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“It’s so entertaining to hear people’s stories about why they come here."

Welcome Marie!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: our fans make some of our best employees.

“Marie has been a longtime fan of Cape May Brewing Company and has always loved our brand and beer,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “Her organizational skills are key, as she was running a doctor’s office prior to her retirement. She brings that professional working experience to our team and is eager to help out wherever possible. Marie has been an amazing asset in the Brewtique and at the greeter stand!”

Welcome Marie Dougherty!

Originally from Northeast Philadelphia, Marie managed a GI practice there before retiring with husband Jim in May of 2018.

“Thirty years, I worked for that group of doctors,” she says. “I started part-time and worked my way up to full-time, and then I managed it for about fifteen years or so. They were great guys. One was a resident when I still worked at the hospital, so I knew him before he became a part-owner of the practice. I worked there longer than two of the physicians did. I actually had tenure over them!”

When it came time to retire, they moved to the Villas, in a house originally purchased by her grandparents and handed down through the generations.

“My parents owned it and my father gave me the house a few years ago,” she says. “So now we’re both down here full-time.”

Jim worked for several years as a toll collector on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Now he’s a bartender on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

“He calls it speed dating,” she jokes. “He says, ‘For 80 minutes, I get one group, and for 80 minutes I get another one. It’s great!’ He loves it.”

Marie’s mother, Bridget, was born and raised in Ireland and still has family there, and she remembers sailing across the Atlantic to visit them.

“I was four, my sister was two,” she recalls, incredibly. “We sailed on that ship that’s now docked at Penn’s Landing. The SS United States. It’s a defunct ship, now. We sailed that to Ireland for the first time with my mother.”

The trip took about a week, and they stayed in Derry, Northern Ireland, for a month.

“I remember being in the small, little stateroom, and there were bunk beds,” she says. “My mother took us by herself.”

Marie has been back to Ireland several times since, as recently as last November. Her mother passed away twelve years ago, and, on this most recent trip, she and a few other family members got tattoos with her mother’s handwriting and a Celtic cross to celebrate what would have been her mother’s 90th birthday. 

“Ireland is fabulous,” Marie says. “The best thing to do is rent a car when you go. Don’t do a bus tour. We mapped it out: we rented a car and went all along the coast. The Cliffs of Moher, we stayed in B & Bs. We spent ten days doing that.”

When asked about her favorite sports teams….

“Of course, the Eagles,” she says. “So far, I’m happy with how they’re playing. They better keep it up.”

She’s also a big fan of the Phillies, and it seems to run in the family.

“My dad worked for the Phillies; he has a World Series ring from the Phillies.”

In addition to working his full-time job with the US Marshals Service as Chief Marshal for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Marie’s dad started out as a part-time usher for the Phillies when she was a kid and progressed up to a supervisor. 

“That was a fun job he did when we were kids,” she says. “He would take us to games at Connie Mack Stadium, sit us in a seat, and come back for us at the end of the game. When they won the first World Series in 1980, dad got a ring.”

Marie is thoroughly loving her time in Cape May.

“I love sitting at the beach,” she says. “Watching those sunsets at night.”

Sadly, it’s a little-known fact that Cape May has the best sunsets in New Jersey. There’s a reason we have Sunset Beach just north of Cape May Point.

“I love Cape May,” she says. “It’s quaint and Victorian. I love the quietness after the season calms down.”

She also enjoys spending time with her family.

“I have two children, Nicole and Sean,” she says, “and nieces and nephews. I have no grandchildren, but my nieces and nephews have kids. I call them my ‘greats’. I think I have eleven now, all together on both sides. I love it when the kids come down.”

Nicole, 35, works in marketing for Amerihealth, and Sean, 32, is in sales for Kraft Heinz Foods.

When it came time to move down here and retire, Marie wanted to keep busy with “something fun.”

“Cape May Brewing Company is a fun place,” she says. “I love the people I work with — working with them and then being on the outside with them, being social. It’s quite enjoyable. It’s so laid back. I come from an environment where it was stress all the time: patients, and I’m being pulled in twenty different directions. Here, I’m not used to that laid back mentality. I love it, but it’s an adjustment. It’s fun.”

And Marie has been coming here for a long time.

“I’ve been coming here since the brewery first opened,” she says. “The one sign in the brewery that says ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder,’ I gave that to Ryan when they first opened.”

Marie remembers when we were only starting out: more of a corner bar than a regional tourist attraction.

“I’ve been coming here forever,” she said, “It was like a local’s place to me at that point.”

She’s looking forward to her time here at CMBC.

“I’m looking forward to the experience and meeting new people,” she says. “I love talking to people when they come in. I had a couple here from Scotland who had met in Cape May. They came back for their thirtieth wedding anniversary for two weeks, and they came back to the brewery because they’d been here previously.”

That’s really what Marie loves about working in the Tasting Room: the stories that bring people here.

“It’s so much fun,” she enthuses. “It’s so entertaining to hear people’s stories about why they come here. I had two gentlemen last week: one came on his motorcycle from Nashville and the other from Jacksonville, and they met on 95, drove up to Mount Laurel for a conference, and were heading back down on their motorcycles to their respective homes. It was so much fun to talk to them. I enjoy that.”

As you might imagine, Marie has a vast depth of knowledge about our beers, having had the chance to try most of them at some point. Yet, when we asked her what her favorite was, she wasted no time in coming back with one that, through kismet, we happen to be re-releasing this week after several years off the schedule.

Apple Bomb,” she says. “I remember it from the very beginning. I love the taste of it. That’s one of my favorites. I enjoy it.”

She also loves some of our newest beers.

“I’m a fruity beer girl, so I love all the fruity beers,” she says. “I like The Grove. I like Crushin’ It. I do half Crushin’ It and half The Bog. I’m just disappointed that we have none of The Bog left.”

Be sure to say hello to Marie the next time you stop in! She’ll either be in the Brewtique or behind the greeter stand, so you won’t miss her — and be sure to tell her your stories.