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“It’s much more relaxing than some of the jobs I’ve had. I like being out on the road.”

Welcome Marco!

As we expand up north, it helps to have people making deliveries who have some understanding of the region.

“Having grown up in West Orange, Marco brings knowledge of the northern counties new to our distribution area,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “With his experience delivering to those metro areas in his past gig, he’s not afraid of the long drive up and the super heavy traffic.”

Welcome Marco Facchiano!

After spending 21 years in West Orange, Marco joined the Coast Guard, having come to Cape May to train before being stationed on a 270-foot ship in Portsmouth, Virginia, and at a small boat station on Staten Island.

He was stationed there during 9/11.

“Being up there in Staten Island, we were directly across the harbor from where everything was happening,” he recalls. “We went from having 90 people there to having 150 to 200 running through every twelve hours. I was watching the Staten Island Ferry going to Manhattan filled with fire trucks and coming back full of people.”

Marco was putting an engine in a boat when the first tower was hit.

“My supervisor said, ‘Get on the boat, get out. I’ll finish the engine,’” he says.

Marco and his crew were shuttling people back and forth that day until about one am when they switched crews. 

“We were working twelve-hour shifts after that,” he recalls. “It was about three months until we were allowed to go home home.”

After he left the Coast Guard, he stayed in North Jersey for a year.

Marco’s on that boat.

“Then I met a girl and moved down here to be with her. Fifteen years later, it’s worked out!”

That would be his wife of fifteen years, Carla. They live with their two Shih Tzus, Carlos and Dover.

“The way they act, you wouldn’t think they were Shih Tzus,” he laughs. “The one’s a great dog. The smaller one is not as nice. He thinks he’s in charge of everything.”

A history buff, Marco really enjoys all the historical aspects of Cape May.

“I love the area,” he says. “I like everything historical — as much as I can learn about history. I grew up three blocks from the Edison Museum. I used to go there all the time. Every year, they’d have Edison Day, where they’d have a little block party and free entrance to the museum.”

He brought that love of history when he moved to Cape May.

“I love going around and looking at all the old houses,” he says. “There’s so much to see.”

Before delivering beer for us, he’d primarily worked on cars. 

“The job before here was Walmart,” he says, “doing oil changes, tire rotations, stuff like that. I was taught by my grandfather.”

Marco’s grandfather gave him his first project.

“He gave me a car and said, ‘If you fix it, it’s yours,’” Marco recalls. “It was a ‘73 Plymouth Duster with a slant-six engine. The engine’s probably still running, but the body rotted away.”

When he’s not working on cars, Marco loves to fish.

“Any place near the water,” he says. “Saltwater. Sitting by the water is a calming place for me. Every once in a while, I try to go sit on the beach or something, or I go out on the back bay and fish.”

He’s not much of a sports fan these days.

“I don’t watch sports much on TV because, as a kid, I used to go to Yankees games all the time,” he explains. “We would sit three rows behind the dugout, so watching it on TV’s no fun.”

When it came time to look for another job, Marco had a few people tell him that working here is a good time.

Brandon was telling me. Stephen Boyes?” he asks. “I’m friends with his mom; I work on her car all the time. She just got back from seeing him.”

Steve left us and moved to Utah about a year ago.

“But they were saying how much they enjoyed their jobs here,” Marco says. “I was still at Walmart, but I was looking for a good place to work and driving a truck seemed right up my alley. Years ago, I’d worked at a place up in North Jersey called Allied Healthcare.”

The stuff he was delivering then was a lot more dangerous.

“Liquid oxygen, oxygen tanks, beds,” he says. “I like delivering beer a little bit better.”

Needless to say, he’s been enjoying his time here thus far.

“I like it,” he says. “It’s much more relaxing than some of the jobs I’ve had. I like being out on the road.”

And he’s been enjoying Oktoberfest.

“I was originally drinking Devil’s Reach,” he says, “but I tried the Oktoberfest, and I like it a lot.”

Marco is usually on the road for us up in the northernmost counties. If you see him out and about, be sure to say hello!