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“Well, I come here a lot,” she says. “Like, A LOT. So it felt like I should just start working here. I could come here and spend money, or I could come here and make money.”

Welcome Lauren!

There’s a theme running through the stories of a lot of our new hires. Is it that they’re all awesome people? Is it that they’re all highly-qualified? Is it that they all rock our socks in so many ways?

Well… yeah. Obviously. We wouldn’t be hiring them if they weren’t awesome.

But the one thing that’s been tying them all together is their philosophy: “Well… I’m here often enough that I figured that I might as well get paid for it.”

Can you blame them? There’s really nothing better than working at a place you already love.

Our latest Brewtique Team Member, Lauren Todd, is one of them.

Welcome Lauren!

IMG_3885Lauren “Ermadeli” Todd —

— “Yeah, that’s my middle name,” she jokes —

— grew up in Cape May Court House, and is a 2010 graduate of Middle Township High School. She attended Kean University as a Psychology major.

“Uh oh,” we joke, to Lauren’s laughter.

“She’s reading you like a book right now,” jokes Retail General Manager Kaitlyn Smith.

However, nursing is Lauren’s future. She recently finished her LPN at Cape May Tech and is hoping to start her RN at Cumberland County College in January.

“I haven’t gotten in there, yet,” she says, “but they have a really great program.”

She enjoys working with mentally-challenged patients, and she hopes to eventually get a job at the Woodbine Developmental Center.

Right now, she’s juggling two jobs — she also works at Erma Deli. Up the street from the brewery, it’s one of our favorite stops for lunch. They deliver to the Tasting Room, and their wraps, sandwiches, and pizzas are well-loved by staff and visitors alike.

“Courtney gets breakfast from me every morning,” Lauren says, spilling the beans.

IMG_3886“Not every morning,” our Social Media & Design Alchemist Courtney Rosenberg protests. “Breakfast sammiches. Pepper jack cheese and egg and bacon on a kaiser.”

It seems as if many of our Brewtique and Tasting Room staff love to travel, and Lauren is no different. She leaves for Barcelona and Italy on Sunday.

“I’m going with my mom,” she says. “We’re going to Siena, Milan, Florence, Bologna. I’m excited.”

During our meeting, Lauren was proudly wearing an Eagles t-shirt.

“I like the Eagles,” she says. “I like the Flyers. That’s about as far as I go with sports.”

She listens to “all kinds” of music, but she’s going to see Billy Joel this summer, as well as Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5.

IMG_3884“I see Billy every summer,” she says. “He’s great. For the past four summers, me, my mom, and my brother go see him.”

Like many of our retail team, Lauren loves Cape May.

“I just love the small-town vibe,” she says. “The people down here are a lot more friendly. I lived in North Jersey for five years, and the area is nicer, friendlier, and more relaxing.”

She’s a big fan of the beaches around here — and it’s difficult to blame her. She likes going “a lot” and is a big fan of paddle boarding.

“On my days off, that’s pretty much what I do,” she admits.

When she was branching out, looking for a second job, the brewery seemed like a logical choice.

“Well, I come here a lot,” she says. “Like, A LOT. So it felt like I should just start working here. I could come here and spend money, or I could come here and make money.”

We pointed out that this was a common refrain among many of our new hires, and she said, “Yeah, I see him here all the time.”

7583898720_IMG_0659When you’re a fan and you start working here, it takes very little time to fit in. You already know everyone. It’s kinda cool to watch happen — the way people are finally able to put names with the faces they’ve seen so often. There’s no “trial period”. You know, when starting a new job, most people tend to put on their best, least-weird face when they start, slowly letting that façade fade over time, letting their eccentricities show. Here, though, people feel comfortable enough letting their guard down from the very beginning.

Lauren is no different. She’s only been here a few weeks and feels comfortable enough ribbing Courtney. That’s something that usually takes people a while to feel comfortable doing.

And it sounds like Lauren plans to be around for awhile. She’d like to work her way up in the company.

“I’m working the Brewtique now,” she says, “but I’d like to be a Beertender.”

She’s loving it here thus far.

“I love the people,” she says. “Not Courtney. But other than Courtney, everyone’s great.”

“Ah-huh-ah-huh-ah-huh,” Courtney laughs, mockingly.

But what Lauren likes best about working here is Apple Bomb.

“I love it,” she says. “It’s the bomb.”

Be sure to say hello to Lauren the next time you’re here!