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“This beer is solid all around.”

Why You Should Brave the Deep

Devil’s Reach is one of our flagship brews that comes out every year, and while it may not get as much fanfare as our new releases, it’s a favorite for a reason! It’s multi-seasonal, sharing part of the year with Tan Limes, and starting this week, our 2021 Devil’s Reach batch is ready to help shepherd you into fall! 

You can find Devil’s Reach on tap and in six-packs to-go from our Tasting Room starting today, Friday, September 17th, throughout NJ starting Monday, September 20th, and in eastern PA and across DE starting October 4th!

See why others love this beast!

“I’m a sucker for Belgian Strong Ales, and this is a staple when I come to Cape May Brewing Co.”Evan Y.

“Solid Belgium ale with notes of banana. Will look for this one in the store.”Chris S.

(Ed. note: Looking for Devil’s near you? Check out our Beer Finder!)

“Good! Strong and smooth.”Kevin T.

“Solid Belgian.”Janine Y.

“Refreshing and crisp.”Jen V.

“Reminds me a lot of a Saison. And since those are my favorite, I approve.”Troy E.

“8.6%, nuff said.”Jeremy B.

(Ed. note: Jeremy’s not wrong!)

“Strong.”Adam A.

“This beer is solid all around.”Daniel B.

“Citrusy bubblegum and a touch of roasted malts.”Shawn R.

“Great stuff…plus 8.6% is a major win.”Justin B.

“Classic sharp Belgium style.”Jesse B.

“Solid beer.”Nick R.

“Actually so good.”Amanda H.

“My favorite beer in their catalog. High ABV with a great taste.”Eric C.

“On point for Belgian ale. Good profile, but not overdone.”John M.

“Gets extra points for being within 5 miles of where I am.”Patrick

(Ed. note: Luckily we distribute throughout the region, so you just might find this one at your local store or watering hole as well!)

“Good.”Ray P.

“Nice day finisher.”Ro Man

“Easy drinking with a little fruity taste.”Ray S.

“A very solid Belgian trippel.”Rob W.

“Notes of Banana peel and slight Chardonnay.”Ryan M.

(Ed. note: Chardonnay?? Now that’s a new one! Bougie.)

“Nice Belgian on the lighter side.”Rob H.