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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company
Two of our newest team members have been killing it in the Brewtique this summer!

Meet Abby and Julie!

You’ve probably already met these two new folks if you’ve visited our Tasting Room this summer, but this week we’re going to learn a bit more about two of our Brewtique Associates who are both living down the shore and working hard every weekend.

Meet Abby Sholders (right) and Julie Carney (left)!

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Boat Ramp Champ is back for a limited time! Grab it while ya can!

Boat Ramp Champ, Part 2!

The Qualified Captain team has been so great to work with. We debuted our collaboration beer with them, Boat Ramp Champ, a 5.5% Helles lager, this past spring, and folks have been over the moon.

We have, too, honestly.

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“Now, it’s almost like I have a normal nine to five schedule if I think of my job as sleeping. I go to sleep from 9 to 5, I wake up and have my evenings, and I go to work when people are going to bed."

Midnight Brews

It’s been a few weeks now, but there’s something different happening with our brewhouse at night.

Something we haven’t done before in the ten years we’ve been brewing: overnight shifts!

Yep, that’s right. As of last month, we’ve been on a 24-hour schedule, with folks in the brewhouse at all hours during the week. 

Although, we’re not complete savages. There are some folks who come in on the weekends, but our overnight crew works hard during the week so that they can have weekends off. 

Brewer Mike McGrath and Packaging Lead Sean McGuirl are the first two to ever work these overnight shifts, and are typically alone in the brewhouse for about five hours in the middle of the night, between the rest of the packaging team leaving and the morning crew coming in at the crack of dawn.

We get to check out some pretty cool things about what goes into our brewing process and clean up at the end of the night, and even some spooky-adjacent happenings.

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It's time to get hyped, ya'll!

Summer Hype Playlist

We’re in the heat of summer, and with concerts and live music coming back this year, we wanted to celebrate with everyone and offer another Brew Crew playlist to enjoy!

The theme this time is Summer Hype, and the team put together an eclectic mix for this. We hope that you enjoy! Share some of your favorite summer hype songs with us on social @capemaybrewco

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“People who enjoy a tart beer, or one that’s almost a sour, are going to love this. It’s really nice and refreshing."

The New Tart, Red Crushin’ It Addition: Raspberry Lemon!

Much like their cocktail namesakes, our Crushin’ Its have been immensely popular this summer. So much so that we decided to bring everyone a brand new flavor this year!

Rounding out an already powerhouse family is Raspberry Lemon Crushin’ It, which debuts this week for a limited time in our Tasting Room, both on draft and in six-packs to go.

We caught up with some crew to find out more about this fascinating brew.

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"They’re this new generation of young beer fans working together in the Brewtique."

Meet Jocelyn and Jacob!

Our latest brew crew feature is a two for one! We’ve been fortunate enough to bring on so many great team members the past few months, and these two Brewtique Associates are no exception. 

Meet Jocelyn Schwartz and Jacob Snizik!

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Featuring the core team of our original employees talking about our journey so far, and glimpses of our crew at all levels and in all departments!

The Big ONE-OH: Reminisce with Us!

Ten years is a big one. It’s a decade long, one of the first big markers measuring time, and, not to mention, a snazzy X in roman numerals. 

We might not be quite old enough to drink yet, but as far as we’re concerned, breweries mature way faster than people do, and we’re not the new kids on the block anymore!

Want to see something really cool?

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