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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
"Ian is a force of nature . . . he's tenacious, steadfast, and reliable."

Meet Ian!

As we catch up with Ian, he’s just coming off his packaging shift. The team has just finished fixing our new boxing machine, which involved Mark Graves running out to grab a 100-ft ethernet cable so that the maintenance crew could remotely assess it and get everything fixed up!  

“Ian is a force of nature,” Packaging Supervisor Paul Greer shares. “Not destructive, like a hurricane, but tenacious, steadfast and reliable. He harnesses an incredible amount of power while remaining very cool, calm, and collected. He’s working his ass off, working and going to school—I don’t know how he does it. He has really done well so far. His capacity for doing work you ask him to do and finding what needs to be done without being asked is commendable.”

Paul shared an example with us: “The other day, I had a really tough time with a new piece of equipment we put in. James and I were running around trying to get answers. Ian goes over to the cabinet with all the electrical and there in the bottom were some electrical schematics. He takes it out and starts reading it. He says, ‘This is where the connection needs to be.’”

Paul shakes his head. “Not only was that way cool, but I couldn’t decipher those. Ian said, ‘Oh, a summer or two ago I installed fireplaces for a guy, and all the ignitions were solid state. If you couldn’t read an electrical diagram, your job was harder. So I just kind of picked it up.’”

“Ian’s just that kind of guy,” Paul shares. “He’s also got great leadership skills—he’s someone who’s easy to follow. Eisenhower said great leaders get others to do what they want them to do, because they want to do it, and Ian commands a great deal of respect on the team.” 

If you thought that was cool, just wait until you read more. 

Meet Ian!

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“I realized how much more of a rich experience understanding the language a bit more granted me.”

Meet Gwen!

Gwen Wiess is one of our newest Tasting Room associates! She joined us at the tail end of summer at the perfect time to get acclimated to all things Cape May while helping out with the holiday season and taking care of our locals, who love to visit us in the off-season.

“Gwen has been a great addition to  our Tasting Room family,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “She has a great connection with all our guests and continually goes out of her way to show enthusiasm with every individual that comes through the Brewtique! Gwen also has a great eagerness to learn more and is not shy about figuring out what more she can do to add to the success of the Brewtique!”

Meet Gwen!

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CMBC Job Series: The Lab

Next up in our CMBC Job Series videos is some thoughts from our Lab Manager, Lauren Appleman! Longtime readers of the blog will recognize her on many of our beer blogs, and she and her team are an integral part of making sure we’re putting out consistent, quality beer every single time.

Check out the video below! Looking to join our team? Visit our Careers Page to explore open positions.

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"He comes to work with a smile on his face, he’s got a good attitude, and in general, he’s got an awesome personality and sense of humor. He’s just fantastic.”

Meet John!

John Ackley is the brewery’s newest Warehouse Associate, and he’s been killing it so far. He’s thoughtful, articulate, and not only a pleasure to talk to, but a pleasure to work with as well!

“John is an integral team member to the warehouse,” says Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell. “When I throw a task his way, he gets it done. I don’t have to worry about following up, and I know if he’s on it, it’s taken care of. He’s also taken on a lot more responsibility quickly. There have been a few times that I’ve had to rely on someone when I’m not there, and I’ve been able to rely on him. He comes to work with a smile on his face, he’s got a good attitude, and in general, he’s got an awesome personality and sense of humor. He’s just fantastic.”

(Ed. note: We couldn’t include all of Polly’s insight on John, but she wants everyone to know that this is just a snapshot of why she’s so excited to work with him!)

Meet John!

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"She’s a total pro who came in and hit the ground running, and she fits in so well with everyone that it almost feels like she’s been here for years!” 

Meet Brigitta!

It’s not very often that we find a candidate who not only worked for us years before, but is just the right fit for the change that we need as we continue to grow!

Brigitta is bright, positive, and always jumps in to help where she can. She has been an indelible addition to the Cape marketing team, supporting our distribution side for both Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage!

“I’m so happy to have Brigitta Faragasso on our team as Marketing Coordinator,” says Director of Marketing Alicia Grasso. “Her expertise in B2B marketing along with graphic design makes her a great fit to support the growth of Cape Beverage. She’s a total pro who came in and hit the ground running, and she fits in so well with everyone that it almost feels like she’s been here for years!” 

Meet Brigitta Faragasso!

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“In the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to live down here in Cape May."

Meet Tom!

Our newest soon-to-be Assistant Lab Technician, Packaging Operator Tom Dooner, has had a pretty awesome path to Cape May Brewing Company. We were lucky to catch him on his first training day in the lab for a few minutes while Lab Manager Lauren Appleman held down the fort. 

Tom joined our team in June as an intern, before moving into the packaging team later this summer. Because of his background, we knew he’d be a great addition to our lab team, and we’re thrilled to have him aboard!

Without further ado, meet our new lab team member Tom Dooner!

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“I feel like I was meant to be here."

Meet Cody!

Cody joined us this summer to help round out our HR (or People Operations) department, and from day one, he jumped in to help across different departments, including helping put together the shop shed in the Brewtanical Garden!

He’s been an invaluable member of our team ever since, and we’re so grateful to have such a positive, personable, and upbeat crew member on the team!

Meet People Operations Coordinator Cody Danks!

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Two of our newest team members have been killing it in the Brewtique this summer!

Meet Abby and Julie!

You’ve probably already met these two new folks if you’ve visited our Tasting Room this summer, but this week we’re going to learn a bit more about two of our Brewtique Associates who are both living down the shore and working hard every weekend.

Meet Abby Sholders (right) and Julie Carney (left)!

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"They’re this new generation of young beer fans working together in the Brewtique."

Meet Jocelyn and Jacob!

Our latest brew crew feature is a two for one! We’ve been fortunate enough to bring on so many great team members the past few months, and these two Brewtique Associates are no exception. 

Meet Jocelyn Schwartz and Jacob Snizik!

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