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“It’s quiet,” he says. “Compared to New York? It’s very quiet. It’s not too bad.”

Welcome John!

As our production and distribution has increased, we’ve realized that we needed some help getting our drivers out on the road in the morning. Thankfully, John Baez, our new Warehouse Assistant, has come in to fill that need.

“John came highly recommended,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “Since he’s been here, he’s lived up to his recommendation. He’s a hard worker, brings an air of levity to the job, and I can always count on him to complete his assigned tasks well.”

He’s been an absolute godsend to the warehouse. Welcome John!

IMG_4649Originally from the Bronx, John attended Harry S Truman High School before moving down to South Jersey in May to help his brother with his kids. He’s a busy man, working three jobs at the moment. He’s a night porter at a nursing home and also works as a bouncer at Goodnight Irenes.

Now, in addition to those jobs, he spends his days picking orders for our drivers, keeping the cooler organized, moving merchandise and beer between buildings, and trying to catch up on sleep.

“It’s really all I get to do,” he says. “I work three jobs and sleep. That’s my happiness.”

Nonetheless, Justin characterizes him as a joker. On John’s first day, he told Justin that he broke multiple cases of our limited release, Catch the Drift.

“He was like, ‘Justin, I broke five cases,” Justin remembers. “It was his first day. He did it to a couple of people. I was like, ‘It’s okay…,’ clenching my teeth.”

We all agreed that Justin probably deserved it.

Growing up in the Bronx, you might assume that John is a fan of, at the very least, New York teams, if not the Yankees, specifically. However, true to his jokester nature, John likes the Boston teams.

“I like football. I like the Patriots. Is the interview over?” he laughs. “I like all Boston teams, Red Sox and the Boston Celtics. I just like messing with New Yorkers. I used to wear a Boston Red Sox hat right by Yankee Stadium. I used to get really loud and rowdy there.”


The lack of loud and rowdy is what John likes about Cape May, even in the summer months.

“It’s quiet,” he says. “Compared to New York? It’s very quiet. It’s not too bad.”

He knew our Line Tech, Andrew Monastra, from working at Goodnight Irenes. When the position opened up at CMBC, Andrew suggested that John apply, and he’s been enjoying it here thus far.

“It’s nice,” he says. “A real nice job. Nice people. Chill job. The people are really friendly.”

This summer, John has definitely enjoyed The Bog slushie. If you’ve been by the Tasting Room at all this summer, you may have had the chance to try our much-loved cranberry shandy in slushy form.

“I like The Bog, period,” he says. “I’m not a fan of the IPAs, but I love The Bog.”

Be sure to say hello to John the next time you see him!