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"It's almost like sitting in your backyard."

What to Know Before You Visit: Brewtanical Garden Edition!

This week, we’re looking at the Brewtanical Garden! We caught up with some of the beertenders out there during the week to see why this is the place to be this month (and into fall before it closes for the season)!

Hint: it’s a fabulous change of pace from the bustle of the Tasting Room, and the perfect spot to bring the family and pup to enjoy outside!

If you’re looking for some after-weekend plans, you’ve come to the right spot. We headed down to the Brewtanical on a Monday to soak in the incredible, welcoming vibe and atmosphere.

“Mondays are nice because everyone’s chill and just hanging out,” says Beertender Mary Braccili

“Kids and dogs come out, and we have plenty of games. And I get Dennis every Monday! He’s a pro,” Mary says. “Everyone is recuperating and restoring out here during the week. It’s a different vibe out here.” 

“It’s almost like sitting in your backyard,” says Barback Dennis Burlingame, who came back for another summer with us this year. 

Popular pours are usually something fruity or light. Our lagers, Boat Ramp Champ and Tan Limes, have been key players when they make an appearance out here. “Of course The Bog, too,” Mary says.

“The flights have been a nice addition, too,” she says. 

There’s a menu and set of cards to the right of the bar that you can write down your selections on so that your beertender can get a flight started for you!

If you’re looking for some swag options, our pop-up Brewtique is open on weekends, and there are dog toys and koozies at the bar to purchase as well. 

We don’t know about you, but adding a koozie to your disposable pint cup just gives it an extra nice touch!

The Brewtanical Garden is also known for its specialty one-off brews that are only available in this location. For our Anniversary weekend, we had a number of fun options on tap, and just last month, Fruitcake Bog was tapped for our Christmas in July party.

You never know, we just might have some more one-offs in store for folks in the future! 

“You can bring your favorite snacks along,” Mary says. “We can accommodate strollers and parties of all sizes.”

“Week days are a great time to visit,” Mary says. If you bring your dog, our crew will be so excited to see them, so you’ll be spreading the love that your furry family member provides!  

Although this space is our only dog-friendly spot, it’s definitely not just for dogs! It’s a favorite of anyone who has the chance to come visit, and it’s a go-to spot for many of our Brew Crew members after work and on their days off. 

When we stopped by later in the week, the magic was still there.

“Feel the nice breeze here? You don’t get this up there,” says Beertender Kevin Cassidy.

“By 3pm or 3:30pm, every table is in the shade,” he says. “Even if it’s not a breezy day, you still get some air flow since it’s so open out here.”

“You can bring your food as well,” Kevin says. “And parents can bring drinks for their kids.” 

“I’ve seen people get pretty creative, too,” says Barback Steve Cifelli. “Mussels in red sauce. People with whole seafood spreads.”

“You can bring cheese boards and finger foods,” Kevin says. 

If you’re visiting on Thursday afternoon or evening, you can enjoy Game Night with fellow guests, and throughout August, we have live music to enjoy on Fridays.

“Get here earlier on Fridays and you can choose any seat you’d like,” Kevin says.

We asked Kevin what some of the popular beers he sold were, and he had many of the same mentions that Mary did. With one exception.

“KC is the most popular beer. The Kevin Cassidy,” Kevin says with a grin.

“If I sell fifty beers, I’ll bet that 15 are that,” he says.

If you want to know what this secret menu item is, you’re going to have to stop by when Kevin is manning the bar to find out! 

“I really like it out here, because the breeze is great, and most times, even if it’s hot, you have a breeze,” Kevin says. “You’re outside. People come with dogs and kids.”

“When the parents come and see that we have big games for the kids, they know that they don’t have to entertain. They can have a beer and enjoy while their kids play,” he says. “It’s a big deal.”

When Kevin sees frazzled parents unsure of how long they can stay with kids in tow, he makes sure to point out the games we have available out in Brewtanical, which include Jenga, cornhole, and Connect Four. 

“If the dog’s really friendly, you’ll see kids coming up to ask if they can pet them,” he says. 

Kevin might just have something special for any dogs that show up while he’s bartending, and we also have dog bowls for our furry friends to stay cool while they hang out in this space.

In addition to the picnic tables throughout this area, there’s an unofficial VIP lounge with Adirondack chairs. It’s a coveted spot behind the lattices in the corner, so make sure you check it out when you stop by as well! 


Stay tuned for more coverage, but in the meantime, check out this quick list of what to know when you visit the Brewtanical Garden:

TL;DR Version: 

1. THE BEVERAGES: Brewtanical has twelve taps, and all of them are alcoholic, so bring a beverage for any underage visitors!

2. WHAT TO BRING: What else should you bring? Snacks and food! The sky (well, really, your carrying capacity) is the limit!

3. VISITING FROM THE TASTING ROOM? Glass? Stays in the Tasting Room. Beer? Stays where you got it, so make sure you finish your drink and leave your glassware in the Tasting Room, or toss your empty cups before you leave the Brewtanical!

4. STOPPING BY JUST FOR BREWTANICAL? The Brewtanical Garden is its own space behind our main Tasting Room building, so you can park in the gravel lot next to it and walk right up – no need to go through the front Tasting Room door!