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“The beer I’ve always wanted you to make, haha.”

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution

Last week, we released our Indulgent Imperial Stout, Last Hurrah, just in time to help you ring in the new year.

However, odds are that you’re going to wake up on January 1st and realize that you had a few too many Last Hurrahs. You might regret the last one or two. Sounds like it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution.

For CMBC, our New Year’s Resolution is to brew a high-flavor, low-impact Brut Pilsner, so we’re pleased to present a 4.2%, highly-sessionable canned offering to help you achieve that new-year-new-you mindset. Moderately hopped with the finest Czech Saaz hops, New Year’s Resolution is dry, crisp, and intensely drinkable.

Available in the Tasting Room on December 26th, this is the second year we’ve made this resolution, so you can read what people had to say about last year’s version below!

“Easy-drinking, low-ABV brew. Crisp and zippy. Dry finish. Would love to see a variation on this available for the summer.” — Tom M.

“One of those crisp, drink all day beers.” — Dave L.

“Excellent Pilsner. Refreshing beer ready to drink during a game. — Josh

“Nice pils with spicy, grassy hops.” — Nathan B.

“One of my first pilsners, very drinkable.” — Mike B-C.

“Not bad for a pils.” — Erik R.

“Flavorful.” — Louie D.

“Very drinkable with good flavor.” — Michael S.

“Super crisp pilsner.” — Wes S

“The beer I’ve always wanted you to make, haha.” — Jake S.

“Excellent Pilsner. Very refreshing and extremely drinkable.” — Mike T.

“Highly crushable Pilsner. Low ABV, low calorie, for those watching their figure. Still extremely tasty.” — EJ

“Pilsners aren’t really my thing, but this passes my test.” — Kevin M.

“Lovely!” — Kevin C.

“Super crisp. Wish this was all year round.” — Matt R.

“Clean, dry, light.” — Jim K.

“Honestly might be my favorite.” — Brooke L.

“Dry, crisp, clear. Low abv.” — Bill D.

“Ugh, I love this beer.” — Courtney R.

“A brut Pilsner…. hard to rate a unique beer… honestly this one is much like most Czech-style pilsners, but a dry and crisp bite.” — Tomas H.

“A very light beer. Opposite of what I would choose, but still pretty good.” — Mary E.

“VERY GOOD. Light. Drinkable.” — Laura E.

“Somehow delicious & simultaneously the lightest beer I’ve ever had. It just vanishes. Soft, with traditional Noble Saaz highlights. Cheers!” — Conor M.

“A liquid desert in my mouth.” — Brian K.

“I actually dig this. #chugbeer” — Matt W.