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Monday, Feb. 19th

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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

State of the Brewery, 2019

Last Friday, some 65 Brew Crew members gathered together in the Tasting Room bright and early for breakfast burritos and our annual State of the Brewery address.

This is practically the only chance we have each year to get everyone in the same room at the same time — and those who couldn’t make it were able to stream the event.

It’s the perfect time for everyone to become reacquainted with each other. You know, we’re at about eighty employees here, and weeks can pass without seeing someone.

“It’s great being able to get everyone in the same room at the same time,” Ryan says. “I throw around t-shirts, we talk Core Values, and I get to bring everyone up-to-date on what’s going on at the brewery.”

The State of the Brewery is the first chance many of us get to learn how the previous year went. Were we up? Were we down? Were we flat? (Spoiler: We were up.)

And we like to know these things. The numbers — the nitty gritty — really doesn’t matter. As long as the arrows in the graphs are moving toward the upper right-hand corner, everyone’s pretty happy.

Then, we get a glimpse of what’s to come. What will 2019 bring? Well… you’ll just have to watch this space to find out.

Check out the pictures below!

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I love how picturesque Cape May is.

Welcome Katie!

There are a few words one could use to describe the newest member of our Brewtique Crew. Katie Snow is positive. She’s ebullient. She’s effervescent.

Kinda like our beer.

Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello found Katie working at one of the local wineries.

“Katie had great customer service when I first met her,” he said. “She was very ‘customer first’ and that is exactly the level of customer service I’m looking for. It didn’t hurt that she mentioned how great she thought the brewery was and that she would love to work here.”

Welcome Katie!

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Makes for a pairing that will help you squeeze the day.

CMBC Brews and Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again, and we couldn’t be happier!

Throngs of brown- and green-clad girls set up shop in front of every grocery store and Wawa in the known universe, hawking their delectable cookies and learning valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.

They’re better for it. We’re ten pounds heavier.

Either way, we hit up the Brew Crew and asked them to pair their favorite Girl Scout cookie with their favorite CMBC brew, and the results will send you into the Tasting Room for a few growler fills and then directly to the nearest grocery store.

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I’m glad for the opportunity to participate. -- Our Winner

Homebrewing Belgians

Last week, we had our fourth company-wide homebrewing competition. These competitions are a great chance for the homebrewers in our Crew — and as you might imagine, there are many — to let their recipes shine and get valuable feedback from everyone else at the brewery.

In addition, it gives us a wealth of recipes to choose from for future brews. Each previous winner has had their beer scaled up and released, and this time will be no different.

“It was hands-down the best homebrew competition yet,” said Innovation Director Brian Hink. “No one had any packaging issues, no one had any oxidation issues. Everyone brewed really good beer. I’d be happy to brew any of them here at CMBC.”

This time around, the guidelines were to brew something Belgian-inspired, and, as you’ll read below, some of our contestants took those guidelines very loosely.

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“When my children are happy, I’m happy,” she says. “My kids are awesome.”

Welcome Lisa!

Our newest barback, Lisa Shriver, is no stranger to the service industry, having been a chef her entire life.

“Lisa brings a great deal of hospitality experience to the Tasting Room as well as a great deal of Cape May experience,” says Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello. “As a chef, Lisa was looking to educate herself more on the craft beer industry as a whole, and what better way to do then working with the best craft beer around?”

Welcome Lisa!

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It’s never a, ‘Hey, man,’ or a, ‘Yo!’ It’s, ‘Hey, Dom. Hi, Dom.’ Everything’s by name here.

Welcome Dominick!

We’ve been adding quite a few packaged varieties to our lineup, and, as such, we’ve needed a few more hands in the Packaging Department. With Dominick Morgenstern, we found an outdoorsman with a background in fermentation.

“The need for our packaging department, even in the wintertime, was increasing,” says Packaging Manager Mark Graves, “and we saw a need to add a talented individual to our roster of packaging all-stars. Dom has been a great addition to the team so far. He shows passion to learn and do the right thing, and has been able to pick up new things quickly.”

Welcome Dom!

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“I’m looking forward to working with this team,” she said.

Congrats, Kristen!

We’ve been growing pretty steadily over the past few years, and with added production and sales means that we need more staff across the board, including in the Marketing department.

Luckily, when we were looking for a new Marketing Assistant, we didn’t have to look far.

“Kristen Taylor was the obvious choice,” says Marketing Director Alicia Grasso. “Her performance in the Tasting Room was outstanding. We knew that she was a hard worker, and, once I sat down with her to discuss the position, her marketing skills were apparent. She had experience in social media, photography and videography, and writing — all things that are invaluable to our department. And we knew she’d have no trouble fitting in.”

We got together with Kristen to find out what she was looking forward to in her new position.

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“We started with the silo outside through to the canning line,” Chris said.

Brew Day for the Brew Crew

One of the great things about working at Cape May Brewing Company is that we all get the chance to participate in a Brew Day as part of our training. From the Beertenders to the Marketing Department, each member of the Brew Crew can take a day on the brewery floor, learning what the team in Production do each and every day.

Generally, we learn that they work very, very hard.

Last week, four Brew Crew members got their moment to shine: Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello, Private Events Coordinator Kathy Forler, Beertender Rich Schmidt, and Marketing Assistant Kristen Taylor.

We caught up with Chris, Rich, and Kristen after their grueling day on the floor. (Unfortunately, Kathy had to run to her shift in the Tasting Room.)

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“From my first interview to every shift I walk through the door, I see a smile, I see people laughing, I see happy people engaging me,” he says.

Welcome Matthew!

Matthew Dahms has done a little bit of everything: he has a background in the medical field, he’s met scores of his favorite musicians, and he loves trips to the zoo with his nieces. With an eye on personal growth, he’s happy to find a home at CMBC.

“Matthew has been a great addition to the team,” says Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello. “He has a great go-getter attitude and an extreme willingness to learn and assist wherever he can.”

Welcome Matthew!

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“It’s not a promotion,” Brian says, humbly. “I’m viewing it as a title change.”

Brian the Innovator

Innovate or die.

It’s a time-honored adage of business, and one we take seriously at CMBC. If we want to remain relevant, we need to not only stay abreast of the current trends but stay ahead of them, in liquid as well as in technology.

Things move pretty fast in the big, beautiful world of brewing. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

So, we’ve put the guy around here who probably pays the most attention to all things craft beer and brewing related in charge of innovation, our former Head Brewer, Innovation Director Brian Hink.

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