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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“This year’s going to be extra fun because it falls on a First Firkin Friday, so instead of having our usual one-off sixtels, we’ll have two casks.” -- Chief Celebrations Officer Randi Friel

May the Fourth Be With You!

The choices one makes on the fourth day of May truly separate the men from the boys — or, at the very least, it separates Star Wars fans from mere mortals.

This year will be no different.

May the Fourth be with you!

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Sounds like the perfect time for a sale!

Summer Sale!

Although the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating, summer is actually right around the corner.

Seriously. It is. It’s difficult to tell, but it is.

And summer at CMBC means one thing: the arrival of Summer Catch.

This year, to kick off the season of Summer Catch, we’ve got a full weekend of fun and deals planned at our Tasting Room the weekend of April 27th.

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Don’t miss this!

Beer and Jazz

EZJF (1)Hold onto your hats, cats and kittens! It’s time again for the highlight of Cape May’s Spring kick-off: the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, and Cape May Brewing Co. has once again signed on as the exclusive beer sponsor of the festival, with a whole new brew making its debut.

Taking over Cape May for two weekends each spring and fall, the Exit Zero Jazz Festival has got it goin’ on. You can see some of the biggest names in jazz at Convention Hall, the Schmidtchen Theater at Lower Cape May Regional High School, at the Shackleton Playhouse, and at some of the coolest bars and clubs in town.

And we love being a part of it.

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“I think this would be a good time for a beer.” -- FDR

National Beer Day

What were you doing thirteen years ago? It was 2005 — for those of us over 34, we may have been enjoying a lovely craft beer.

Well… imagine if that were the last beer you’d ever been able to drink. Imagine if, later that day, some fools in Washington passed a Constitutional amendment forever outlawing that precious elixir.

You’d be pretty thirsty today, huh?

Now, imagine if, today, the president signed a law allowing for beer to once again flow from the nation’s taps.

You’d grab one immediately, wouldn’t you?

Well… that’s why, each and every April 7th, we celebrate National Beer Day. And we’ve got four ways for you to celebrate.

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AC Beerfest!

Did you get to the Atlantic City Beer and Music Festival this past weekend?


Then you missed out on the news that Always Ready won First Place in the Session Ale category! As well as some 175 breweries, about 700 brews, killer food, activities, and HATCHET TOSSING!

Well, if you missed it, we’ve got a few pictures for your edification. Enjoy!

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Not only does it make the entire cleaning process that much more enjoyable....

Spring Has Sprung (…no, really… it has….)

Happy Spring!

Yeah… it’s a little difficult to tell that the Vernal Equinox was at 12:15pm on Tuesday, marking the beginning of Spring. We’re on the warming side of the fourth nor’easter of March, and we’re only two-thirds of the way through the month.

This year, March has been in like a lion… then that lion sticks around awhile, eats this generation of lambs, trundles out for a day, then comes barreling back in because there’s one little lamb cowering in a corner, and he hasn’t quite satiated its hunger for lamb flesh. This lion doesn’t even bother with mint jelly.

Nonetheless, winter’s on the wing and some fine spring morns are in store. Trust us. They have to be. That’s the only thought that will get us through this lousy Smarch weather.

And when spring finally arrives, we’ve got five springtime uses for beer.

Other than drinking it, of course.

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You come in here, and we have a good staff that makes everyone feel comfortable.

Spotlight On… Interstate Drafthouse!

Sometimes your future will just fall in your lap.

At least, that’s how it happened for Bob Ritchie and his two partners, Michael McCloskey and Keith Dailey. They’d been handling the accounting for Interstate Drafthouse at 1235 E. Palmer St. in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia for awhile when the previous owner decided that his time as a restaurateur was over.

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After climbing out of the cold water, nothing sounds better than a big pint of Cape May Stout!

Taking the Plunge!

We’re sponsoring the Cape May St. Paddy’s Day Plunge for the second year in a row, and it’s shaping up to be a great time!

Kegs and Eggs? Check!
5K? Check!
Polar Bear Plunge? Check!
Going to a good cause? Check!
Plunging with Brew Crew members? Check!

We caught up with our six plungers to find out exactly why they’re taking the plunge.

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Cloverleaf is one of the best beer bars in the state and we're thrilled to collaborate with them for the third year.

Tap Takeover at the Cloverleaf

The big news around the brewery over the past few weeks has been the bang-up job Tom has been doing in opening new accounts in Middlesex County. It’s the farthest north we’ve gone…

…except for one small bar in Essex County: Cloverleaf Tavern.

For the third year in a row, we’ll be taking over all 24 taps at the Cloverleaf on March 20th.

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