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“Me love you long time.”

White Caps is Back!

There are beers that we brew only once, to be celebrated in our history and sought after by our fans, and there are those that we keep coming back to time and time again.

White Caps is definitely one of the latter.

Brewed with hefty portions of wheat and oats, White Caps has a soft mouthfeel, a pillowy head, and a robust body. Featuring Mosaic and Citra hops, this effervescent Double IPA explodes with notes of papaya, mango, stone fruits, and citrus.

In fact, we love this one so much, we’ve decided to put it into 16-ounce cans! Following on the heels of our extraordinarily successful (and quick-selling) 16-ounce release of City to Shore, we’re following one great DIPA with another, because 12-ounces of this bad boy just isn’t enough — only a full pint will do. They’ll go out for distribution sometime next week, so be sure to hit up your local liquor store!

In the meantime, check out some of the great things people had to say about this delectable brew.

“Damn good IPA. Love this beer.” — Peter D.

“Mmmm still drinking great, silly how easy drinking this one is.” — Brian H.

“Me love you long time.” — Scotty Z. (…uhhhh…. sure….)

“Amazing.” — Mike P.

“Really surprised I like this…smoother than I expected. Cheers!!!” — Larry G.

“Nice. Kinda earthy. Goes well with a fairy garden.” — Beerilyn (We’ll have to take your word on that one….)

“Refreshing!” — Chris W.

“Good Pour & Body!!! Definitely taste Tropical & Citrus notes with a very smooth finish!!!” — Dave E.

“Best IPA IMO from CMB.” — Gary M.

“Really starting to like the NE style IPA! This one is extremely tropical!” — Christopher T.

“Unbelievable taste. The aroma is spankin’ fresh!!” — Garret S.

“My favorite beer here.” — Chris D.

“Got the glass for the small batch limited release. Well worth it. The subtle pine flavors and a smooth finish makes me want more.” — Christian S.

“Bright hoppiness, followed by a lot of juicy tropical fruits.” — Joe K.

“Joyously hoppy with a sneak-attack of tropical flavor riding the finish.” — Kristen F.

“On point.” — Ryan F.


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