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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
We make every day Earth Day!

Earth Day!

We hope not to offend Mars or Jupiter — or, sadly, Pluto (pour one out for our homie…) — but next Thursday is Earth Day.

And we should celebrate! We only get one planet — it’s up to us to steward this blue marble, rocketing alone through the infinite vastness of space. It’s our home for a cosmically short amount of time: we’re here and gone in the blink of an eye, but Mother Earth is eternal. (We hope.)

Leave things better than we found them, that’s our mission on this planet. There is much work to be done: the world only spins forward. All we can do at this point is make an attempt to clean up the messes of previous generations while ensuring that future generations can enjoy themselves here as we have.

After all, it’s the only planet with beer.

So, in honor of this singular day, we have ten reasons you should make Cape May Brewing Company a part of your celebrations.

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April Fools!

Fooled Again!

With all that’s been going on, who among us couldn’t use a little more relaxation in our lives?

A nice, relaxing facial including The Bog? A Sea Chest foot bath? A Devil’s Reach massage? A Tan Limes lager mask? Sounds great to us!

That’s probably why this year’s April Fools joke went over so well: judging from the comments, this is an idea that a lot of people could get behind. Maybe a beer spa can be Ryan’s next big venture!

If you missed this year’s video, check it out on Facebook, Instagram, or check it out below!

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The winter of our discontent is over and it’s time to welcome back Crushin’ It into our lives!

Crushin’ It is Back!

You’re excited.

We’re excited.

They’re excited.

“Why?” you ask.

Crushin’ It finally returns to shelves this week, and we’ve got the top ten reasons why everyone’s excited about its return!

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“This is The Qualified Captain’s first major collaboration, and I don’t think we could have done it with a better company. Cape May Brewing Company is family-oriented and has a strong sense of community: exactly the type of people we could trust and build a relationship with.”

The Qualified Captain

Our collaboration with Instagram influencer and clothing company The Qualified Captain comes out next week, and we couldn’t be more excited.

A Helles lager called Boat Ramp Champ, it’s the ideal brew to crack open after a day on the open sea. Crisp, clean, refreshing, and light, Boat Ramp Champ is the perfect beverage to complement your fresh catch.

We’ve got a great day planned for the release of Boat Ramp Champ on Friday, April 2nd. We’ll be re-opening the Brewtanical Garden at 1pm that day, as well, and Animal House will be rocking the Brewtanical Garden from 2:30-6pm on Friday. 

And Aaron and Lauren Stasiak of The Qualified Captain will be in town to join in the fun! We caught up with them this week to get more information about The Qualified Captain.

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“A Boat Ramp Champ is a person who unsuccessfully tries to back their boat into the water or pull their boat from the water. An audience is always there to cheer the Boat Ramp Champ on, even when everything seems to be going wrong.”

Boat Ramp Champ

It’s the safest bet in the world to believe that we’ve got some boatsmen among our fans. We see the sailors come through the Tasting Room, and our branding rings true for those who love the sea.

And, with the high concentration of boaters amongst us, it’s probably an even safer bet that one or two of you have probably done something incredibly stupid on the water. Maybe you ran aground? Confused drive and reverse as you’re trying to get the boat in the water?

Well… then you’re a Boat Ramp Champ. And we’re collaborating with Instagram influencer and clothing brand The Qualified Captain to brew a Helles lager especially for you.

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“I like to imagine it tastes like a first-place trophy would if that trophy were a beer!”

Biking and Beers

While the weather this week might make you believe that spring came and went last week, we actually have a few weeks of rather nice weather coming up, once spring rolls around. The celestial gods have scheduled the vernal equinox for this Saturday, March 20th — the moment we begin tipping from night outlasting day and begin to see the longer, beautiful days of springtime and summer — and warmer temps and bluer skies are sure to follow.

If you’re anything like us, the prospect of beautiful days at the Jersey Shore means that you’ll be getting your bike out of storage and on the road, so we caught up with our good friend at Bikes & Beers, Sam Accardi, to find out what steps you should take as you get ready to hit the open road.

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"Beyoncé didn’t tell us that we run the world for nothing.”

International Women’s Day 2021 Recap

This week, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we have a guest blogger: Marketing Associate Casey McBride!

Last week, the amazing women of Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage met virtually over Zoom to celebrate International Women’s Day and to raise a glass to one another with our honorary beer, Beer of the Woman

Usually, we would get together in person to brew the beer, enjoy a tasting, and celebrate the day with a luncheon in Cape May, but that just wasn’t in the cards this year.

Luckily, we still got to celebrate a day that is so important to women around the world, including the women of our brewery!

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"Tan Limes is the perfect beer for the beach because it's made with locally-sourced sea salt -- great for a salty walk near the ocean!"


The weather this week has been nothing short of gorgeous. We’re thinking that Punxatawney Phil is a lying, stinking rodent who lies about when spring will begin with his lying and his shadow and his lies. Six weeks of winter, pshaw! Spring is here!

Okay. We know we shouldn’t tempt the weather gods, particularly in South Jersey. But there are daffodils beginning to peek out of the leaves that we never raked last autumn.

And with the release of The Bog and Tan Limes this weekend, we’re getting very excited for the return of spring, and so is the rest of the Brew Crew! 

So, this week, we caught up with them to find out which springtime activities they’re most looking forward to getting back to, and which of our two springtime releases they want along for the ride. (Hint: Tan Limes won by a landslide!)

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“There are a lot of opportunities for people to get lucky next weekend!”

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Can you believe that it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day?!?

That means that it’s been a year since the first COVID lockdown. We’ve been through a lot over the past twelve months, but making it this far deserves a celebration. 

So, we’ve got a great weekend planned, filled with contests, prizes, and, of course, great beer. We’re kicking things off at noon on Friday, March 12th, and letting the good times roll until we close our doors at 7pm on Sunday.

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