business is publishing.

Yet, there it is, in all its clapboarded glory, spanning the block of Sunset Boulevard between 1st and Fow Ave, the Exit Zero offices overlooking the 2019 Cape-May-ian interpretation of a 50s roadside burger spot.

However, since four of their five tap lines are dedicated to Cape May brews — and owner Jack Wright has been a good friend to the brewery, otherwise — we decided to head down there last week to get the answer to that all-important question: …what…?!?

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“This is a great example of how beer can be fun and positively impact the community.”

Brew for a Cause


As a brewery essentially located in the middle of the Atlantic, the ocean is of vital importance to us. Not only does it produce over half of the world’s oxygen, but it provides many of the opportunities for tourism in our area and adds $282B to the US economy.

And the scallops. Don’t forget about the scallops.

So, when Iron Hill’s Voorhees location approached us to do a collaboration brew benefiting Surfrider Foundation South Jersey — a non-profit, activist organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves, and beaches — it was a no-brainer.

“We’re inextricably tied to the ocean in Cape May,” says Ryan, “and it’s up to the businesses and residents who are here year ‘round to protect it. It’s — by far — the most precious and threatened natural resource we have in our area, so, when Iron Hill came up with the idea of a collaboration to support Surfrider South Jersey, we were happy to come aboard.”

That’s why we’re getting together to brew Twin Fin, a kettle-soured, session, New England-Style IPA, overflowing with juicy hop aroma and an enticing tartness and oozing with flavors of pineapple, tart lemon, and tropical fruits.

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"You guys are already pioneering in our town and embody the best of local passion, performance, and class; all of which we admire and wish to emulate. Cape May Cares could not imagine having our inaugural fundraiser at any other establishment."

Cape May Cares

It’s easy to miss when you’re down the shore, but Cape May County is ranked one of the more economically depressed areas of New Jersey. The median income is one of the lowest in the state, and the seasonal unemployment rate is by far the highest. We have a large number of people in between the Atlantic and the Delaware who are in need of assistance.

That’s why, when an organization like Cape May Cares steps up to Be a Good Neighbor, we’re there to lend a hand with a Pint Night in their honor on April 5th from 5-8pm.

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Shepherd’s Pie and Corned Beef & Cabbage

Some people have the need to head out on the town for St. Patrick’s Day, hitting every Irish pub in a thirty-mile radius, loudly reliving their glory days on a night dedicated to revelry.

Others prefer a night at home, avoiding the masses and letting yet another drinking holiday to slip quietly into the past.

However you choose to celebrate this most sacred of drinking days, you’re going to need to eat. Food consumption is one of those things that equalizes us all, so we might as well make the most of it.

That’s why we hit up our Head Chef JP Thomas, asking him to come up with recipes for two Irish classics: Shepherd’s Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage!

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They're always after our lucky charms....

St. Paddy’s Day Green Out Weekend

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and we know that you’re looking for a great party to celebrate the man who drove all of the snakes out of Ireland.

Look no further! The Cape May Brew Co. Green Out starts on Friday night and goes all weekend long! The festivities begin at 4pm on Friday, March 15th and go through 8pm on Sunday!

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We’re hitting a time when women are being heard. We have the platform now, so why not take advantage of it?

Pink Boots Collaboration

It’s the Year of the Woman, if you haven’t heard.

Women have been surging into Congress, their voices are being heard far and wide, and women everywhere are becoming a force to be reckoned with.

And Cape May Brew Co. is glad to be a part of it. We’re proud of the women around our brewery, and, in collaboration with the Pink Boots Society — a national organization of females in the beer industry — they’ve created a very special brew, exclusively conceived, designed, and executed by the women of CMBC: Maybe She’s Brewed with It, a kettle-soured ale with cherries and mangoes.

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"...a self-guided tour that encourages interaction as it should be..."

New Jersey Monthly Awards

Screen Shot 2019-03-07 At 10.29.11 AMNJ Monthly recently came out with the top 16 breweries in the state, and — hey, look! — we were among those honored!

They’re also doing a March Madness-style bracket elimination to determine the best brewery in New Jersey. We’re the #1 seed in the South region, and we’ve already advanced a round! Be sure to vote!

In addition, they picked their favorite styles. Check them out below!

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