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Crossing the finish line of any significant athletic event is always a hoot!

Why I Ride: Paul Greer

As we get closer to the ride, we’ll be checking in with the brave and intrepid riders on our BikeMS: City to Shore team. This week, we’ll be meeting one of our BikeMS: City to Shore team rookies and CMBC Greeter extraordinaire, Paul Greer.

Meet Paul!


The Rider

Paul Greer


Avalon, NJ

Number of years with the team



Which route are you doing this year? Which have you done in the past?

We — my wife Ann and I — plan to do the Century (100 miles). We have done Centuries before but never the MS City to Shore! There is a bike trail from Cape May Court House to the Ferry that is outstanding for training. It is one of our favorite rides. Last year at this time we took a bike barge trip along the Danube which encompassed several hundred miles over a seven-day period.

Why did you choose that route this year?

We had talked about trying to schedule a Century bike ride this year, so when the BikeMS ride came up, it was a great and easy choice. We both enjoy riding and the stretch to see if we can complete the hundred-mile trip is exciting. Crossing the finish line of any significant athletic event is always a hoot!

How do you train for BikeMS: City to Shore?

Most of our training is done on the bike path that runs from the zoo in Cape May Court House down to the ferry at Cape May Point. During the season it is hard to ride most of the roads around here due to the significant amount of traffic.

What’s on your playlist?

Kenny Chesney’s “Build a Better Boat”, Bastard Sons of Captain Mey’s first and second albums, Rod Stewart’s “Seated and Unplugged”, Phish “Bouncing Round the Room”

Do you have any pre-ride rituals that you do?

UnnamedNo nerves, really just excitement. This time of year, trying to have the right gear for the weather can be a challenge. Cloudy and cool with low winds is the ideal combination.

What is your advice to new riders?

Hydrate sufficiently and watch your caloric intake. There is a group of very senior runners down in Tortuga called the Tortuga Striders, and their motto is, “start off slow and then back off”. It is good advice, especially for first-timers.


What inspired you to ride?

We wanted to do a century this year and we believe that the MS charity is an excellent group to support.

What do you love about BikeMS: City to Shore?

Most people do not truly appreciate health until they have issues or encounter somebody else with issues. Being a part of Cape May Brewing Company’s effort to give back to the community is important to me, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to do that. Having a couple of Coastal Evacuations at the finish line is also a significant motivator.

What do you love about City to Shore, the beer?

Last year was the first that I had City to Shore. Crisp, refreshing, and, for me, a super type of beer for this time of year. In addition to commemorating the ride, it is similar to my favorite Coastal Evacuation, but maybe just a little bit better because it is a seasonal beer.

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