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“The atmosphere is good. And the people are nice. I haven’t had any issues with anybody. I don’t see why I should, anyway.”

Welcome Jason!

The military will prepare you for nearly any job in existence, and, if you can get through a tour of duty, you can get through just about anything.

“Jason came to us with truck driving experience from the military,” says Distribution Manager Justin Vitti. “He has an extremely positive attitude, is totally flexible for tasks to be completed, and is a team player. His military experience will also be a key differentiating factor when the Sales Department eventually agrees to a requested paintball match against the Distribution Department.”

Welcome Jason Dotts!

Originally from Rices Landing, Pennsylvania — a small town about an hour south of Pittsburgh on the Monongahela River in the southwest corner of the state –, Jason entered the Army at 18, stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky, guarding all of that gold… or the alien bodies that have replaced it. One of the two.

“I never saw any alien bodies,” he said in our interview several weeks ago, “but I may skip work and go to Area 51 tomorrow.”

Spoiler alert: he skipped storming Area 51. As did just about everyone else.

He considers his time in the military to be one of his greatest achievements.

“No matter what I do after,” he says, “it’ll always be an accomplishment. I built bridges. If it was a float bridge, we could put one together in about seven minutes. Just piece by piece, we’d drop them in the water, to move a piece of equipment across a river where you really can’t get access to a road.”

Hopefully, he won’t have to draw on that experience as he delivers beer in the northernmost regions of New Jersey, but much of what he did in the Army will inform his time here.

“I drove a truck all the way across the country,” he says. 

He spent three years in the Army before working at Walmart.

“I was a department manager,” he said. “Online Grocery Pickup. It was stressful. More stressful than this.”

His wife, Mackenzie, joined the Coast Guard, relocating them to Cape May for the next five years. 

Jason has tried his hand at homebrewing.

“But I’m impatient,” he says. “I didn’t want to wait for six weeks. Then, I wanted to add fruit, so I had to do a secondary fermentation. It was two months, and I was only going to get a gallon of beer. I figured I might as well just go to the store.”

Jason’s a big sports fan.

“I have favorite teams, just none of them are worth talking about,” he says.

Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area, he’s a fan of the Pirates and the Penguins, but the Cincinnati Bengals have worked their way in, somehow.

“I was really young and my mom moved to Indiana,” he explains. “She was only thirty minutes from Cincinnati. I picked it up there, and I just hate Steelers fans.”

We thought it wise not to ask his opinion on Eagles fans.

Jason and Mackenzie moved here with their black lab/terrier mix, Kaluha, whom Jason classifies as a “terrorist.”

“She eats our walls,” he says, “chews on everything. She’s not the biggest dog.”

“But she has the most energy of any dog I’ve ever met,” says Director of People Operations Christine Bry. “She was here when we were tie-dying for the anniversary party. She was hard to handle.”

Jason and Mackenzie also have two cats: Sangria and Malibu. 

“I had the cats toilet trained,” he says. “You gotta buy litter, you gotta clean litter. They can just use the toilet and flush. You save money and time. They already take care of themselves, pretty much. Now, I don’t even have to worry about them.”

When it came time to look for a job, Jason saw our listing for a driver and concluded that the job contained everything he was looking for:

“Beer,” he says, “the fact that I’ve had other driving jobs before. I really don’t like office work; I like to get out and be active. This was actually the first place I applied. I was happy to see this job.”

He’s delivered newspapers and for Doordash, so being behind the wheel is nothing new for him.

“I’ll go home happy enough,” he says.

And he’s enjoying his time in Cape May.

“I think it’s the best town around,” he says. “There’s not a lot of crime, and I came from bad places. Rices Landing was fine, but I moved around a lot, doing adulthood stuff. This is the nicest place I’ve lived. It’s laid back.”

He’s looking forward to making some friends at work.

“I just moved down here, so it’s not like I know anybody here,” he says. “All of the drivers seem to like me. I’m pretty quiet usually.”

Jason joined us on a recent staff fishing trip, and, after this interview, joined us at our annual trip to a Phillies game.

“I could have caught something, but I didn’t,” he says. “I think I probably had a really big fish on at one point, but it got away.”

Regardless, he’s enjoying his time here so far.

“The atmosphere is good,” he says. “And the people are nice. I haven’t had any issues with anybody. I don’t see why I should, anyway.”

And he’s enjoying the access to great beer.

“I’ve got to try everything,” he says. “I don’t have a favorite, but I’ve got a top three: Oktoberfest. It’s easy to drink. I just like Cape May IPA. And Crushin’ It came out and… crushed it.”

If you run into Jason out on the open road, be sure to say hello!