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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
“It's really nicely balanced. Tart, hoppy, zesty, fruity, hint of sweetness. I think it'll be a great breakfast/brunch beer.”

Grapefruit Crushin’ It

You can never have too much of a good thing. Like sunshine. And summer. And beautiful days in Cape May. If all those things could never end, we’d be ridiculously happy.

But they do end. They have to end. The universe being set up the way it is and whatnot, we don’t get much choice in the matter.

Yet, we don’t have to accept it. We can rage against the changing of the seasons, shaking our fist at the heavens and cursing the fact that it gets dark sometime around two in the afternoon.

Luckily, at CMBC, we can hold onto summer just as long as we want. So, we’ll brew up a beer that’s so ostentatiously summer, so deliciously, perfectly, turn-your-face-to-the-sunshine-y summery that you’ll think you’re back on the beach in Cape May, soaking up the rays.

And, with an ABV of 8.0%, this newest member of our Crushin’ It line is sure to warm you up. It’s Grapefruit Crushin’ It!

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“Imperial Cranberry (Bog) Shandy? Sign me up!”

That Cranberry Good Good Is Back!

One of the best things about this business is that we get to do things simply because we want to.

The Bog is certainly a good beer. Some may even say that it’s their favorite beer. We definitely love it, but last year we decided to have some fun with it.

So… we kicked it up a notch. Well, from an ABV standpoint, we kicked it up four notches — okay, 4.1 –, turning our beloved cranberry shandy into an Imperial cranberry shandy. We all needed some of That Cranberry Good Good.

Find out what people are saying about it!

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“Smooth chocolate porter.. very easy drinking.”

King Porter Stomp Reviews

King Porter Stomp.

The simple fact that it’s coming back is a beautiful thing. Robust, medium-bodied, and so deliciously chocolatey, with five different malts, King Porter Stomp is a tremendously complex porter.

Not only does the return of King Porter Stomp herald the return of autumn, but it means that the Exit Zero Jazz Festival is back in town, with Cape May Brewing Company beer flowing at all the bar venues. There’ll be music all throughout town this weekend! It’s the best time of the year!

Read what our fans have to say!

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"Over the years, Cape May Brewing Company has proven to be a great friend to the festival, sponsoring our stage at Cabanas and brewing up a chocolate stout that even Jelly Roll Morton would love."

Jazz Fest is Back!

Twice each year, the sounds of jazz fill the streets of Cape May. 

And the sounds of funk. And zydeco. And R&B. And samba. And reggae. And soul. And swing. And… and… and….

Essentially, every genre of music that gets you on your feet and dancing is represented twice each year at the Exit Zero Jazz Festival, kicking off next weekend at venues throughout Cape May. 

And you’ll be able to find Cape May brews — in particular our stellar King Porter Stomp — at venues throughout the festival!

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“There are all these different uniquenesses to these farms, so the hops are going to have slightly different characteristics.”

Hop Selection for the Brew Crew

Each year, we’re invited out to the Yakima Valley to select our lot of hops for the upcoming year. It’s an incredible honor to be invited, so Ryan flies out with Innovation Director Brian Hink, allowing us to ensure that the hops we use for, say Cape May IPA, are the Cape May IPA-iest hops we can get. We’re looking for consistency, so that when you crack a can brewed in January, it’ll taste the same as a can brewed in September.

So, in keeping with a few of our Core Values — like Be a Pro, Make it Better, and, of course, Have Fun — Hank and Innovation Director Brian Hink set up our very own Hops Selection for the Brew Crew, tucked into a corner of our loading dock, where we got down and dirty and tested our schnozzes alongside the best snouts at CMBC.

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"All of the flavors really come through in their own time, nothing really jumps out at you, nothing’s really overpowering."

Mexican Coffee Stout

It’s definitely cooling down in South Jersey. It took us a while to get there, but the signs of fall are in the air and on the trees — you get to break out your favorite hoodie every day and watch as the leaves turn brilliant colors of red and gold and yellow.

And, as the weather turns cooler and the days become shorter, it’s time to turn your taste buds from the thirst-quenching beers of summer to the warming beers of winter. Break out those porters and those stouts — it’s time to start looking for something bone-clinging, maybe with a bit of heat to it.

“While I do believe that any beer can be had at any time of the year,” says Lab Manager Lauren Appleman, “there is just something about a viscous and roasty/chocolately stout when the weather gets cooler.”

That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to release our Mexican Coffee Stout, chock full of vanilla, cinnamon, and guajillo peppers.

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The dude abides....

Ties the Room Together returns!

How many of you Big Lebowski fans have only seen the movie one time?

Exactly. No hands. No one. No one has ever seen The Big Lebowski only one time. Nothing so quotable could possibly pass by with only one viewing.

In that vein, why would we only brew Ties the Room Together once? Even Maude would find that ludicrous.

And we’re pretty sure that most of our fans would agree. The response to Ties the Room Together was overwhelmingly positive.

“Sales and marketing kept getting requests for it throughout the summer, asking when it was coming back,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink. “We had no intention of revisiting it, but the demand seemed too good to pass up. So, like The Dude, we… abided…?”

So, to keep it easy for all us sinners, we brought it back. It’s available in the Tasting Room and is out for distribution now.

Check out the reviews below!

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“It's downright delicious.”

Jersey Shore Souvenir

It’s easy to make friends in this industry. Not only does our product lend itself to bringing people together, but we’re constantly networking with each other — not only at industry events, but for equipment, as well.

After we installed our new canning line, it was time to sell our old one. Thankfully, it caught the eye of one of the “biggest names in beer,” Other Half Brewing of Brooklyn, New York. Well known for blazing a trail in the City, for hazy New England IPAs, and for lines around the block and capacity crowds, neither of us hesitated when the subject of a collaboration beer was breached. 

So, on Saturday — just in time for our inaugural Pick of the Batch Beer Garden — we’ll release Jersey Shore Souvenir: a crisp, bright KellerPils, perfect for that last lawnmower ride of the season.

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“Let’s keep it on forever!”

Apple Bomb in Cans!

One of the guiding forces at Cape May Brewing Company has always been “we brew beer we want to drink.”

It’s been a good philosophy, one that has served us well for the past eight years. It’s brought forth some award-winning brews and some that have simply become award-winning in the eye of the beer holder.

But, here’s the deal: we don’t necessarily want to drink the same thing all the time. We like to change it up. In fact, that’s pretty much the hallmark of craft beer: innovation.

So, beers come and beers go. It’s a simple fact of nature. 

But, sometimes, thankfully, they come back. Like Apple Bomb. Our outstanding not-a-cider apple beer wasn’t on the schedule this year. Until it was.

So, since we’re bringing it back, why not put it in cans?

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It’s still receiving wide distribution on draft; however, it will only be available in 12-ounce cans through our Tasting Room.

Fare Thee Well, Mop Water….

Regardless of what the thermometer might say, autumn is here! 

It’s still pretty hot in Cape May — and, indeed, just about everywhere with sunlight — but, rest assured, the people in charge of such things have confirmed that the hours of night exceed the hours of daylight and the leaves on the trees are slowly draining of chlorophyll and will be dazzling us with their rainbow of reds, yellows, and browns and beginning their annual plummet to the ground to be gathered into jump-inviting piles in short order. 

Nonetheless, it feels like summer has been even longer than the preceding sentence. 

Yet, as we ready ourselves for the inaugural Pick of the Batch Beer Garden, we know that cool days and crisp nights are in short order and bring with them all of the wonderful things we love about fall.

And, of course, that means the return of our fall-favorite, Mop Water.

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