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Welcome back, bar service. and free rein of our spaces!

WE’RE BACK! And Just in Time for Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend officially starts…now! (Or, if you’re reading this at 7am before you start work for the day, then there’s still a few more hours left until the celebrations begin). We have some awesome things planned for you, so make sure you swing by the Tasting Room this weekend! 

We were already planning a great party and release weekend, but we’re also happy to announce that in accordance with new state guidelines, we’ll be back to operating as usual, with bar service and vaccinated guests welcome to explore our space sans-masks. We trust our guests to make the right decision to mask up (or not) based on their status and personal preference. Now, for the fun stuff!

If you’re looking for live music, Salty Dog will be playing beach rock in the Brewtanical Garden from 3pm – 6pm today, Friday May 28th, and the Brewtanical Garden will be decked out in beach fare for the occasion! The celebration will continue all week long in the Tasting Room with the return of Bog slushies (gasp!) and two new sweet treat brews to enjoy: On the Way to Cape May No #001 Ice Cream Twist and On the Way to Cape May No #002 Watermelon Salt Water Taffy!

…You didn’t think that was all, did you? You might have noticed our Brewtique has looked a bit bare lately, and that’s because we were making way for our first round of summer fare! We caught up with Kaitlyn for the details on these new items. Read on for more information!

First, let’s go over what our spaces will look like. If you visited any time before early 2020, you’ll remember, but for new visitors, here’s a crash course! Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello gave us the walkthrough and rundown. 

Restrictions have lifted, and we’re here to welcome you for a great first weekend of full bar service and free rein of the Tasting Room!

When you walk into our new main entrance (what used to be our primary entrance!), our greeter will check in with you, and will check IDs and handstamp those over 21 to clear them for alcohol. Guests can then visit the pint or flight lines, check out our Brewtique, or explore our space. (That’s right, flights are back! Woo!)

The pint line is straight through to the other room, where we have our bar area, restrooms, and entrance to the Brewtique. Guests can then join the line in the center of the bar to order their pints. 

For flights, guests hang right after the greeter to check out menus along the wall and fill out slips of paper for their flights before continuing down towards the outside patio, turning left just before that area into the bar room. 

Guests can pay via opening a tab, cash, or can pay as they go using cash or electronic payment.

There will be seating in the main bar room on the opposite wall, seats at the bar on the other half of the long bar, and stools and tables throughout the Sour Room and outside attached patio.

Guests are welcome to seat themselves, or stand and enjoy their brews, and all available space is first-come, first-serve. We will no longer be observing social distancing, but greeters and staff will be monitoring general capacity requirements, and you may experience a wait if our available standing and seated space is at capacity. 

We welcome guests to join us without masks if they are vaccinated, and encourage guests to use the honor system for whether or not they should wear a mask in our space based on their status or personal preference. All crew members will continue to wear masks. 

We’ll have four pint glass varieties available for people to purchase at the bar, or along with their flights. There will always be a pint glass (colors subject to change) and we may also offer seasonal or limited glasses. For the base flight, it’s $7 plus the cost of your chosen glass. For premium flights of limited releases, it will be an additional $3. Guests can also purchase flights without the glass. 

Although you’ll notice much of the main Tasting Room space hasn’t changed much, our Brewtanical Garden has added seating areas, including additional picnic tables, benches, and Adirondack chairs. Guests are also welcome to stand and enjoy their brews in that space as well. 

You can still bring your own food in both areas, and if you’re bringing your pup, make sure you head to the Brewtanical Garden, which is our only pet-friendly space! 

You are welcome to carry your drink with you throughout the property, and for capacity inside the Brewtique, we’ll still have our line queue to the side for you to wait in if there’s not enough room to move around. 

If you’re visiting both spaces, please make sure to finish your drink, or leave any unfinished drinks behind before you hop to the next space, per state laws regarding open alcohol containers! 


Now that you’ve got some more insight into how our space will operate this weekend on, what are some new things you can expect to find in our Brewtique? We caught up with Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith for a quick tour. 

All of the new 10th anniversary items pop against our walls! 

“This is the first time we’ve ever done something like this,” Kaitlyn shares. Many of our pieces include shirts featuring brand icons or other elements that share a story. This series, however, prominently features our 10th year anniversary logo.

“We tried to think of something for everybody,” she says. “Different fits for different age groups and types of people. Fun fact, it’s only the second time we’ve ever done a beach towel too,” she shares.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up one of our beach towels yet, we have two options available!

One is more traditional and the other is insanely plush and soft. Honestly, we’d recommend grabbing both, so that one can be for the sand and the other you can use to dry off after a dip in the water!

We also have a variety of long and short sleeve clothes and hats for everyone to check out. 

“The comfort color is the perfect summer long sleeve, because it’s not too thick, but just right for a breezy night,” she says. “We used to do all of our long sleeves in comfort colors, so we’re trying to get back to that again. It has that worn, beachy vibe to it.”

Pointing out the pullover hoodie, Kaitlyn shares that Karen Flood is super psyched for this one as well: “It can be a little intimidating, but it looks good on everyone, which is great!”

“Our hope is that people can stock up now so that when we announce our anniversary party, everyone can celebrate the occasion together,” she says.

“We have the anniversary pieces in store now, and we’re also dropping a few new summer pieces featuring our core brands, which are all new for the season,” she says.

If you’re reading this, those clothes are available NOW! (Hint: Coastal Evacuation, Devil’s Reach, Always Ready, and Cape May IPA fans should check those out here).

But we’re not quite done with our new releases yet! “This is just the first case of new summer stuff,” Kaitlyn says. 

Most of our clothes are unisex, but we have a number of options that are fitted or looser depending on your preference! 

The sweatshirt blanket has also returned, this time in yellow!

Fans of some of our previous hats will be excited to hear that we’re bringing back the classic, ball-cap Legacy hats for this new round of hats. 

“Our new core CMBC hats are in three awesome new colors,” Kaitlyn says. Our specialty anniversary logo hat also features an awesome, worn-in aesthetic, mesh back, and snap backing for that perfect trucker style fit. 

Don’t forget your brews and glassware! We have a new release pretty much every weekend for the foreseeable future, so make sure you’re keeping track via our newsletter. You’ll need some glasses to enjoy all these new beers with, and we have a number of new ones available! 

The bar will have these available as well, or you can grab this new Badge Pint Glass, Anniversary Glass, tall Sea Glass, and Crafted Keg Glass from the Brewtique.


It’s going to be an incredible weekend, and we’re looking forward to welcoming everyone back! Come spend some time with us this weekend, and keep an eye out in the future for more fun announcements!