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“The cinnamon is a nice touch. It’s very subtle. I got it a lot on the first sip, and then you don’t taste it as much.”

Your Thanksgiving Dish is Covered!

We’re keeping the beer flowing with two new releases this week! Starting today, Friday, November 19th, we have a returning IPA and a brand new installment from our On the Way to Cape May series for everyone to enjoy.

First up is a much-anticipated seasonal favorite: Swinging the Lamp!

Swinging the Lamp rounds out our year for seasonal IPAs, with it and White Caps making their home in the cooler months, and Snag & Drop waiting in the wings for the new year.

Swinging the Lamp is our 8% Double New England IPA made with Motueka, Moutere, Rakau hops. Rakau lends apricot, plum, mango, pear, and other stone fruits notes, Motueka brings the citrus and tropical fruit aromas, and Moutere has grapefruit and passion fruits on top with a subtle undertone of resinous pine that makes this brew a worthy journey through different aromas and flavors.

Our second new brew is On the Way to Cape May No. 009: Blueberry Cobbler Pie, a sour ale made with blueberry, vanilla, cinnamon, sea salt, honey, and graham cracker. We brought a can over to the Tasting Room this week for the crew to try it out!

As Barback Steve Cifelli was pouring out the servings, we had some extra liquid in the can, so he poured it out across the lineup shot-style, prompting Assistant Brewtique Manager Karen Flood to exclaim that he was wasting some of it.

(Ed. note: Don’t worry, no beer was harmed/wasted during this tasting.)

“Oo, I love this,” says Beertender Caitlyn Crain.

“That’s fantastic,” says Brewtique MOD Barb Bur.

“That’s pretty good!” Brewtique Supervisor Marie Dougherty says.

Although this one is a sour, folks were divided on whether or not it tastes quite like one! Those who love sours will find a lot to enjoy with this experimental brew, and those who aren’t big on the tart punch of sours will appreciate the vanilla notes.

“It’s definitely smoother than a sour,” Barb notes.

“I like the creaminess of it,” says Cait.

“First it’s sour, then it’s sweet,” says Beertender Kaley Palasch.

“The cinnamon is a nice touch,” says People Operations Coordinator Cody Danks. “It’s very subtle. I got it a lot on the first sip, and then you don’t taste it as much.”

Tasting Room Manager Jake Hauser walks past us then, after we briefly searched around for him before trying the samples. Guess he’ll have to grab his today like everyone else!

Marie suggests that you might even get notes of a fruit other than blueberry, like dark cherry, so we definitely recommend grabbing a 4-pack of this one to try for yourself!

“It’s definitely going to be my first shifty on Friday,” Cait says with a smile.

We don’t know about you, but we’re dying for a pint of this one already! You can grab pours from the bar, or pick up a 4-pack from our Brewtique to take home with you!