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“Like going home.”

What Folks are Saying About Mop Water

The days are shorter. The weather is cooler. The clocks have done their magic changing thing and the leaves are making their descent.

All signs of one thing: autumn is here.

However, if you ask any Cape May Brewing Company fan out there, there’s one portent of the fall that the poets always seem to miss: the triumphant return of Mop Water!

While it’s a little late this year due to the aluminum can supply issues that have been plaguing our industry, Mop Water returns to our Tasting Room this Friday, with New Jersey distribution planned for November 9th, and distribution throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware on November 16th!

“Interesting beer if you are for spicing it up a bit. 😀” — Mark B.

“Had this last year, very intense but great flavor.” — Deanna L. 

“Had this last year at the brewery, haven’t found it since. Miss it, love it.” — Rich S.

“Great fall beer, if you like seasonals. Warm and great flavor.” — Ryan M.

“Found this beauty in the back of the fridge….ahhh thank you very much!” — Matthew F.

“Santa would love this shit.” — Tony B.

“Delicious.” — Kyle A.

“If beer could be candy, this would be it!” — B Banks

“They definitely nailed the Christmas flavor.” — Todd H.

“Very interesting taste.” — Steve O.

“Amazing pure vanilla notes, fantastic!” — David P.

“Spices galore! Yesss.” — SJ

“Light in body but deliciously spiced with cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, pumpkin flavor.” — Beth D. (Muahahahaha! We fooled you, Beth! There’s no pumpkin in Mop Water. — ed.)

 “Despite the name, this is actually pretty good.” — Ky S.

“Amazing flavor!!!!” — Shawn P.

“Sweet and spicy, ginger, vanilla.” — R Marchetto

“A bit sweet. Spicy in a nice way. Not bad.” — Rob S.

“Tastes like chai, aka Christmas.” — William K.

“Solid, spicy, and darn good!” — Erik B.

“Nice blend of vanilla & spice, not too sweet.” — Rod D.

“I am not a fan of winter beers but this one was very good!” — Jason N.

“Tastes like the holidays.” — Jeff R.

“Smooth Nose and Taste. Spiced Aftertaste.” — Blake W.

“Smooth earthy tones” — Joshua A.

“Like Christmas in a glass I want to freeze it and skate on it and melt it in the spring and drink it” — Doctor E.

“Nice spiced ale. Pumpkin pie taste without the pumpkin texture.” — Keith T.

“Huge fan… this beer is delicious” — Alec A.

“Definitely a little different, but better than I thought.” — TieDyeRyGuy

“Like going home.” — Francis T.