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“This doesn't happen by accident!”

Work Safe, Work Smart

We like to celebrate our wins here at Cape May Brewing Company and Cape Beverage, and, in 2020, those wins have been few and far between. 

However, even in a normal year, this is a win we’d want to celebrate: over 365 days without an injury! And, this week, we celebrated at the brewery with a free lunch from Mermaid Mutineer and at Cape Beverage with a free breakfast from JJ’s Diner.

No injuries and a free meal? Win-win.

“This doesn’t happen by accident!” quips Director of People Operations Christine Bry. “It takes outstanding focus from each and every member of the Brew Crew.”

It may be easy to discount such an achievement, but it’s important to remember that brewing can be a dangerous enterprise. We’ve got equipment moving all over the place, cans flying about overhead, cold temperatures, wet floors, hoses ripe for tripping, and a potentially caffeine-deprived Lab Manager.

And that’s just at the brewery. At Cape Beverage, there are forklifts to be navigated, precarious skids of beer, wet roads, big trucks, other angry drivers, cold temperatures, and a potentially caffeine-deprived Operations Manager.

Don’t forget the Tasting Room! All of a sudden, all of our beertenders needed to learn how to wait tables. Outdoors. In the rain and cold, because, thankfully, those two things don’t seem to deter people from wanting to drink our beer.

“All of our teams truly embodied our Core Value of Work Safe, Work Smart by focusing on safety each and every day in their daily actions and also as a team by continuous education and reinforcement of safety practices,” Christine continues.

Christine gives a lot of the credit to our Safety Committee. Comprised of members from each department, they meet monthly to discuss the companies’ safety needs, communicating those needs back to their respective departments. They conduct safety walk-throughs of each building and keep track of days without injury.

“A visual of the number of days without an injury is on the door of the breakroom in our Production facility,” Christine explains. “This awareness aids in reinforcing our culture of safety and our Core Value.”

So, we get an awesome free meal! Mermaid Mutineer, run by husband-and-wife team Heather and Thomas, get their inspiration from their travel adventures, cooking with fresh, local ingredients and flavors of the coast and Caribbean. And JJ’s in Egg Harbor Township has been serving up awesome diner food for decades. What a treat!

“Our Brew Crew takes pride in what they do and they execute their jobs well, which includes demonstrating safety in their daily work,” Christine says. “This Work Safe, Work Smart culture leads to higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction.”

Congratulations to the Brew Crew!