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There's nothing else like it in Cape May

West End Garage

Summer brings all kinds of wonderful things to Cape May. Our treasured visitors… Glorious beach days… The Bog….

With all of the visitors and beach days — and, of course, The Bog — CMBC has a bunch of new swag. And, this summer, we’ve got a great new space at the West End Garage at 484 Perry Street in downtown Cape May to display it all.

IMG_5819The West End Garage began its life as a garage and gas station. In the summer of 2009 Cape Resorts — which also owns such storied Cape May establishments as The Virginia, The Sandpiper, and Congress Hall — refurbished it as an “industrial-chic” shopping destination with vendors from Cape May, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York.

“I like that it ties the community together, young and old,” says our Social Media and Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg, who’s been helping get our booth at the West End Garage up and running.

One of the awesome things about the West End Garage is that it brings numerous vendors under one roof, so it’s one-stop shopping for locals and visitors alike.

“It ties together companies that have been around for years with new, emerging brands,” Courtney says. “We’ve needed something like it in Cape May.”

IMG_6068The one drawback for Courtney is that every time she stops down to help with the shop, she ends up spending her hard-earned money at one of the other vendors.

“Look at this cute little necklace I got!” she shrieked the last time she stopped into our office.

Seriously, though, it’s adorable. It’s the outline of the State of New Jersey attached to gold chain sideways — one connection at High Point and the other at Cape May. Super cute.

There are a ton of vendors down at the West End Garage. We’re located right next to the coffee shop, Beach Plum Cafe, so, while you won’t be able to find our beer down there, you’ll at least be able to get something brewed.

In addition to a number of clothing outlets, the Cape May Peanut Butter Company is a vendor, as well as Louisa’s Chocolate Bar, so you’ll definitely be able to find some good eats. There are furniture vendors, pottery, items for the home and garden, and even vendors selling luxury items from designers like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, and more.

IMG_2486And there are a ton of local artists who set up permanent galleries at West End Garage. Cape May has an extraordinarily vibrant arts scene, with many of the artists in town, as well as at the West End Garage, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding them.

West End Garage is run in a true co-op fashion. You won’t find representatives from the brewery there all the time — each vendor puts in a few hours a month. So, while you’re there, you may be able to talk to one of us or to a local artist or a furniture maker or a glassblower or a peanut butter… person.

“There’s nothing else like it in Cape May,” Courtney says. “It appeals to everyone — I see millennials there and I see people who have been working in town forever.”

Not only are we thrilled to be there, they love to have us!

“CMBC is a great year-round community business,” says Wendy Guiles, General Manager of the West End Garage. “They have a great brand following. We are always looking for vendors that will appeal to both men and women. Plus the team is super nice and fun!”


Wendy is loving our new can candles.

“I love to see items being used in new and interesting ways,” she says.

But, you’re going to have to swing down either to the West End Garage or to the Brewtique to pick them up. They’re not available online — it’s summer and wax… melts.

Ultimately, we love being involved in this crazy co-op venture.

“The goal is to make Cape May better,” Courtney says. “That’s something we can get behind.”

Be sure to swing down to the West End Garage, 10am to 6pm, to check it out!