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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
This thing can shoot out cans faster than Beertender Steve Wilson can chug a King Porter Stomp....

New Toys!

Christmas came early to the brewery this year. It came with a bang, it came with great cheer!

Yet it came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags.

You see, each brewer in Brewville loved canning a lot. But all they had was a bottler, and that wasn’t hot.

So they called up a canner — Iron Heart was their name — and each week with a canner to the brewhouse they came.

Till one day Hank said, “Oh, this just won’t do. We must get a canner! It must be brand new!”

To the Internet went Jimmy to find the right one. Brian searched and he searched, till his searching was done.

They ordered one up, and, oh, their hearts quivered. ‘Till Tuesday, our new canning line was delivered!

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“I’m very excited,” Danielle said. “It gives me the opportunity to work more with the company. Every day it grows more and more -- right in front of my face.”

Congrats, Danielle!

Things move fast in the big city… er… the small, sleepy beach town. While the rest of the town is slowly entering hibernation mode, at CMBC, we’re sailing full steam ahead!

And that means making sure that the ship sails with a full crew.

When it comes to the Tasting Room, we’ve got our Captain: Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith. She’s got two First Mates in our Assistant Tasting Room Manager Dan Petela and our Brewtique Manager Emily Bowman.

And now, she’s got a third: Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle White!

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“I hope it will be magical,” Justin says. “It should be."

Justin Presents at ekos_con

Ryan’s not the only one at CMBC with a full speaking schedule. Jimmy’s spoken at Villanova, and Mop Man did a presentation at Stockton University a few months ago.

This week, our resident magician, possessor of enviable biceps, and Distribution Manager Justin Vitti presented at ekos_con at the Le Méridien in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And Charlotte may never be the same.

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“I’m jazzed our team was recognized by the Chamber,” Ryan says. “It’s the proof that we’re working hard to make an impact on our families and community. “

Yay Awards!

Recognition for being excellent is pretty awesome. Our beers have received many awards, and, as a business, we get a handful, as well. Last year, we were named NJBIZ’s Emerging Business of the Year and the NJMEP Startup Manufacturer of the Year.

Two awesome awards for an awesome company.

But this year… we’ve been awarded the Lower Township Chamber of Commerce Excellence in Business Award!

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I was like, "I’m gonna crush it!" Then, "Oh, I’m NOT gonna crush it!" But I knew that City to Shore was going to taste that much better at the end. -- Katie MacTurk

BikeMS: City to Shore… Success!

We’re unbelievably proud of our City to Shore team. They pedaled their butts off and raised over $30,000 for Multiple Sclerosis research and awareness, over 150% of their goal.

“These guys killed it,” Ryan says. “We’ve had our biggest team yet and we’ve raised the most money we’ve ever raised. This is the biggest fundraiser we do, and with such dedicated team members, they make it look easy.”

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“It takes a special breed of crazy and grit to really be a hops farmer.”

Bad Cats and Wet Hops

We love sourcing locally, and, luckily, in Cape May, “locally” means anywhere in South Jersey. This area is what gives the Garden State its name, and we’ve got some of the best produce in the world.

It’s even better when it comes from right up the street.

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"You guys are doing such a great job already. It’s not like I’m coming in, having to completely reinvent the wheel. It’s like, how do I take your wheel that’s already rolling and Make it Better?"

Welcome Kaitlyn!

When you’re looking for a new Retail General Manager, you’re looking for someone who’s worldly enough to be able to lead the Tasting Room with a boatload of experience in retail and who knows a thing-or-two about a seasonal crowd looking to have a good time.

Also, it helps if that person is naturally fun. After all, it’s their responsibility to make the Tasting Room a happenin’ place and keep the Brewtique running flawlessly.

And it’s our Core Value #7. We are literally mandated to have fun.

Does that person exist? Searching for them is like trolling the Point for Cape May Diamonds — they’re out there, but they’re getting more difficult to find with each passing year.

Enter Kaitlyn Smith.

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“That's why Summer Catch is the ideal surfing beer, the fruity esters and slightly spicy phenolics are in perfect harmony with the citrusy hops, with a crisp refreshing feel that is great after a few hours of bobbing around in the salty seawater.” - Jimmy

Catch This!

Summer beers are a tricky thing. You want something that has some flavor, but something that isn’t going to be so filling that it’s going to weigh you down. Everyone needs to be able to execute the perfect swan dive at the pool over the summer. Concrete Ship — while a great beer — isn’t exactly going to do that for you.

You also want something that you can day-drink on a lazy summer day, so you don’t want something with a huge ABV. Again, Concrete Ship — probably not your best choice. It’s 9.5% ABV. If you try to day-drink with that beast, you’ll end up passed out by noon. (NB: THIS IS NOT A CHALLENGE.)

When it comes to summer beers, you want something light and refreshing. You want something thirst-quenching and crushable. You want something that’s not going to weigh you down and you want something that’s not going to kill you on alcohol.

And, preferably, you want it in a bottle.

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“Pour it into a glass. You won’t know the difference.”

Yes, We Can!

“This is entirely about our fans,” Hank says. “We’re giving them what they want. That’s what we’re all about, right? If people weren’t asking for it, we wouldn’t be doing it.”

You’ve been asking if we can, so now we can. Or we will can. Or some other mangling of the English language involving homophones and verb tenses.

The point is, now we’re canning IPA and Coastal Evacuation!

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