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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It’s a roller coaster ride. We’ll see where it goes.”

Welcome Ben!

You can take the surfer out of Cape May, but you can’t take the Cape May out of the surfer.

The newest member of the Tasting Room Brew Crew was raised here, then left for a few years, but is back and thrilled to be back at the beach.  

“Coming back home to Cape May County, Ben was looking for a fun place and a great company to grow with,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “He found that here. Ben has the ability to work multiple positions and has already stepped up, filling whatever needs we might have.

“We also just learned of some of his artistic skills so he is quickly becoming our resident chalkboard artist.”

Stop down, check out his art, and welcome Ben Stone!

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“But I really dug the people here,” he says. “These guys were nice enough to let me come up and spend a few days in the brewery and kind of pull back the curtain to see what I was getting into. I’m super stoked.”

Welcome Brandon!

As we grow, we’ve seen the need for leadership in production. Last week, we introduced you to James, who, essentially exited the womb and started brewing, and this week, we’re proud to introduce you to Brandon Greenwood, our new Vice President of Operations, who’s been brewing as long as many of us have been alive.

“Brandon has nearly 25 years of experience with some of the biggest names in this industry,” Ryan said, “and we couldn’t be happier that he’s a perfect fit for CMBC. His extensive knowledge and know-how is coupled with his desire to preserve a company culture that he respects. He’ll be a strong leader on the production floor, and we’re grateful to have him aboard.”

Welcome Brandon!

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Too many to name ONE favorite!

The Simpsons

You don’t have to love The Simpsons to work here, but it helps.

It’s surprising that the little show on a fledgling network such as Fox made it past its first few seasons. After all, George H. W. Bush once said that he wanted “to make American families a lot more like the Waltons and a lot less like the Simpsons,” (and then the showrunners moved him and Bar across the street of Marge, Homer, and the kids). Now, the Simpsons are one of the few “nuclear families” (heh!) left on television. Their staying power truly is amazing, no doubt due to the strength of its fandom.

So, with the release of Krusty’s Partially-Gelatinated Non-Dairy Gum-Based Beverage on Saturday, we wanted to talk to the Brew Crew to find out what’s made this show the long-running juggernaut that it is.

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“The people,” he says. “Everyone I met from the ownership down to the Tasting Room, everybody was real awesome.”

Welcome James!

Sometimes you’re looking for good help, and sometimes good help falls in your lap.

When someone with James Fox’s resume reaches out to you and inquires about a position that doesn’t yet exist, you bring him in.

“We were really impressed with his background and personality,” Ryan said, “and thought that he’d be a great fit. He really embraced what we do and had admired our culture, and wanted to celebrate that with us. It was a great opportunity to add leadership in production.”

Welcome James!

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“When I saw the job and saw that it was for a brewery, I thought it would be pretty neat to work for a brewery,” he says. “I’m a beer guy, but I really had no concept as to how beer is produced.”

Welcome Rob!

Things break. It’s the natural lifecycle of things. However, when your lamp breaks, unless you’ve got a yen for mechanical engineering, you buy a new lamp. When something like our centrifuge breaks, for example, it’s a whole other story. We could either pay to have someone come down here and fix it, or we can have someone on payroll to make sure it doesn’t break in the first place.

That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve been looking for a Maintenance Technician to keep an eye on the vast amount of equipment around here. With Rob Page, we found our man.

“We needed someone who knew a little bit about everything,” says Hank. “Rob has worked with just about all of our equipment at some point in his career, so he could come in, ready to hit the ground running. And he totally has.”

Welcome Rob!

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My dad is 1 of 6 and my mom is 1 of 24. I think that tells you all you need to know.

The Brew Crew on St. Paddy’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebratory weekends we know, and the Brew Crew is one of the most celebratory groups we know, so we decided to find out what the most celebratory group does on the most celebratory weekend!

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We always come back to Cape May.

Welcome Christine!

“Love life and joyously live each day to its ultimate good.”

That’s a line from the creed of Alpha Sigma Alpha, which Sister Christine Bry — our new Human Relations Generalist — lives to the fullest.

“She’s a total pro,” Ryan says. “Not only does she bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, but she’s been a huge fan of Cape May Brewing Co. for years. We’re glad to have her aboard!”

Welcome Christine!

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State of the Brewery, 2019

Last Friday, some 65 Brew Crew members gathered together in the Tasting Room bright and early for breakfast burritos and our annual State of the Brewery address.

This is practically the only chance we have each year to get everyone in the same room at the same time — and those who couldn’t make it were able to stream the event.

It’s the perfect time for everyone to become reacquainted with each other. You know, we’re at about eighty employees here, and weeks can pass without seeing someone.

“It’s great being able to get everyone in the same room at the same time,” Ryan says. “I throw around t-shirts, we talk Core Values, and I get to bring everyone up-to-date on what’s going on at the brewery.”

The State of the Brewery is the first chance many of us get to learn how the previous year went. Were we up? Were we down? Were we flat? (Spoiler: We were up.)

And we like to know these things. The numbers — the nitty gritty — really doesn’t matter. As long as the arrows in the graphs are moving toward the upper right-hand corner, everyone’s pretty happy.

Then, we get a glimpse of what’s to come. What will 2019 bring? Well… you’ll just have to watch this space to find out.

Check out the pictures below!

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I love how picturesque Cape May is.

Welcome Katie!

There are a few words one could use to describe the newest member of our Brewtique Crew. Katie Snow is positive. She’s ebullient. She’s effervescent.

Kinda like our beer.

Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello found Katie working at one of the local wineries.

“Katie had great customer service when I first met her,” he said. “She was very ‘customer first’ and that is exactly the level of customer service I’m looking for. It didn’t hurt that she mentioned how great she thought the brewery was and that she would love to work here.”

Welcome Katie!

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Makes for a pairing that will help you squeeze the day.

CMBC Brews and Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again, and we couldn’t be happier!

Throngs of brown- and green-clad girls set up shop in front of every grocery store and Wawa in the known universe, hawking their delectable cookies and learning valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.

They’re better for it. We’re ten pounds heavier.

Either way, we hit up the Brew Crew and asked them to pair their favorite Girl Scout cookie with their favorite CMBC brew, and the results will send you into the Tasting Room for a few growler fills and then directly to the nearest grocery store.

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