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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
If your kid asks for your support to start a brewery: go with it.

Mop Man’s Advice

We’ve got a number of new fathers around the brewery:

Ryan and his wife Kaysi had Radley Theodore back in February.

Justin and his wife Mariel had Piper Anne three weeks ago, and, while Justin’s not exactly a new father, the last time he went through all of this was ten years ago.

And Craig and his wife Amanda should have had a baby last weekend, but, as we write this, we’re still on Baby Watch. (Let’s hope she goes on Father’s Day!)

So, this Father’s Day, we wanted to catch up with the brewery’s father — the Mop Man himself, Bob Krill — to see what advice he had for these new proud papas.

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Bring him down for the best reason of all: quality time with dad.

Treat Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to show dad what he means to you. After all, he’s the guy who taught you how to drive, how to throw a baseball, and even turned a blind eye when you raided your first beer from his fridge.

Now you’re old enough to not have to steal your brews — and you’ve got better taste in beer now, anyway.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat dad to a trip to the brewery, where you can bond over a beer that’s been Crafted on the Cape.

And we’ve got the top ten reasons why you should make haste to 1288 Hornet Road in the Cape May Airport.

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“Everyone from the Rabbit Hill group is just really awesome.”

Bounding through Rabbit Hill

This industry has the tendency to lead you places you never thought you’d be. Sour beer festivals in Indiana, for example. Smelling hops in Oregon. Tourism conferences in Boise.

They’ve all been amazing experiences for the attendees — we learn a lot at conferences, we make a ton of important connections at beer festivals, and selecting hops is all part of the business.

However, if you’d asked us ten years ago if we thought we’d ever be on the back of a tractor, sitting on a bale of hay, getting a tour through a gigantic grain farm in Shiloh, NJ, we’d have slapped the beer out of your hand.

Yet, it’s the unknown places in our backyard that can be the most rewarding. That’s why, when Hillary and the folks from Rabbit Hill Farms hit us up to attend a thank-you picnic on the farm, we didn’t hesitate to say yes.

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“Philly Beer Week is one of the best weeks of the year.”

Philly Beer Week 2019

There are a few things that people should know about Philly:

  1. Rocky is a saint.
  2. Cheesesteaks are awesome.
  3. The beer is better than the water.

The last one isn’t even up for debate — the Schyukill Punch (aka, Philly tap water) is the scourge of Philadelphia, while the beer in the area is really rather good.

Actually, it’s better than “rather good.” Philly beer is awesome.

Since, down in Cape May, we root for the Phillies and the Eagles and the Flyers and the 76ers, we get to consider Cape May Brewing Company as a part of the great beer in Philadelphia, particularly since you’re able to find our beer throughout the city and the counties beyond.

That’s why, when Philly Beer Week rolls around each year, we jump in feet first. And this year’s festival running May 31st through June 9th is no exception.

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“We’ve been brainstorming ways to implement this idea for months, and I’m so happy that it’s finally come together.”

Buy a Friend a Drink

How often have you been sitting at home — forlornly, because you’re not at our Tasting Room — mindlessly scrolling through your social media platform of choice, when you see a good friend of yours check in at our Tasting Room?

“Oh!” you think. “I wish I could buy my brother’s fiancee’s cousin’s uncle’s second-grade music teacher a drink. She’s awesome! She deserves it!”

You may pick up the phone and give us a call, only to be told that, unfortunately, we can’t take a credit card over the phone.

It’s as frustrating for us as it is for you. We know what a wonderful and thoughtful gift that would be for your brother’s fiancee’s cousin’s uncle’s second-grade music teacher. She totally rocks.

Well… now you can buy her a drink!

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"An ice cold Lager is the perfect grill master accessory on a hot summer’s day, grilling some burgers for the whole family."

Memorial Day and Cape May Lager

The beginning of summer is finally here! (And we can all use a three-day weekend at this point….) Most of us probably have plans for at least one barbecue this weekend, and you’re probably looking for the right beer for your barbecue.

If you haven’t heard by now, we all think that the perfect barbecue beer is Cape May Lager. Its clean and crisp profile goes with just about everything you’d want at your weekend barbecue.

We hit up the Brew Crew to see what their favorite barbecue dishes are and why they’d pair perfectly with Cape May Lager.

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"I like it a lot. It’s a perfect balance: not overly sweet, but not really heavy, either.”

Spotlight On… Red Rock Tap and Grill!

In a weird way, Red Bank is a lot like Cape May. They’re missing the beaches, but their downtown is trendy as hell. Many people know it as the home of Kevin Smith — the filmmaker responsible for such classic films as Clerks., Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy, etc., etc., etc. — yet, it’s so much more.

Some 300 shops, numerous art galleries, a historic theatre, trendy bars, and modern restaurants are enveloped by Victorian architecture and enough historical markers to keep any self-proclaimed history buff infotained the whole day through.

Sounds a lot like home.

However, if you’ve had a Vitamin D overload and your tan is the envy of your friends, Red Bank is the perfect destination for browsing through some voguish shops, finding the perfect outfit for a night on the town, and then not having to go far to find that perfect night on the town. And, situated on the southern bank of the Navesink River, you won’t miss Cape May’s beaches for very long.

There, about as close as one can get to the river at 14 Wharf Ave., you’ll find one of the highlights of Red Bank, Red Rock Tap and Grill.

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"With us and DC Brau there, it should be a fun night."


You know how sometimes you over-schedule yourself? You’ll have brunch with friends, then a barbecue at your aunt’s, then dinner with your step-mom, and then drinks with an old friend from high school?

That’s kinda how our week in DC is shaping up.

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Represent and help kick the keg!

American Craft Beer Week 2019

Sometimes, around 9:30pm on a Sunday — usually after too much weekend — you’ll sit back and think, “Maybe… I just never go back to work ever again, ever.”

It’s not an unreasonable thought. Your boss may not agree, but she’s probably had the same thought once or twice, as well.

However, some weeks are easier to anticipate than others. There are some weeks when you sit back on Sunday night and think, “Bring it, life! Wachu got?!?”

Those weeks almost always involve some sort of celebration: a birthday, an anniversary, a holiday of some sort. They’re even better when it’s a weeklong celebration.

Thankfully, the good folks over at the Brewers Association devised the best weeklong celebration we know: American Craft Beer Week!

A nationwide celebration of U.S. small and independent craft brewers, this weeklong salute to everyone’s favorite beverage provides an opportunity for craft brewers to share their creativity and passion for the beverage they love.

So, this Sunday, if you’re dreading the week ahead, keep in mind that CMBC has a week full of great events to celebrate the best week of the year, beginning May 13th!

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You’ll get to spend some QT with mom. What more do you need?

Mother’s Day 2019

If your mom’s anything like ours — and, let’s face it: when it comes to motherhood, all moms are pretty much the same — she thinks she’s got the greatest kid in the world.

Thankfully… mom probably doesn’t have all of the pertinent information to make an informed decision on the matter; nonetheless, as far as mom is concerned, you can do no wrong.

She forgave you that time that you rode the subway for five days to get out of doing your chores. She just shook her head knowingly that time you climbed down a storm drain to get your iPhone. She didn’t even seem to mind that time you put your name and home number on a bathroom wall with “For a good time, call…”.

So, this Mother’s Day, to thank mom for turning a blind eye to all of the dumb stuff you’ve done since you’ve been able to do dumb stuff, bring her down to the brewery.

In fact, we’ve got ten reasons why you should.

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