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White Caps and Sports

Hey, sports fans!

It’s truly the sports lover’s favorite time of year. While baseball is only just in the past, hockey and basketball are just getting warmed up, but football seems to dominate every conversation everywhere.

No matter what team you root for, whatever sport you’re watching, White Caps is a great brew for cheering along. Brewed with hefty portions of wheat and oats, White Caps has a soft mouthfeel, a pillowy head, and a robust body. Featuring Mosaic and Citra hops, this effervescent Double IPA explodes with notes of papaya, mango, stone fruits, and citrus. 

We caught up with the Brew Crew to find out what sports they love to watch with a cold White Caps in hand.

Resident MacGuyver Chris Henke

Rugby, fool. See you at the Cape May Brew Cup next spring!

Private Events Coordinator Kathy Forler

First of all, any Cape May brew is perfect for an Eagles game! White Caps works well for me because it’s not too hoppy, but it’s crisp and quite drinkable. Perhaps some of the Brew Crew can bring some to the Eagles vs. Miami game — suitcase transport! Perfect for humid weather, football, and tropical fun!

Innovation Director Brian Hink

It’s Hot Stove Season for baseball, which I think is almost more exciting than the regular season itself. The next two months are going to be super exciting, following all of the rumors on trades and signings, the winter meetings, the inevitable delay in Cole or Strasburg signing which will delay the second-tier pitchers from signing, all the hand-wringing about how baseball is dying and needs to be saved. My Twitter feed is nothing but baseball-related accounts and breweries, and honestly the next two months I will spend as much time reading things on there as I do in the regular season — there’s a whole lot going on. And all of that pairs perfectly well with White Caps!

Marketing Assistant Kristen Taylor

Ah yes, the sports! The sports are what I watch while I drink White Caps. Everyone cheers when one team takes the ball from the other team. My favorite team is the team with the green outfits. Go team! 

(Okay. Kristen might not be a sports fan. We’re sure she lit’rally loves to drink White Caps while watching Parks and Recreation repeats for the millionth time, though.)

Tasting Room Supervisor Danielle Brasch

White Caps pairs with Temple Owls football and basketball to the T! I miss being able to cheer on the sidelines, but White Caps helps me root on the cherry and white from home or at the games in the stands! Go Owls! 

Events Coordinator Randi Friel

White Caps is one of my favorite CMBC beers, and I’m stoked it’s back in time for hockey season. Even if the Flyers have another terrible season, White Caps will be my cure to minimize the sadness they cause me. The juicy, mango, and citrus flavors give me summer feels. I’ll be bringing this to my next Flyers pregame to warm me up.

Lab Manager Lauren Appleman

White Caps = LET’S GO CAPS!  I became a fan via minor league affiliation with the Hershey Bears around 2006 — I grew up going to those games and have been a fan ever since. Even though my family is all spread out, we’re still in an active group chat for game days that usually includes what we’re drinking for the game.

Sales Assistant Jenna Rae Rohana

E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles is the team to root for while enjoying White Caps! This normally takes place at a friend’s or family member’s house accompanied by great food and even better company! I like that White Caps is complex and higher in ABV, yet has a fruity, friendly taste to it making it easy to drink while enjoying Sunday festivities. 

Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello

I love a good White Caps while watching Penn State Football. Nothing goes better with a Beaver Stadium White Out then a White Caps: they’re a match made in heaven (which just so happens to me be located in Happy Valley!)

Events Team Member Danielle Tesauro

My favorite teams to watch while enjoying some White Caps are pretty standard, the Eagles and whoever is playing the Cowboys. I’m a four-for-four fan, though, so really it’s any of the Philly teams. White Caps is a good choice to enjoy around sports because the oats keep it pillowy and smooth while the hops still give a forward fruitiness with lots of flavor. At 7.5% ABV, it’s really drinkable for a Double IPA, so you can kick back and enjoy while not losing too much focus of what’s going on in the game (because as a Philly fan, I have to have my laundry list of things to complain about post-game). I’m hosting my fantasy basketball league for a Sixers watch party, and you better believe there will be White Caps in the fridge for everyone to crush.

Warehouse Manager Polly Pollock-Bell

Recently we received these really cool “Brew Crew” backpack coolers, and two 4-packs of White Caps and a bunch of ice fit perfectly inside it, so with that in tow, I enjoy going for bike rides along the waterfront. Also, I personally enjoy watching The Patriots dominate the NFL with a can of White Caps in hand, or even better, bringing a cooler of White Caps to a tailgate. White Caps is a great beer pong beer… it’s probably my most favorite sporting activity and it involves a great beer! 

Sales Manager Chris Verderame

I love drinking White Caps in South Philly at the tailgate before Birds games! Pillowy and hoppy this beer is very refreshing and keeps you coming back for more! I also enjoy drinking White Caps at my bar in my basement while cheering on the Sixers & Flyers! This beer goes great with a roaring fire and a home-field advantage. 

Brand Ambassador Gavin McGee

Outside of Cape May Brewing Company, my other job is as an usher for the Eagles! When they have away games, I love drinking White Caps at my friend’s house where we meet every other week to watch the Birds on the road. Whenever my schedule allows, I also enjoy kicking back and watching the Sixers while I sip on White Caps. I’m a big fan of oaty beers, and Citra and Mosaic are two of my favorite hops, so White Caps is the perfect beer for me. 

Sales Manager Mike Laferrera

My favorite sports team is Notre Dame football. White Caps is a well-balanced IPA to have if Notre Dame is winning or losing, but it tastes a lot better if they are winning. It’s also a great beer to have after running up and down the basketball court. Very refreshing.

Events Team Member Jenna Tesauro

White Caps has accompanied many a Tesauro tailgate down at the sports complex the last few years (not just Eagles, but it went great with our Feast of the Seven Fishes tailgate last year).  It’s been around long enough that it helped my friends and me through the earlier years of The Process, too. It’s changed a bit from the first one I sipped, but it’s one of my favorites with a juiciness that makes it easy to enjoy even as it gets colder outside.  In addition to tailgates, I’m sure I’ll have a few this year waiting to see how Ben Simmons does for my fantasy basketball team — I’ve lost hope for my team in the Brew Crew football league!

Sales Manager Eric Wormann

I watch the Washington Redskins every Sunday. I like to drink White Caps while I watch them because I feel better about the pain caused by owner Dan Snyder and team president Bruce Allen.

If you love combining sports with White Caps, let us know in the comments! In the meantime, you’ll be able to find White Caps in 16-ounce cans throughout our distribution area. Cheers!