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“Everyone is so helpful. When you have a problem, they actually care, rather than putting it off to the side.”

Welcome Caitlyn!

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were in the midst of bringing on a few new faces in the Tasting Room. Luckily, as the pandemic has dragged on, several of them have proven themselves to be a fantastic addition to the team. 

Including Caitlyn Crain.

“Working with Cait has been a great experience!” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “She started as the COVID quarantine started and has brought such a positive attitude to work every single day. She has been a quick study in the Brewtique and always has great suggestions to make us even more efficient. She has a fantastic sense of humor and a super friendly personality which both our customers and staff love! She jumps right in to help whenever she can and has been an awesome addition to our team!” 

Welcome Caitlyn!

Originally from Atco, NJ, Caitlyn graduated from Timber Creek High School before attending Temple University, majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research.

“I spent my summers in Avalon,” she says, “and when I went to college, my dad moved down to North Wildwood full time. So, after I graduated, I decided to move down.”

She moved with her cat, Parker, who has an interesting talent.

“She poops in the toilet,” Caitlyn laughs. “I didn’t train her. One day, there was poop in the toilet, and we thought one of our friends was playing a joke, but we were wondering, ‘Who would do that?!? That’s so gross!’ Then we caught her pooping in the toilet.”

And, apparently, Parker will only use the toilet.

“She hasn’t had a litter box for six months. She’s crazy.”

Before moving to the area, Caitlyn was deciding whether or not to stay in Philadelphia or make the move here, and, instead, decided to travel for a bit. So, she spent two-and-a-half weeks in New Zealand.

“I basically lived in a car,” she laughs. “It was definitely a crazy experience, having to shower in Park-and-Rides.”

She spent her time on the South Island, where travel between towns could take two hours or more.

“It was a lot of nature,” she says. “I bungee jumped off of the first bungee jump in the world and kayaked the Milford Sound and did a lot of hikes. It was awesome.”

On the trip, Caitlyn came away with a deeper appreciation for savoring life and taking things slowly.

“It taught me to be more patient. Over there, everything is a lot slower. And I learned that our recycling system here stinks,” she laughs.

Apparently, they don’t have single-stream recycling in New Zealand.

“They separate everything,” she says. “And you have to clean everything out first. But they recycle everything.”

Caitlyn is a big fan of the Flyers — she went to every home game one season a few years ago — and really enjoys music festivals.

“I went to Firefly for four years,” she says, “and Okeechobee in Florida.”

Really, though, Caitlyn enjoys “sitting and reading.” She has a wide range of interests when it comes to reading.

“I like self-help books, I guess you would consider them, about the mind,” she says. “But I also like romance novels and true crime books.”

She points to Colleen Hoover as her favorite author, a romance novelist, with It Ends with Us as her favorite novel of Hoover’s.

While working as a server at a few restaurants in the area, she began talking to her friend Maddison Devlin about working at Cape May Brewing Company.

“I know she’s worked here for years,” she says, “so I could tell that it was a good working environment, and that’s something I was looking for in a job.”

She hadn’t visited Cape May often, but she enjoys the town.

“I like the main strip,” she says. “I like how there’s a bunch of outside bars — and, right now, I guess that really helps out.”

But, inexplicably, she doesn’t like Cape May’s beaches.

“The sand feels like rocks,” she laughs. “I love beaches, but they have different sand in Cape May. Walk onto a North Wildwood beach and walk on a Cape May beach and you’ll totally tell the difference!”

Regardless of her disdain for our beaches, Caitlyn is looking forward to growing with the company.

“I’ve learned a lot about beer,” she says. “And I’ve enjoyed learning about a whole bunch of different things that I’ve not done before. Like the back side of a business — how to run things. And getting better at customer service.”

And she’s loving it here so far.

“I love the people I work with,” she says. “Everyone is so helpful. When you have a problem, they actually care, rather than putting it off to the side.”

But she really loves Always Ready.

“I feel like it’s our most refreshing beer,” she says.

Be sure to say hello to Caitlyn the next time you’re at the Brewtique!