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Tuesday, Feb. 19th

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The Official Blog of Cape May Brewing Company

State of the Brewery, 2019

Last Friday, some 65 Brew Crew members gathered together in the Tasting Room bright and early for breakfast burritos and our annual State of the Brewery address.

This is practically the only chance we have each year to get everyone in the same room at the same time — and those who couldn’t make it were able to stream the event.

It’s the perfect time for everyone to become reacquainted with each other. You know, we’re at about eighty employees here, and weeks can pass without seeing someone.

“It’s great being able to get everyone in the same room at the same time,” Ryan says. “I throw around t-shirts, we talk Core Values, and I get to bring everyone up-to-date on what’s going on at the brewery.”

The State of the Brewery is the first chance many of us get to learn how the previous year went. Were we up? Were we down? Were we flat? (Spoiler: We were up.)

And we like to know these things. The numbers — the nitty gritty — really doesn’t matter. As long as the arrows in the graphs are moving toward the upper right-hand corner, everyone’s pretty happy.

Then, we get a glimpse of what’s to come. What will 2019 bring? Well… you’ll just have to watch this space to find out.

Check out the pictures below!

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“If there's one thing brewers are good at,” Jimmy says, “it's adapting and adjusting -- as well as making beer, I guess."

Beer Name is Eminently Drinkable

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

The Scottish Bard Robert Burns penned that line about a bazillion years ago, and it certainly applies to Beer Name Ale.

You see, we were — and still are — ridiculously excited about this beer. It was something we’d been wanting to do for a while — an eminently drinkable Triple IPA using a new-to-us Kveik yeast and a new strain of hops — and we had the perfect opportunity to debut it at Extreme Beer Fest in Boston last month.

Then, the government shutdown happened and, like the mice that we are, our best-laid plans went awry.

However, we didn’t let that slow us down.

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I love how picturesque Cape May is.

Welcome Katie!

There are a few words one could use to describe the newest member of our Brewtique Crew. Katie Snow is positive. She’s ebullient. She’s effervescent.

Kinda like our beer.

Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello found Katie working at one of the local wineries.

“Katie had great customer service when I first met her,” he said. “She was very ‘customer first’ and that is exactly the level of customer service I’m looking for. It didn’t hurt that she mentioned how great she thought the brewery was and that she would love to work here.”

Welcome Katie!

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“This is the best thing to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi!”

Extreme Beer Fest

The Brew Crew was at BeerAdvocate’s Extreme Beer Fest in Boston last weekend, pouring Tiny Drink Umbrella: Imperial EBF Edition, New Year’s Resolution, Last Hurrah, and Beer Name Ale.

Everything was extraordinarily well-received, with Tiny Drink Umbrella kicking relatively quickly.

“This is the best thing to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi!” one attendee enthused.

Well… that might be overstating things a bit — Jon Bon Jovi is practically our patron saint — but it’s still a damn good brew.

We had a great time and loved to see all the people who showed up in CMBC swag! It was great to see the many fans we’ve got in Beantown.

Check out the pictures below!

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Captain Badass Barleywine

Can you hear that? Off…. In the distance….

A trumpet calls: Triumphant. Exultant. Jubilant.

It heralds an arrival.

You see, our long, national nightmare is finally over.

Sawyer’s Swap, our American Barleywine, is back.

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“So, I made an executive decision to buy more cans, stress the shit out of [Director of Brewing Operations] Jimmy [Valm], and make it all year long.”


While we love our millennials, we know that they get saddled with the slow demise of everything every previous generation ever held dear.

Chain restaurants. Home ownership. Cereal. Golf. Motorcycles. Yogurt. Soap. Diamonds. Fabric Softener. Banks. Tuxedos. Department stores. Designer handbags. Gyms. Lowes. Football. Oil. And freakin’ napkins.

While some of those things deserve to die — screw you, yogurt! –, it appears that millennials are now being slapped with killing the flagship beer. And we don’t think that’s fair.

“A lot of beer drinkers have developed a sort of ADD with respect to the beers they drink, so going for a glass of beer at the bar or pub becomes less a pleasant distraction and more a relentless search for what’s new and exciting. In this mad rush towards the unusual and unknown, we tend to forget the great, familiar and still-wonderful beers that guided us all along the path to the craft beer renaissance,” says beer journalist Stephen Beaumont in an article at Forbes.

So, Beaumont decided to bring back the flagship. He’s launching a campaign called #FlagshipFebruary to remind everyone — millennials included — just how awesome our tried-and-true stalwarts are, and we’re definitely jumping on board.

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Dateless? We have beer. Dating? We have beer. Married? We have more beer.

Beer Mine

You’ve definitely got your choices laid out for you at Valentine’s Day, and, if you’re not an amateur at this romantic stuff, you know what you’ve got to do:

Breakfast in bed.



Fancy dinner.


String quartet.


Hire a flying baby to shoot arrows at your loved one.

Enchant a rose to drop petals until your true love proclaims his or her love to you or you must forever remain a Beast.

You know. The usual.

Or, you could just make it easy on everyone and not run the risk of your family and friends remaining furniture for the rest of their lives and come to Beer Mine, our 2019 Valentine’s bash, on Saturday, February 16th, starting at noon!

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You've got something that just screams summer and tiki torches and sandals and all that goodness we miss right about now.

Summa Down Unda

It’s cold.

Like… soooooo cold….

Granted, Cape May is a little warmer than the -6° in Madison, Wisconsin right now, but bear in mind that we’re on a little, tiny cape jutting out between the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay: the wind whipping through the Cape May Airport is nothing short of life-draining.

It’s cold.

We wish we had the foresight to winter somewhere warmer. Somewhere south of the equator, perhaps. Somewhere down under. Where it’s summer.

Instead, we brewed up a crushable pale ale with Citra and Moteuka — one of our favorite New Zealand hops with big citrus notes of tropical fruits and lemon zest — and a kiss of Kiwi juice as a nod to the Kiwis down under.

And, just to make sure everyone wishes they were relaxing on Piha Beach or exploring terrain that makes you think you just stepped into a Tolkien novel (or, at the very least, the Peter Jackson film adaptation thereof), we called it Summa Down Unda.

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Makes for a pairing that will help you squeeze the day.

CMBC Brews and Girl Scout Cookies

It’s that time of year again, and we couldn’t be happier!

Throngs of brown- and green-clad girls set up shop in front of every grocery store and Wawa in the known universe, hawking their delectable cookies and learning valuable entrepreneurial skills along the way.

They’re better for it. We’re ten pounds heavier.

Either way, we hit up the Brew Crew and asked them to pair their favorite Girl Scout cookie with their favorite CMBC brew, and the results will send you into the Tasting Room for a few growler fills and then directly to the nearest grocery store.

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