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“I like where the brewery is going,” he says. “I hope I can help Cape May grow into something bigger than it is now. The adventure of that should be a fun ride."

Welcome Mike!

We’ve got a new salesman at Cape May Brew Co., and he’s excited to bring his experience and knowledge down to Cape May. Mike Laferrera has a wealth of experience in opening new markets, and he can’t wait to get to work in Central Jersey for CMBC.

From Colonia, NJ, Mike’s been in the beverage and restaurant business for over twenty years, moving up the ranks from managing bars and restaurants to selling wine and beer.

“When I was going to my last school down in South Carolina,” he tells us, “I got a job in wine sales, so I stuck with that.”

A strong, affable, hands-on sales manager with significant experience and proven success in wine, liquor, and beer distribution, as well as bar and restaurant operations, Mike comes to us after a stint with Long Trail Brewing Company and Otter Creek Brewing Company in Vermont, covering their New Jersey sales.

A family man, Mike and his wife Denise will have been married for six years next month, and have twin four-year-old girls together.

“It’s fun,” he says, about parenting two toddlers. “It has its ups and downs, but it’s worth it.”

Furthermore, he’s got a huge extended family. Between him and Denise, his twins have thirteen aunts and uncles — not counting their spouses — and multiple cousins.

He’d love to get into homebrewing, “but I do not have time with twins,” he says, laughing.

Mike enjoys country music, and he’s a huge fan of Manchester United. He’s never gotten the chance to see them play, but he’s hoping to do so at some point.

“That’s a goal,” he says, “to get to Europe to see them play.”

Growing up, he’d spent quite a bit of time in Cape May. As a kid, the family used to come camping down here, and in later years his sister and brother-in-law would come down a few times a year, and he’d tag along with them.

“I love it down here,” he tells us. “There’s a great history about Cape May, with all the old Victorian houses. The history of it is great.

“And there’s some great restaurants.”

That’s for sure!

So far, he’s enjoying his time down at Cape May Brew Co.

“Everyone’s a team player,” he tells us, “and the communication is great. It’s a pretty exciting company to work for right now.”

Mike’s impressed with the passion of our brewers, and he thinks it shows in the product.

“I think the beer is great,” he says. “I really love Corrosion, the sour IPA. Two of my favorites: sour and IPA together? I love it. Best of both worlds.”

Mike loves selling beer — during our short conversation, that much was clear. He’s really looking forward to the opportunities at Cape May Brew Co., as well as the direction of the organization.

“I like where the brewery is going,” he says. “I hope I can help Cape May grow into something bigger than it is now. The adventure of that should be a fun ride.

“Everything’s open.”

We think so, too, Mike. Glad to have you aboard to help us out!


  1. Great Hire! I have known Mike for years and his affable personality and work ethic will contribute greatly to Cape May’s successes. It will also give many of us in Monmouth County a proper introduction to your beer selection!

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