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Welcome, Nakeya!

We’ve been talking a lot about the monetary impact of the craft beer industry in Jersey – how it pumps $777 million into the local economy, and how it creates jobs like gangbusters. We know this from personal experience. To keep up with demand, we’ve been adding employees to our staff like hops to an IPA. The latest to join the CMBC team? Nakeya Barreto, financial guru.

Nakeya brings with her 17 years of experience and, no matter where she’s crunched numbers previously, she’s enjoyed a nice Honey Porternakeya after a long day at the office.

“I didn’t even say this when I interviewed for the position at the brewery, because I was afraid [CMBC President] Ryan would think I was embellishing,” Nakeya says. “But the first time I came here was in 2012, back when there were few employees and open days were limited. I walked in and said, ‘Who are these people and how do I work for them?’ I just got this feeling of good energy — the excitement, the happiness, the way everyone was interacting and having a great time. I’m a workhorse, but I like to be comfortable and have fun, too, and I knew even then I’d love to be a part of a company like this.”

When Nakeya isn’t working, she’s working out at North Beach gym, reading, and – as of Monday — looking forward to her first brew day, where she’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the beer-making process by trailing a CMBC brewer.

“My first day on the job, they told me I was going to get to see how the magic happens, and I intend to cash in on that,” she says. “I haven’t let anyone forget! I’m excited to learn everything from beginning to end, and I know I’m going to grow by leaps and bounds.”

Welcome to the fold, Nakeya, and congrats on becoming CMBC employee #37!