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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
You absolutely must keep this beer cold.

The Bog. In cans.

You’ve heard the phrase “labor of love”. It’s one of those things that you do for the love of it. Because it’s part of your soul. It’s arduous, fraught with danger, and pitfalls abound, but you do it anyway.

Yeah. That’s what getting The Bog into cans has been for Cape May Brewing Company.

We love this beer. We love that you love this beer.

We love that we’re finally able to bring you this beer.

In the Brewtique. Friday, June 13th.

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We like balanced beers with more complexity

Bounding Main

At our Anniversary Party this weekend, you’ll have the chance to sample our Anniversary Ale 7.0 — it’s a time-bound tradition that we release an iteration of this bangin’ Double IPA each year.

But this year, our fans will get an extra special sneak peek to our upcoming Double IPA release — Bounding Main! This brew doesn’t release to wholesale until mid-July, so visitors to our Seventh Anniversary Celebration will have the chance to sample both brews!

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It's super delicious.

Anniversary Ale 7.0

One of the fun things about this business is that brewers can express a number of different things through their recipes. For example, we were originally asked to brew Follow the Gull for Cape May County’s 325th anniversary — so we threw 325 pounds of hops at it and 3,250 pounds of malt.

So, for our seventh anniversary, we’ve brewed up a special double IPA — Anniversary Ale 7.0 — and you’d better believe that our guys on the brewery floor went to town with lucky number seven.

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“It’s really a great summery DIPA,” Jimmy says, “perfect for these warmer days.”

Double Dry-Hopped Coastal Evacuation

Variations on a theme.

This is a concept that’s as old, at least, as music itself. Handel, Rachmaninoff, Copland, and just about everyone else has done it. Mozart wrote twelve variations on “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” They take a melody — “Twinkle, Twinkle” is 48, relatively repetitive bars — and they play around with it. The basic thematic material is still there, but really only recognizable if you know what you’re looking for.

We do the same thing in brewing. We’ll take a well-known beer, add some stuff to it, and it’ll be new and interesting and much more exciting than the original brew.

And, since Coastal Evacuation is music to our ears, for our next limited can release, we’re double dry-hopping it with Galaxy and Mosaic, releasing from the Brewtique on Saturday at 11am.

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“The approach to the recipe formulation was definitely experimental,” says Production Manager Brian Hink.

A Brew with L’Attitude

An Experimental IPA.

It sounds like our brewers have been squirreled in some dank basement somewhere, beards imbued with electrical currents, swirling beakers of colored liquids while cackling with glee.

And while that may be true — we really can’t account for their whereabouts on the weekends — we’re not going overboard with this brew. It’s still malt, hops, yeast, and water.

It’s our second collaboration with the good folks over at DC Brau — L’Attitude.

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Yeah, this guy got his hop cone and he’s keeping it.

Follow That Gull!

In 2017, we were honored to be asked to brew a handful of commemorative brews. Villanova University asked us to brew Demisemiseptcentennial Pale Ale for their 175th anniversary (and we thought we were through with having to type “Demisemiseptcentennial”), and the County of Cape May asked us to help them ring in their 325th year with a commemorative brew, Follow the Gull.

Both turned out excellently; however, one of them turned out so well that it’s truly become a favorite for everyone at the brewery.

Because of that, this week, we’re pleased to offer Follow the Gull in 16-ounce tall boys!

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“It was really cool to see the differences between my five-gallon batch and a batch here,” he says.

Catch the Drift

Regulars to the Tasting Room probably know Assistant Tasting Room Manager Dan Petela. He’s our longest-serving Beertender, a fixture behind the bar and, for many, nearly synonymous with CMBC.

He’s also the biggest beer geek we have in the Tasting Room. By leaps and bounds. His knowledge of beer is almost supernatural. His first words probably were, “This isn’t bad, but they should have upped the Simcoe in the dry hop a bit.”

Now, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the brightest beer minds in the area to work behind the bar and help you select the next beer you’re going to love. Everyone behind the bar is top-notch.

But Dan definitely wins in the geekery department.

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“I think it’s the variety and the small-batch appeal. You know, if someone likes Coastal Evacuation, they might want to try this beer that they’ve had every day in some new variant. And they’re flavors that you don’t necessarily see in beer.” -- Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg

One-Off Wednesday

As a fan of CMBC, you’re undoubtedly aware of One-Off Wednesdays.

Each week, we come out with a different and unique brew — something based on one of our existing beers with some sort of additive involved. They run the gamut from simple and straightforward to off-the-wall and weird with stops along the way at inventive, innovative, and ingenious.

After three years of the program, it’s become the most anticipated and loved program on our calendar, with a diehard core of fans, all of whom congregate in the Tasting Room on Wednesdays, imbibing and discussing the merits of our latest creation.

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“It's got a great fluidity to it. It really grooves right along, so it's perfect for getting down on some smooth jazz and funk.” -- Head Brewer Brian Hink

Rhythm and Harmony

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been the exclusive beer sponsor for the Exit Zero Jazz Festival for seven years.

Jazz Fest is technically two separate festivals — one in the spring and one in the autumn. For each of those festivals, we’ve brewed a special beer — Sophisticated Lady in the spring, and King Porter Stomp in the autumn.

As far as this year’s Jazz Fest is concerned, it’s time for Sophisticated Lady to take her exit cue.

There’s a new tune making her debut in this festival: Harmonic Rhythm.

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“This is a delightful beer to welcome spring. Whenever that may be.” -- Brewer Mark Graves

It’s Peachy!

Our brewers love to say that “we brew beer we want to drink.”

While that’s certainly true of our latest release, Beaches n’ Cream, sometimes we’ll brew a beer simply because the concept is too good to pass up. Sometimes someone will toss a name out there — something like “Beaches n’ Cream,” for example — and the name will carry with it a whole slew of possibilities.

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