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“I feel welcome. It’s what I expected it to be, and that’s a good thing.”

Welcome Kaley!

We often say that our biggest fans make the best employees, and Kaley Palasch is no exception.

“Kaley started out as a huge fan of our beer,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She comes to work each day eager to learn more about who we are and what we do. She is super friendly, eager to learn, and brings a great sense of excitement to the Brewtique. I probably tell her too often, but she always asks the best questions so that she is ready to bring top-rate service to our customers. I’m happy to have her as part of the team.”

Welcome Kaley!

Originally from Dennis Township, Kaley has spent her whole life in Cape May County, graduating from Cape May County Technical High School after having studied Early Childhood Development.

Having spent her whole life here, Kaley really loves Cape May.

“I think it’s the best place to go out of all the shore towns,” she says. “There’s so much to do, it can be a little overwhelming.”

While she hasn’t had many chances to travel outside of Cape May, Kaley was able to visit a friend in the Air Force who was stationed in Anchorage two years ago and loved the trip to Alaska.

“It was actually my first time on a plane, and I went big for my first time,” she jokes. “We went hiking and we drove eight hours to a hot spring. Even just driving around, just going to McDonald’s, the landscape is beautiful.”

She’s a big fan of the Sixers, and she and boyfriend John frequently get to home games.

“We went to a lot of games last year,” she says. “We like to wait until the last minute and buy cheap tickets — you can get a good deal. We haven’t been to as many this year, now that I’m working.”

Kaley’s a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, and her twelve-year-old dreams came true when she recently went to see them during their reunion tour.

“I’m a little crybaby,” she laughs. “I cried the entire time. I used to have a folder filled with the posters from the teen magazines. I had one side for the Jonas Brothers and one side for Zac Efron. I was too embarrassed to hang them up in my room, so I kept them in a folder.”

Boyfriend John joined her for the concert.

“He got me the tickets, so I guess I had to bring him,” she jokes. “He actually had a good time, but he definitely wasn’t as into it as I was.”

When you first meet her, Kaley can be a bit on the quiet side. However, don’t let her quiet demeanor fool you. Kaley was voted Class Clown in high school.

“I love making people laugh,” she says.

She also loves her dog, Paisley.

“My sister named her,” she explains. “We rescued her mom off the side of the road when she was pregnant, and every puppy came out a different color.”

Paisley’s mom is a Golden Retriever, but Paisley’s parentage is up for debate — they think she may be part beagle. After our interview, Kaley was heading to Delaware to go brewery-hopping.

“So I gave my dog a big, dramatic goodbye for two days,” Kaley joked.

Kaley’s a big fan of beer and breweries — particularly Cape May Brewing Company — so working here made sense for her. She’s spent a lot of time working at a local restaurant, but, with the seasonal nature of the work, she was looking for something to fill her time in the off-season. She’s been coming here for several years and always thought it would be a “cool” place to work.

“I found myself spending way too much time here for someone who doesn’t work here,” she says. “I looked online and saw that we were looking for people in the Brewtique, so I figured I might as well apply. I’m here all the time, anyway. I might as well get paid to be here.”

She’s really looking forward to her time here.

“I hope to make a lot of new friends,” she says, “and learn more about craft beer.”

Kaley certainly wasn’t a craft beer newb when she started here, but she’s hoping to get more of a grasp on the technical side of brewing — and there’s a lot to learn.

“I know what I like, though,” she says. “I really like tasting new things. I like sours a lot — they’re my favorite kind of beer. Unfortunately, we don’t have too many right now. I like sweet beers.”

It should come as no surprise that Kaley’s favorite CMBC brew is The Grove. She didn’t get to try it on tap last year but was able to grab a few six-packs.

“It was so good,” she says. “I’m glad they’ll be doing more of it this year. I actually like it better than The Bog.”

Kaley’s truly been enjoying her time here so far.

“Everyone’s really nice and cool,” she says. “I feel welcome. It’s what I expected it to be, and that’s a good thing.”

Be sure to say hello to Kaley the next time you’re in the Brewtique!