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“I love the beach,” he says. “I’m always on the beach relaxing with friends.”

Welcome Miles!

If you’ve been to the Tasting Room over the past few months, you may have noticed a long-haired blond guy behind the bar with piercing blue eyes and a bizarre sense of humor.

That’s Miles Kline.

Miles is… an interesting individual. Now, don’t get us wrong: he’s a hard worker, totally on his game and we like him a lot. He’s got a positive outlook on just about everything and his good nature and indomitable spirit are infectious. Yet… we’re going to stick with the word “interesting.”

But… maybe that’s what happens when your life is uprooted because one of the largest natural disasters in modern history.

IMG_9677You see, Miles spent the first ten years of his life in New Orleans — right up until Katrina hit. The ten-year-old Miles picked up with his father Michael and they started a new life in Cape May.

“It was insane,” says Miles. “I didn’t go back for a few months. It was sad. My parents’ houses were fine, but my school was completely destroyed. That was the main reason I stayed up here.”

Miles continued his schooling at Lower Cape May Regional and father Michael started a new life, eventually founding the Exit Zero Jazz Festival. It wasn’t easy for the young Miles — having to start your life over, finding new friends and attempting to fit in at a new school.

He didn’t like Cape May when he’d first moved here, which is understandable — no ten year old wants to be ripped away from his life, but that winter was the first time he’d experienced snow. Now that he’s used to snow, it’s the summers in Cape May that keep him happy.

“I love the beach,” he says. “I’m always on the beach relaxing with friends.”

Miles returned to New Orleans for a year of school at LSU.

“I had a good time,” he admits.

Before Cape May Brewing Co., Miles spent his time working various restaurant gigs, including at Harpoons on the Bay with our very own Courtney Rosenberg.

“She knew I liked Cape May beer, particularly Coastal and City to Shore,” he says, “and she drew me in.”

Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith was glad to have him aboard.

“He has a lot of experience in the industry,” she says. “He has big dreams and really wanted to be a part of what we do here.”


When asked about his musical tastes, Miles admits to loving “everything.”

“Rock, literally anything,” he says, “rock, reggae, rap. The last concert I went to was Houndmouth, and I would go see them again.”

We had to look up Houndmouth, as we’d never heard of them before, but Miles characterizes them as “folk rock.”

“They’re good. You would like them,” he says, and, after giving them a quick listen, yeah. We’d like them. As we Googled them, we found that the keyboardist and vocalist, Katie Toupin, was leaving the band.

“Very upsetting,” Miles says.

When it comes to sports, he’s a fan of the Sixers and the New Orleans Saints, and he’s liking the Saints’ odds this year.

He’s been loving his time at CMBC, though. “Everyone I work with is cool,” he says, “and there are good vibes here.”

He’s really interested in helping the company’s growth.

“I want to see it get huge,” he says. “I think we have a good chance at being able to do that. They’ve gotten pretty successful and expanded a lot in the six years they’ve been around.”

Truly though, Miles is a good guy. When asked what makes him happy, his response was, “Making other people happy. I feel like I have a good attitude, and I try to make people laugh.”

And that he does. Swing down to the Tasting Room and have a good laugh with Miles.