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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It's hops and fruit and fruit and hops! Such a delicious combination!”

Mango Crushin’ It

When you’ve got a good thing goin’, you keep it goin’. Such is our philosophy behind our Crushin’ It line of brews.

Last year, we brought you Grapefruit Crushin’ It. Earlier this summer, you saw Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It. And, of course, there’s the beer that started it all, the OG orange Crushin’ It.

This week, batting cleanup, we have Mango Crushin’ It!

Refreshing and perfectly paired with being outdoors and living the good life, Mango Crushin’ It is something you’re going to want to crush again and again. With Samba, Moutere, and Azacca hops blending together to accentuate the fresh flavors of mango juice, Mango Crushin’ It is best paired with brilliant sunshine, enjoying life, and treating every day like it’s the weekend.  

Available for pre-order now, Mango Crushin’ It releases at noon on Friday!

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Friends, on top of everything else that 2020 has served up, there’s been a worldwide aluminum can shortage. How is that even a thing?!?

The Devil Returns

Let’s face it, this summer hasn’t been easy. Between this global pandemic that doesn’t seem to ever end, all of your favorite summer events being canceled, and literally having nothing to do for days on end, it’s been rough.

It was particularly bad for some of our fans — those intrepid individuals who, for years, have considered Devil’s Reach their go-to. Those wonderful people who usually keep their fridges stocked with our beloved Belgian Strong Ale. Those folks who look at an 8.6% ABV beast as their lawnmower beer.

They had a really rough summer. You see, the plan for 2020 was to cease canning Devil’s Reach in the spring to pick it up again in the autumn. And some of you never got the chance to buy multiple cases (or, maybe, an entire pallet) of your favorite beer before it took six months off.

Well, we’ve got great news. Devil’s Reach returns in cans next week!

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“Solid offering! Good taste of melon, citrus, and papaya.”

Captain May Returns!

Last year was the first year for our Captain May IPA, and, judging from these reviews, bringing it back this year was a smart move.

Named for Captain Cornelius Jacobsen May (or Mey), he’s the man who lends his name to our fair city, county, and brewery, so it only made sense to brew a beer in his honor. With a soft body, firm yet gentle bitterness, and a beautiful aroma of melons and over-ripened mangoes, Captain May IPA is orange-hued and opaque. It might look like a glass of juice, but it’s a brew that the good Captain himself would be proud to drink.

Read what folks are saying!

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“Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada should definitely be an addition to those beach coolers this weekend. Cape May is close enough to being a tropical oasis, right?”

Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada

Who doesn’t love a Tiny Drink Umbrella?

When you’re served a drink containing one, you’re instantly brought to some island oasis, far from your cares, soaking up the sun and the surf and the stars.

That was certainly the intent when we devised our Tiny Drink Umbrella line. And, after a brief hiatus, we’re glad to bring it back with Tiny Drink Umbrella: Piña Colada, just in time for Labor Day Weekend!

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Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It is back!

Our second release of Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It is this Friday!

We have been completely overwhelmed by the response our fans have had to this beer. Literally overwhelmed. When we first released it in July, our website slowed to a crawl, and we saw the same thing happen online last night. 

We want to assure you that we’ve made numerous changes to our website over the past few months in order to keep up with traffic, but we recognize that we still have a ways to go.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard of customer service than what you’ve been seeing, so we made the decision to suspend online sales of Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It. Fans will be able to buy this beer in person at the Brewtique, beginning at noon on Friday.

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“It brings me back to being a kid eating a big slice of watermelon after a long day playing in the surf."

Two Spectacular Releases!

It’s a double-release week!

We love it when we get to release two beers in one week — there’s a lot of buzz around the Tasting Room, preparing for the influx of fans, and getting excited about a new brew on the menu.

Regardless of our excitement about releasing two beers, these are two beers that you should definitely be excited about. 

The first, an old favorite: Watermelon Wheat! And the second, a new favorite: Strawberry Sunset!

Both release on Friday, only through the Tasting Room!

