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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
We are a CRAFT brewery, after all....

Growler Craft Ideas

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been extremely lucky to have been able to remain open. We’ve been brewing and canning and, now, kegging as fast as our brewers can brew.

And, we love those of you who have supported us during the pandemic. 

But… there’s been one aspect of our current business model that — we know — not everyone loves, and that’s been the fact that we can only fill new growlers.

We know, it’s a pain; however, it’s the only way we can ensure that our big, strong, Austrian growler filler, Hans, doesn’t catch the coronavirus. You see, Hans starts his fill with a shot of carbon dioxide, potentially blowing any virus particles in a dirty growler all around the chamber. Then he fills from the bottom, sticking a long probe into the growler, possibly mixing all those stirred-up particles with the beer.

That’s not a great way to guard against the spread of COVID-19. We can do better. 

So, we’ve been including a new growler with each growler fill, selling them to you at our cost.

But… if you’re a growler aficionado, you’ve probably got a growing pile of growlers at this point, and you’re wondering what you should do with them.

This week, we’ve got five craft ideas for those old growlers. We don’t have full plans for each of them, but, hopefully, this blog will get your gears turning.

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So, grab a few cans of Always Ready, toast to the founder of the Coast Guard, and settle in for some Founding Father musical theatre magic!

Things to Do This Independence Day

Like a lot of things over the past three-and-half-months, Independence Day celebrations are going to look a little different this year.

Gone are the parades. Fireworks? Few and far between. You may feel brave enough to host or attend a socially-distanced barbecue, but anything that involves gathering with a lot of people and doing a thing is out the window.

Sounds like the perfect weekend to grab a beer!

We’ve got three ways for you to celebrate the Fourth of July at home with a cold Cape May brew.

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Get your orders in today to ensure shipping by Father’s Day!

Merch for Dad

The past few months have been a little on the crazy side. We get it. It’s been a trying few weeks. The kids have been home, you’re trying to get some work done, and shopping is a waking nightmare.

But, you know that Father’s Day is coming up on June 21st, and you’ve got to get dad something.

We’ll make it easy for you. Here are six pieces of swag from his favorite brewery! (And one pretty sweet gift box!)

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June 21st!

Father’s Day Swag

In all likelihood, the first beer you ever tried — surreptitiously — probably belonged to your dad.

This Father’s Day, you can take a chance to pay him back with some swag from his favorite brewery. 

Coming soon on June 21st, it’s never too soon to begin thinking about what to get dad for his day. We’ve got a few great suggestions below!

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"Gatsby probably knew a thingertwo about bourbon barrels."

Books and Brews

The weather is getting warmer and we seem to be nearing the end of this lockdown — thankfully! So, whether you’re still staying at home or if you’ve decided to venture out and enjoy some of our recently reopened beaches, you’re probably looking for a decent book to read.

We decided to reach out to the Brew Crew to find out which books they love and which CMBC brew they think pairs the best.

Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite book — and a new favorite beer — as we finish up the last few weeks of quarantine!

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If you don’t have a beer in one hand and a big grilling implement in the other, can you really call it Memorial Day?

Memorial Day at Home

Traditionally, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the summer season at the Jersey Shore. It’s a weekend for barbecues and parades and trips to the beach.

This year… not so much.

Memorial Day is the second holiday we’ve celebrated during quarantine, and, while Easter was difficult to handle if you’re one of those folks who love spending time with family, Memorial Day is a little more difficult if you’re one of those folks who love spending time with friends. 

So,  even if you’re only spending time with your “quaranteam” — the family and close associates that you’ve been around for the past two months –, we’ve got a few ways to make this Memorial Day special. 

And your chances at making Memorial Day memorable are increased dramatically with the addition of some CMBC brews.

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"You need to be Always Ready for the unexpected when playing such a precise-input game."

Video Games with the Brew Crew

While we’re all whiling away in quarantine, looking for ways to pass the time, some of us have been firing up our gaming systems and getting some time in on our favorite games.

Not only are they a great way to keep your mind occupied when you’re sitting around with nothing to do, some of those multiplayer games out there are a great way to get together with friends when you can’t actually get together.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to know which video games have been keeping the Brew Crew occupied over the past few months.

Check them out! Hopefully, you’ll find something new to pass the time.

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"Inigo is Always Ready to exact his overdeveloped sense of vengeance upon the six-fingered man."

Movies with the Brew Crew

We’re in the home stretch, now, folks!

(If we say it enough times, that makes it true, right?)

It’s been two months since quarantine began, and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve binge-watched every television show in existence, you’ve cooked every experimental recipe you can think of, and you’ve discovered a new favorite artist and worked your way through their entire discography.

We feel you. We do.

So, this week, we polled the Brew Crew for their favorite movies because our entire lives are screens, now. We had them pair their favorite movie with their favorite Cape May Brewing Company brew.

Check ‘em out!

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Crack open a delicious can of Crushin' It -- or three --, grab a chair in the backyard, and social distance yourself while you fantasize about a life that once again contains your favorite live music.

The Brew Crew Playlist

This week, we asked the Brew Crew to contribute to a playlist for your listening pleasure, and they didn’t disappoint!

We received suggestions as wildly varied as Frank Sinatra and Pink Floyd, from old-school Dave Matthews Band to a decidedly new-school South African artist named Bongeziwe Mabandla — the suggestions were as widely varied as the Brew Crew itself.

And only one repeated artist! The War on Drugs, suggested by both Innovation Director Brian Hink and Sales Manager Chris Verderame, who now have to run off together and be best friends forever. Or, at the very least, go see The War on Drugs together when we’re allowed to be around humans again. 

We’re hoping that moment is soon. Whether you love seeing big names in huge arenas, paying through the nose for a watered-down Big Brew or you prefer checking out local bands at the dive bar around the corner, paying reasonable prices for a Cape May brew, we can all agree that this shutdown has hit the music industry particularly hard.

Luckily, many artists are working hard, livestreaming full shows, live sets, and new music. Hopefully, you’ll find your new favorite artist among those below. Enjoy!

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“From May 11 to May 17, those who commit to giving independent craft beer will make a difference that reaches beyond the beverage....”

American Craft Beer Week 2020

American Craft Beer Week kicks off on Monday!

It’s one of our favorite weeks in the industry, and, while we usually plan events and initiatives and beer releases around it, this year, with COVID rearing its ugly head throughout the world, a lot of those events and initiatives need to take a year off.

Luckily, the Brewers Association — the national association of brewers who host American Craft Beer Week — have found some ways to still make 2020 a success!

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