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“I know how important the Philly market is,” she says. “I’m just excited to be a part of that huge chunk of growth.”

Welcome Erin!

As Robin Williams said in Mrs. Doubtfire, “Help is on the way, Philly!”

Okay, we may not have gotten that quote quite right.

Nonetheless, Philly, we’re coming for you. We’ve got your back. You’re one of the most awesome, abrasive, and underrated cities on the planet, and we love you for it. You’ve been clamoring to have more CMBC, and with our new not-so-secret weapon, we’ve got you covered.

“What’s that secret weapon?” you ask.

Well, Philly. That’s our new Philly Sales Manager, Erin Gale.

A Downingtown native, she graduated from Bishop Shanahan High School before moving onto college at…

…sigh, not again….

…St. Joe’s.

“The business school’s really great,” she says, defending her choice of Universities, “and I wanted to keep doing cheerleading.”

She made the team her freshman year, and it was “exciting and fun,” but she only cheered for one year.

“It’s liUnnamed (2)ke being a Division I athlete without the glory of being a Division I athlete,” she explains of her decision to stop cheering. “There were a ton of other things that I wanted to be involved in that I just couldn’t if I was doing cheer.

“But that’s why I love St. Joe’s so much,” she explains. “I think I had a different experience than most people.”

Nonetheless, ‘Nova beat St. Joe’s on Saturday, 94-53. 🙂

Now, we’ll happily have Erin cheering for CMBC. She’s done nothing but beverage sales since graduating from St. Joe’s — she knew that she wanted to go into sales, but it wasn’t until she started interviewing that she knew that beer would be her life.

“I wound up interviewing with a few breweries, and I thought that the culture was a lot of fun,” she tells us. “Obviously, the products are fun, and I remember thinking, ‘If I had to talk about beer all day, there could be so many worse things.’”

And Erin is a firm believer that you need to be fully invested in what you’re selling.

“You have to be able to get behind what you’re selling or it shows,” she says. “People will know you’re full of crap.”

Beer sales has taken Erin far — even to Texas after college. Her first job moved her to Dallas.

“It was like moving to another country,” she says. “It’s very different from the Northeast, and this area is all I know. There was so much to learn — it was like a whole different culture there.”

But Erin is no stranger to new cultures. She traveled — alone — to visit a friend in Argentina, knowing none of the language.

“I thought it would be like Europe,” she says, “that English would be spoken everywhere. It’s not. I flew there myself. Got a car service myself. Found her myself. It was absurd. But it was fun.”

IMG_3257A crucial aspect of Erin’s upbringing involved waiting for her preordered Harry Potter books.

“I’ve read each book too many times to count and went to an early premiere of Deathly Hallows: Part 2 when it came out,” she admits. “I referred to my trip to London last year as ‘The Pilgrimage to Platform 9 ¾’.”

Erin’s a big fan of country music, having seen the Zac Brown Band three or four times.

“I’ve never seen a bad show,” she says. “They’re always awesome. I also love 80s stuff. When I was younger, I was obsessed with The Wedding Singer soundtrack. All of those songs, I love.”

Really can’t blame you, there, Erin. That movie has a great soundtrack.

She loves all her Philly teams, “and St. Joe’s Hawks, obviously.”

When it comes to movies and television, she thinks “Tina Fey is absolutely brilliant. Mean Girls is a favorite of mine. ‘I want my pink shirt back!’”

She’s happiest spending time with friends and family. “That’s when I’m my best self,” she says. But doing a job that she loves is really what brings her fulfillment.

“I immerse myself in it,” she explains. “If I’m happy those eight to ten hours a day, if I can be excited to actually go and do my job, when my work is going well, that’s when I’m happiest.”

She’d always been familiar with Cape May, as she’s visited often, having spent the majority of this past summer here.

“Oh, God, I love it,” she says. “It’s THE best. It’s the perfect mix of the old, shore town, but everyone you know from home is down there. It’s gorgeous.”

While she was in town over the summer, she’d visited Cape May Brewing Co. with friends, taking the tour and sampling our wares.

“I went on the website after just to check it out,” she says, “and I saw the posting for the Philly Sales Manager. I put my resume in on a whim.

Image2“The beer is number one, but everything I loved about the industry showed through on the tour. It’s so much fun and positive and you can see the results in sales. My work is very measurable, and I love that.

“And… the beers are awesome.”

Erin is looking forward to being a part of the growth of CMBC. Each year is better than the last here, and Erin sees how she fits into the big picture.

“I know how important the Philly market is,” she says. “It’s a bit of pressure on me, obviously, but I’m so excited because the potential’s there. The people want our products in the counties. I’m just excited to be a part of that huge chunk of growth.”

And it doesn’t hurt that she gets easy access to her new favorite beer, Mop Water.

“I love the spices,” she says. “Every time I sip it, I taste something different. Each ingredient comes through. I love that beer.”

Erin’s been loving her time here thus far, finding the company very welcoming. And for someone who finds fulfillment in her career, we’re glad to welcome her.

“I’m on a good stride right now.”

With Erin on the crew, so are we.