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Welcome To The Family, Unit 8

Big news, guys: we’re expanding again. This time, into Unit 8 — the former site of Ocean Interiors, which you’ll know as the DRBA-owned building to the left of our tasting room when approaching from the front. Also: the place that used to lend us its forklift when we were just starting out. (Thank you, John DeBaun!)

We know – the dust has barely settled from our last big expansion. Consider perpetual dust-settling the new normal at CMBC.

“What makes Cape May Brewing Company so exciting is that it’s an ongoing project,” says our prez Ryan. “It’s never-ending.”

Right now, we’re working with an architect – one with much experience in the food and beverage world – on a plan for the building, which will provide both general warehousing and a store area. We anticipate opening in the spring if not before, pending lease approval from the ABC, a whole lot of elbow grease, and the acquisition of one “big-ass cooler.”

Unit 8 will provide us with a temporary solution for our space issues, until we’re able to build a new tasting room, also at Cape May Airport. That project is in the design phase right now, with the next step being city approvals.

“We want to offer the best experience and beer possible,” Ryan says. “We want to get as close to perfect as we can. As we continue to grow and people enjoy our product more and more, more people visit and we need a larger space to accommodate them. So, I guess you could say what drives us is the pursuit of perfection.”

Watch this space.