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“It's almost as if the folks in production threw in some summertime good vibes as one of the ingredients."

Grapefruit Hard Seltzer

At Cape May Brewing Company, we’ve been brewing beer pretty well for nearly a decade. We’ve had our ups and downs, our strikes and gutters, our winners and losers, but, for the most part, we’ve done a pretty good job brewing beer.

But, we also know that we exist in an extraordinarily dynamic industry. Things change. Tastes change. Styles come and go, some with more staying power than others. 

And that’s one of the great things about this industry — while we’d probably be fine sticking to brewing only our core brands of Cape May IPA, Coastal Evacuation, Always Ready, Cape May White, and Devil’s Reach, that doesn’t exactly align with our Core Value of Fostering Creativity. The variety of products that we produce is one of the most important aspects of Cape May Brewing Company.

Yet, every so often, a movement in the broader industry comes along and shakes things up a bit. And, you know, we like shaking things up. 

The surge in popularity of hard seltzers was one of them. So, we’re proud to release our entree into the seltzer ring: our Grapefruit Hard Seltzer releases in cans for the first time on Friday, only available through the Brewtique!

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“It's super refreshing and crazy drinkable for a hop bomb of a pale ale.”

Summa Down Unda Returns!

Like many of you out there, 2020 was shaping up to be a great year for Cape May Brewing Company. We had all of our ducks in a row: for the first time, we came out with a set-in-stone release schedule, we knew which brands were being retired and which ones were making a comeback, we had a strong schedule of draft-only beers, and it looked like we’d have smooth sailing until 2021.

Then… COVID.

While the trials and tribulations of an independent brewery due to COVID pale in comparison to the folks on the front lines fighting the disease and the millions of families throughout our country who have been stricken, when the pandemic hit, we had some realigning to do.

With bars and restaurants closed, it didn’t make sense to pursue the draft-only releases we’d had planned. With our own Tasting Room closed, Tasting Room-only releases were out the door. So, we focused on our canned releases.

Then, as things began to reopen a little, we began to return to our Tasting Room-only releases, cautiously re-adding them to the schedule to gauge the response.

And… the response was good.

Considering the fact that we had ingredients in-house for many of our Tasting Room-only and draft variety releases, we began putting them back on the schedule, with some of those draft brands being reimagined as Tasting Room-only releases. We put our crack design team on the case, asking them to whip up some can designs for these unexpected releases, got them approved by the guv’mint, and got things rolling.

Such is the story of Summa Down Unda — a hazy kiwi pale ale inspired by one of our favorite New Zealand hops, with a name more suited for the frigid days of winter than the dog days of summer.

Yet… it releases on Friday, on a day that the temperature is expected to top out in the 80s, only in the Tasting Room!

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“We're the Garden State, known as much for our blueberries as we are for our tomatoes, but at this point, we have some pretty pedestrian numbers when it comes to blueberry beers.”

Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It

Update: You guys are amazing! We’re completely sold out of Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It!

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Blueberry Lemon.
Blueberry Lemon who?

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Blueberry Lemon.
Blueberry Lemon who?

Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Orange who?

Orange you glad that Blueberry Lemon Crushin’ It comes out on Friday?!?

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“It's just smooth, man. Silky smooth."

Baltic Porter

Many of our beers are meticulously planned, trialed, taste-tested, trialed again, tested again, reviewed, redesigned, rebrewed, and finally released as a full-blown, ready-for-the-world beer.

That’s part of our commitment to quality. We want to make sure that we get everything just right.

And other beers sort of just… happen.

Originally brewed as the base of our Boughs of Barley release last Christmas, our Baltic Porter was never supposed to see the light of day on its own. It was meant to be barrel-aged and changed and turned into something better than itself.

But — just like all of you out there — it’s good enough on its own. Like you, it doesn’t need anyone or anything to help it along. It does just fine. (We don’t know who needs that reminder, but we’re sure someone does during “these trying times”.)

And, luckily, it’s ridiculously easy-drinking, smooth, and unbelievably tasty — all on its own. 

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