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“It's a fun beer that really starts to put you in the mindset of spring- and summertime."

What a Weekend!

It’s going to be a great weekend at Cape May Brewing Company!

We’re all totally stoked that the governor has raised capacity to 50%, and not a moment too soon. Since it’s still pretty chilly in the Beer Garden, this is excellent news for all of our fans!

And, we’re thrilled that it’s just in time to welcome back one of our favorite brews, Cococabana!

Brewed with an abundant amount of Sultana and Cashmere hops, Cococabana is a pale ale perfect for pairing with the oncoming spring weather. House-toasted coconut lends a gentle and complementary silky-smooth mouthfeel, with an enticing aroma showcasing these brilliant hops. 

You won’t want to miss this!

“We’re thrilled to see Governor Murphy extend our indoor capacity,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “We’ll be adding four tables to the indoor bar area, which accounts for 20 more seats. It’s a small change, but any progress is welcome.”

We’ve also streamlined the procedure for entering the Brewtique.

“We’ve realized that there’s just as long a line to enter the Brewtique as to get a table in the Tasting Room,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “So, with expanded capacity and letting more people into the Brewtique, we knew we needed a way to handle the wait.”

Now, entering the Brewtique feels like getting on a ride at Six Flags! We’ve got a full queue with stanchions set up, wrapping around three times, keeping everyone beautifully socially distanced.

“We’ve essentially rearranged the Tasting Room to fit as many socially distanced people as possible,” Chris says. “Things will look different the next time you stop in, but our loyal fans are probably used to things looking different every time they stop in!”

And it’s perfect timing to throw open our doors. You see, the return of Cococabana is a good sign.

It was the last beer we brewed before the pandemic hit last year. It was the last beer we brewed that wasn’t packaged in aluminum cans. Cococabana marks the return of our draft variety: the beers we brew specifically to be drunk at a bar or restaurant.

“Normally for our draft variety beers, we do a 30-barrel batch, only enough to get it out to a number of accounts who like to rotate through their draft offerings,” Brian explains. 

And Cococabana did well enough in 2019 that we decided to double the batch for 2020, which is a lot for a beer in our draft variety.

“We kegged it off on March 11th last year, which just so happens to be the day the NBA announced they were pausing their season indefinitely, followed by the next day with just about every other major sport shutting down, followed by the next day as the day where just about everything else shut down,” Brian’s elephantine memory recalls. “So the timing for Cococabana — a beer that went entirely into kegs, at a time when bars and our Tasting Room were shutting down –, couldn’t’ve been any worse.”

So, the return of Cococabana is an incredibly good sign. As capacity at bars and restaurants throughout New Jersey — including our very own Tasting Room — can begin opening to 50%, the fact that we’re willing to keg this one up means that we think that there are brighter days ahead.

“As for the beer,” Brian says, “it’s a fun beer that really starts to put you in the mindset of spring- and summertime. Delightfully hoppy, the coconut comes through and balances the hops nicely, with a touch of malty sweetness that pairs off the coconut. It’s a fun, easy drinker for sure.”

So, stop down to the Tasting Room to give Cococabana a try, or ask for it at your favorite watering hole!