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Cheers to Fifty Years!

Wild Wooder

Have you been to Morey’s Piers in Wildwood? We’ll get sued if we call it the Happiest Place on Earth, so we’ll call it the Happiest Place Within Walking Distance of Cape May Brewing Company.

Because it is.

Three piers of amusement park rides, two water parks, hotels, dining establishments, and all of the fun you can possibly have in Wildwood.

And their April Fool’s prank this year was on point.

So, when the subject was broached of a collaboration to celebrate Morey’s fifty years in Wildwood, we wasted no time in banging out the details.

They like fun. We like fun.

This is a collaboration made in heaven.

IMG_6188“How could we say no?” Ryan said. “Not only is Morey’s one of the biggest names in entertainment in this area, but they’re practically right up the street. Our visitors are their visitors.”

Back in the 60s, Bill and Will Morey were entrepreneurs in Wildwood. The brothers caught sight of a gigantic, 12-lane slide and thought that it would be perfect for the Wildwood boardwalk. Now, 50 years later, they’ve got some 60 rides, another 15 attractions in their waterparks, six hotels, and multiple dining establishments — many of which carry CMBC brews.

“Cape May Brewing Co. is a brand our guests have come to enjoy at the piers, so we couldn’t think of a better partner to collaborate with on a beer in celebration of our 50th Anniversary”, said Jack Morey, 2nd Generation Partner of Morey’s Piers. “Brewing this partnership has been meaningful and fun because we have many shared values including giving back to our communities and providing our guests with the best experience possible. Cheers to Fifty Years!”


Each summer, thousands of people make their vacations in Wildwood, spending time at Morey’s Piers as well as in our Tasting Room.

“It’s difficult to find anyone with a memory of the Southern Shore that doesn’t include Morey’s,” Ryan says. “Countless people each year look forward to making both destinations part of their summer plans. It makes sense that we brew something that’s authentically Wildwood.”

And you can’t get much more quintessentially Wildwood than this name: Wild Wooder.

We’re not only excited about the name of this beer, but we’re also thrilled that it presents us the chance to brew a much-loved style of beer that we haven’t yet brewed.

“In meeting with the Morey’s crew and initially talking about the beer,” says Innovation Director Brian Hink, “we all wanted something that would be enjoyed by everyone: the craft beer enthusiast, the craft-curious, your ‘Joe Sixpack’ drinker, and everyone in between.”


So… a beer that literally every person on the planet will love. Got it.

“There just happens to be a tremendously underrated style of beer out there that checks almost every box: a traditional, German-style Kölsch.”

With pilsner and wheat in the malt and Hallertau Blanc, Saaz, and Bravo rounding out the hops, Wild Wooder is a light and crisp brew with notes of straw and hay. Enticing yet approachable, you’ll find a clean subtle bitterness, a refreshing spritziness, and an unparalleled quaffability.

We had the Morey’s crew down to the brewery last week to assist in brewing up a batch of Wild Wooder, and it should come as no surprise that these guys know how to have a good time — they’ve been providing exactly that to visitors to Wildwood for fifty years.

IMG_4296Brewer Kevin Kately ran the show that day, while Hank and the marketing department wrangled several representatives from the Morey’s organization, including six members of the Morey family.

Y’all… we’ve never seen a brew day with the invited guests more interested in the process. Seriously. Jack Morey, in particular, was totally into the entire day. They all took their turns graining out — one of the most physical aspects of the brewing process — each taking a moment to nosh on the spent grain.

“Tastes like grits,” Jack said.

Hank led them on a tour of HQ, through our current maze of fermenters, through to the centrifuge, past the packaging and cellaring area, and through the cold storage. Everyone was relatively surprised at our size.  

“You guys are making some shit!” Jack said, referring to the size of the facility and not the quality of the product. (We assume.)

“This all came to us,” Hank said.

We headed back to the Tasting Room for some pictures and a taste of Wild Wooder.


Jack Morey did a keg stand. The patriarch of the Morey clan did a freakin’ keg stand of Cape May IPA.

It’s days like these that remind us why we do what we do. On first blush, sure, this is a partnership between two of the largest companies in the area, but when it comes down to it, it’s the epitome of why we do what we do. Beer brings people together. Whether it’s two companies or two dads watching their kids play on the Wildwood boardwalk, a cold beer will make friends out of both of them.

This is a milestone for Morey’s. We’re honored that we can help them ring it in with a killer beer.

Wild Wooder will be releasing at Wild Woodstock event next weekend — a 3-day festival celebrating Morey’s Piers 50th anniversary –, then Memorial Day Weekend at Morey’s Piers and from our Tasting Room. Be sure to check it out!