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Why I Ride: Kyle Konopka

Last week, we told you all about City to Shore, the mammoth biking fundraiser sponsored by the National MS Society. Until the October event, we’re profiling members of the Cape May Brew Co cycling team, to find out what inspires them. Hopefully it will encourage others to join their ranks. (Hint, hint.) First up:

Name: Kyle Konopka

Kyle (left) with team captain Stephan Briggs
Kyle (left) with team captain Stephan Briggs

Age: 26

Hometown: Philadelphia

Occupation: I work at a market research and consulting firm.

Number of years on the Cape May Brew Co Team: This will be my fourth.

How I got involved: I volunteered at the starting line in high school, but it was my friend and current team captain Stephan Briggs who encouraged me to participate.

Why I ride: There are two people who inspire me. The first is my aunt, who has MS. She is the most jovial and positive person, and it feels so unfair that she struggles because of this. And the other is my lovely girlfriend who suffers with another genetic disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The way I see it, any cure or progress with MS is progress for other genetic diseases.

Why I ride on the CMBC team: First off, I love beer, and I love drinking it. I mean, of all the teams I could support, why not a local company who sponsors us and gives us great kickbacks and delicious beer? I can’t imagine riding with any other group.

What my training looks like: I’m fortunate to live in a bikeable city so I ride to work every day, but I’m going to start logging more miles.

Fundraising Goal: $500

What I’ll feel like at the finish: I know it sounds corny, but I always tear up.

What I need people to know: Even a $5 or $10 donation makes a difference. Those add up.

City to Shore will take place on October 3 and 4. To join the team or make a contribution, visit the Cape May Brewing Co page at nationalmssociety.org.