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Monday, Feb. 19th

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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“This is the best thing to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi!”

Extreme Beer Fest

The Brew Crew was at BeerAdvocate’s Extreme Beer Fest in Boston last weekend, pouring Tiny Drink Umbrella: Imperial EBF Edition, New Year’s Resolution, Last Hurrah, and Beer Name Ale.

Everything was extraordinarily well-received, with Tiny Drink Umbrella kicking relatively quickly.

“This is the best thing to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi!” one attendee enthused.

Well… that might be overstating things a bit — Jon Bon Jovi is practically our patron saint — but it’s still a damn good brew.

We had a great time and loved to see all the people who showed up in CMBC swag! It was great to see the many fans we’ve got in Beantown.

Check out the pictures below!

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Dateless? We have beer. Dating? We have beer. Married? We have more beer.

Beer Mine

You’ve definitely got your choices laid out for you at Valentine’s Day, and, if you’re not an amateur at this romantic stuff, you know what you’ve got to do:

Breakfast in bed.



Fancy dinner.


String quartet.


Hire a flying baby to shoot arrows at your loved one.

Enchant a rose to drop petals until your true love proclaims his or her love to you or you must forever remain a Beast.

You know. The usual.

Or, you could just make it easy on everyone and not run the risk of your family and friends remaining furniture for the rest of their lives and come to Beer Mine, our 2019 Valentine’s bash, on Saturday, February 16th, starting at noon!

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Makes for a pairing that will help you squeeze the day.

CMBC Brews and Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again, and we couldn’t be happier!

Throngs of brown- and green-clad girls set up shop in front of every grocery store and Wawa in the known universe, hawking their delectable cookies and learning valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.

They’re better for it. We’re ten pounds heavier.

Either way, we hit up the Brew Crew and asked them to pair their favorite Girl Scout cookie with their favorite CMBC brew, and the results will send you into the Tasting Room for a few growler fills and then directly to the nearest grocery store.

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At its core, extreme brewing is the pursuit of exceptionally creative ales and lagers via unexpected or innovative ingredients, techniques, and methods.

Extreme Beer Fest


We’re not sure when everyone started using the word “extreme” to describe everything, but it had to be sometime after 1990 when Vanilla Ice told us that he’ll “glow to the extreme, rock the mic like a vandal.”

Either way, they were all wrong, including poor Mr. Ice. There’s only one thing that can be properly classified as “extreme”, and that’s BeerAdvocate’s Extreme Beer Fest, February 1st and 2nd in Boston.

We’ve done some pretty major festivals — the Great American Beer Festival, SAVOR, Sour Wild Funk Fest — and we’re thrilled to add this one to our list.

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You’ve always been true-to-style, and so is Cape May IPA. Start your year off true to yourself.

Ten Reasons to Start 2019 with Cape May IPA

2019 is young enough that you’re still writing 2018 and will be for another few weeks. You’re probably still forming your New Year’s Resolution, or you may have even broken it already.

Either way, you’re probably trying to start off the new year on the right foot. New year, new beginnings, new you.

Invite Cape May IPA along for the ride. And we’ve got ten reasons why you should.

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“The beer and the music you can find anywhere else, but the fact that we’re a scratch kitchen and we’re making our dressings in-house and we’re hand-forming burgers every day -- you can’t find that anywhere else around here.”

Spotlight On… The Dog & Bull!

Founded in 1431, The Dog & Bull is the oldest pub in Croydon, England.

Since Ryan wasn’t willing to send us there, we decided to stop by its namesake in Croydon, Pennsylvania.

Known for great beer, fantastic food, and a hopping music scene, the Dog & Bull Brew and Music House in PA is quite a bit younger than the one across the pond.

We’ll be participating in a Cigar and Beer Dinner there next week — January 7th through the 9th — so we wanted to stop by to get the story on this bar and eatery. We sat down with Assistant General Manager Camillia Al-Rokh and Chef Max Schindler, both of whom have an obvious love for the bar.

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Christmas Eve is definitely our biggest celebration of the year.

Feast of the Seven Fishes and Cape May Brews

There are some great things about being Italian. For example, if you wanted to spend a month researching your familial roots, you’d be able to do it in Italy, and Italy is warm and beautiful and inviting.

And then there’s the food. Oh, the food! There’s a reason there are Italian restaurants everywhere and not, say, Scottish restaurants. That’s because Scottish cuisine is based on a dare, and Italian food is delicious.

Seriously, where would you be without pizza?

There’s one killer Italian culinary tradition that makes whatever you usually do on Christmas Eve look like a scene from Christmas Vacation. We’re talking about the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

Now, if you’re not Italian, you may have heard of this tradition with a certain amount of jealousy. Italian-Americans gather together their entire families — and, when it comes to Italian-Americans, that’s sometimes a very large number of people — and they gorge themselves on all of the seafood within reach.

We caught up with some of the paisans on the Brew Crew to find out what their traditions are, and we tasked our Head Chef JP Thomas with pairing some of his best seafood creations with our favorite CMBC brews.

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Apple Bomb Fritters

It’s one of our fans’ favorite beers, and, to make sure we end 2018 on the right note, it’s back again in the Tasting Room and out for distribution — Apple Bomb!

With its explosion of apple flavor, Apple Bomb’s bready and biscuity malts make it perfect for baking. We tasked our Head Chef JP Thomas to come up with a recipe using Apple Bomb, and he didn’t disappoint.

“The tartness of Apple Bomb makes it great for desserts,” JP says. “It freshens up the dish like a crisp, green apple. You get that clean, fresh flavor that makes baking with Apple Bomb really very nice.”

This delicious recipe for Apple Fritters with Caramel Bomb Sauce will be a stellar addition to your holiday meal. Stop down to the Tasting Room and get a growler fill — the recipe only calls for 9oz of Apple Bomb, so that’s more than three pints left for you to drink!

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Sounds like a great time to me!

Ugly Sweater Party Part Four!

The signs of the season are upon us! The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, children’s faces are all aglow, and we’ve successfully roused Mariah Carey from her eleven-month slumber to accost us with “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

…when, really, we know that all you want for Christmas is CMBC’s annual Ugly Sweater Party, comin’ atcha on Friday, December 21!

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