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"There’s no wrong beer for a campfire...."

Campfire Beers

There’s something about enjoying a cold, frosty beer around a fire. Whether it’s keeping you warm around a campsite or it’s with friends around a bonfire, a summer fire makes beer taste all that much better.

This year, it might be a little more difficult to get together with friends and family around a traditional campfire, but, luckily, Environment New Jersey is hosting an event that reminds us that we can still connect with our natural world and each other.

Camping Together will take place at 8pm tonight through Zoom and Facebook Live. The evening will be kicked off around a virtual campfire with campfire songs, and participants will get access to exclusive Camping Together activity guides.

We asked the Brew Crew for their favorite beers to quaff whilst congregating around a campfire. Check ‘em out!

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"I can't wait to drink an ice-cold pint of Crushin' It looking out at the Delaware Bay during an epic sunset."

Brew Crew Picks

For many of us throughout the Garden State, the day we’ve been waiting for came on Monday: bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen!

It was some extraordinarily welcome news throughout the state, as it’s one of the first, tentative signs that we’re returning to normal… whatever that may be. We reopened our Beer Garden in Cape May, and hundreds of our accounts throughout the state did the same.

Like you, the Brew Crew has been patiently waiting for our accounts to make a reappearance. We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a chance to sit in the sun at our favorite tiki bar, whiling away the hours with a cold Crushin’ It in hand.

Here’s what our Brew Crew hopes to see on draft at their favorite spots this summer.

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"You need to be Always Ready for the unexpected when playing such a precise-input game."

Video Games with the Brew Crew

While we’re all whiling away in quarantine, looking for ways to pass the time, some of us have been firing up our gaming systems and getting some time in on our favorite games.

Not only are they a great way to keep your mind occupied when you’re sitting around with nothing to do, some of those multiplayer games out there are a great way to get together with friends when you can’t actually get together.

So, with that in mind, we wanted to know which video games have been keeping the Brew Crew occupied over the past few months.

Check them out! Hopefully, you’ll find something new to pass the time.

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"To see what Cape May Brewing Company has done for the growth of the Cape May Airport, it’s been amazing.

Get to Know Courtney Rosenberg!

We’ve been here, proudly brewing our beers, since 2011. In the beginning, it was Ryan, Hank, and Mop Man working things on their own, brewing beer, tending bar, and delivering our brews to the few accounts we had.

It didn’t take long for them to realize that they couldn’t do it all on their own, and they began bringing on more staff, several of whom are still here.

One of them is our Graphic Design and Social Media Alchemist, Courtney Rosenberg.

“Courtney brings an inspiring amount of creative passion and enthusiasm for the brewery to the marketing team,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “She works tirelessly to Make It Better each and every day through an endless stream of innovative, focused ideas and inventive solutions to further the brewery’s goals. Her deep love for Cape May Brewing Company keeps everyone’s eyes on the prize, and her innate understanding of the craft beer world ripples throughout the company.”

And, while she may occasionally interrupt our blog writing to send unsolicited TikTok videos or pictures of her beloved dogs, Dock, Mickey, and Max, she’s always been Cape May Brewing Co.’s biggest cheerleader and consistently puts the brewery first, always caring for our brand and passionate about keeping our fans up to speed.

You’ve undoubtedly seen Courtney in the Tasting Room, during events, on rainy Tuesdays, and everything in between, snapping pictures, taking video, and ensuring that everything looks as great as possible for your visit.

Now, it’s time to learn a bit more about her. Meet Courtney!

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“I always said that it would be a perfect fit and a dream opportunity, I’m lucky.”

Welcome Scott!

Opening a new territory is always an exciting time for us here at Cape May Brewing Company, but it also presents a few challenges, not the least of which is trying to find the right person to represent us there.

With Scott McIntyre, we not only found the right person for Delaware, but also Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania, as well.

“Scott is awesome,” says Regional Sales Manager Erin Gale. “Scott joins us with a wealth of industry knowledge, great relationships with our partners in Delaware, and a love for all things Cape May. He was a perfect fit for the team.”

Welcome Scott!

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“I feel welcome. It’s what I expected it to be, and that’s a good thing.”

Welcome Kaley!

We often say that our biggest fans make the best employees, and Kaley Palasch is no exception.

“Kaley started out as a huge fan of our beer,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She comes to work each day eager to learn more about who we are and what we do. She is super friendly, eager to learn, and brings a great sense of excitement to the Brewtique. I probably tell her too often, but she always asks the best questions so that she is ready to bring top-rate service to our customers. I’m happy to have her as part of the team.”

Welcome Kaley!

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“I plan to be here for a good, long time.”

Congrats, Noelle!

At Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage, we really love promoting from within. It’s great to see a member of the Brew Crew who may have started at an entry-level job in the Tasting Room or in Packaging further their career by getting a job in the marketing department or moving up the chain to Cellarperson.

When Noelle Smuz began working in the Brewtique this past September, she was hoping to do exactly that.

“When I interviewed Noelle, I could tell she would do well in our company,” says Director of People Operations Christine Bry. “She has a calm demeanor, does not let herself get flustered — or at least does not show it –, and is great with personal interactions. Yes, she was enthusiastic about working here. Not a pest, but persistent — I can’t fault her for that!”

Congratulate Noelle on her promotion to Accounts Receivable and Credit Specialist for Cape Beverage!

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I feel like I’m working with really smart people. Really smart people.

Welcome Katie!

As we grow, our accounting department grows with us. It’s been a challenge for us to find someone to lead it — there’s a lot to learn, and we definitely need the right person. We found that with Katie VanZandt.

“She’s a total pro,” says Ryan. “She’s got experience throughout the area, in hotels and businesses that we really respect. Her accounting experience was just what we were looking for to head our department as we grow.”

Welcome Katie!

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It’s an incredibly balanced beer: perfect alcohol content and a hop flavor that keeps you wanting more.

Why We Love Coastal Evacuation

If it wasn’t your first Cape May brew, it was probably your second. It’s meant for sharing with friends, enjoying on a cold night by the fire, or perhaps on a warm day on the beach.

It’s a Double IPA that’s as big and bold as hurricane season itself. It’s time to evacuate. Are you prepared?

You’re not prepared if you haven’t stocked up on Coastal Evacuation.

We caught up with the Brew Crew to find out what they love about this perennial favorite.

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Honestly, I've never met a CMBC beer I haven't liked!

Meet More Brand Ambassadors!

Sometime last year, we introduced you to our Sampling Program. We hired a bunch of Brand Ambassadors — smart, friendly folks who descend upon your local bottle shop or liquor store, set up a brightly-colored table and display, and entreat upon you to try our beers.

Yeah. It’s a good gig.

In fact, things have been going so well that we’ve had to add a few more Brand Ambassadors. We’ve opened up the Reading/Lehigh Valley, and we’ve needed a few on hand to help us pick up the slack in our existing territories.

“I am so fortunate to have been able to add these four to our slew of Brand Ambassadors recently, totaling 11 team members,” says Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana, who heads the program. “They all have a serious passion for craft beer and extensive knowledge of the industry. Mary D, Michelle, Casie, and Walt are all extremely reliable and great team players, which aligns very well with our CMBC family vibes here. I have received nothing short of positive feedback on their performances at samplings from fellow CMBC sales managers, store owners, and managers, as well as happy beer drinkers. I am thrilled to have these four on my team. Keep up the good work!”

Meet your new Brand Ambassadors!

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