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“I really like the atmosphere and the culture. It’s not stuffy like the last place I worked.”

Welcome Brandy!

Our new AP/AR Specialist, Brandy Darby, began working in the Brewtique, but it didn’t take long for us to realize how valuable she could be for the rest of the company.

“Brandy came to us from our local Coast Guard community,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello, “and she had a wealth of experience that we could not pass up. After meeting her, I knew we needed to find a place for her in our CMBC family. She quickly fit in with our team and Christine was already looking to see how she could help us more. While I’m very sad to see Brandy less in the Tasting Room, I’m very glad that we were able to find a great fit for her within our company.”

Welcome Brandy!

Originally from New Orleans, Brandy has moved around quite a bit since then, having lived in Hawaii, South Carolina, and Virginia before taking up residence in South Jersey in June.

“Hawaii was my favorite,” she says, unsurprisingly. “I love being outdoors. If you stay inside, there’s something wrong with you.”

Along the way, she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Southeastern Louisiana University but had worked a wide variety of jobs before moving here: she was in research and development for a coffee company in Virginia and a pastry chef in South Carolina.

While she’s lived in a lot of very cool places, Brandy says that Cape May is right up there with the rest of them. She’s moved only a few blocks from the Bay, and she’s thoroughly enjoying the scenery.

“I love going on long walks on the beach,” she says. “The sunsets are unbelievable. It’s beautiful: all the birds. It’s just so pretty. I love hiking and nature photography. Or just chillin’ in a hammock somewhere.”

Yet… winter is coming….

Brandy took this picture, y’all!

“I’ve never experienced winter,” she says. “I’m not from the north; I’m from the very South, so I’m curious as to how I’m going to fare during the months of January and February. My husband always tells me that I don’t have proper winter clothes. And I’m like, ‘I don’t know what that means!’”

Brandy has traveled extensively, having visited Mexico, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Alaska, and much of the eastern US, but her most rewarding trip was to Africa.

“In 2014, I flew by myself to meet up with a group of people I’d never met before,” she laughs. “It was a humanitarian photography kinda deal.”

Brandy spent two weeks in Tanzania, photographing orphans to help facilitate their adoption and meeting with local families afflicted with HIV, documenting their stories. 

“Prior to that, I’d never traveled internationally by myself,” she says. “It was very eye-opening. It was such a different experience than anything I’d ever dreamed of. Seeing a completely different culture. I’ve traveled a lot of different places, but that was really something else.”

She’s a longtime New Orleans Saints fan — “I’ve been there since people were putting bags on their heads” — a practice that began with the Saints’ disastrous 0-12 season in 1980, and she loves all kinds of music.

“Seriously,” she says, “any radio station you put on, I’ll sit and listen to.”

When Brandy moved to Cape May, she found it difficult to find a job.

“I knew I was moving to the area back in March, and I started looking then,” she says. “I could not find anything full-time that I had any sort of experience with.”

So, she began applying for part-time positions, one of which, luckily, was in the Brewtique.

“But, in my cover letter, I let them know what I could do for the company,” she laughs.

It didn’t really take very long for her to move from the retail side into administration. She’d been at the Brewtique for about four weeks before she began working in the Accounting department, originally in the office in the mornings processing checks. 

However, it was apparent to the rest of the Accounting department that she could do a lot more than open envelopes and run checks through a machine. 

“I learn things quickly,” she says. “I think with moving around so much I have to be able to learn things quickly.”

And, really, that’s what we need in Accounting: an analytical mind that can handle learning a bunch of new software. Regardless, Brandy loves working in the Brewtique and wanted to be able to keep a few shifts there a week.

“It’s fun,” she says. “I like interacting with all the different people, and when my shift is over, work is over.”

Quite different from work in the Accounting department, where, at some point, everyone just gives up and goes home with a pile of work still sitting on their desk. 

“I’m looking forward to making some friendships,” she says. “And expanding my horizons on skills I can take with me in the future.”

And she’s been enjoying her time here thus far. 

“It’s pretty cool,” she says. “I really like the atmosphere and the culture. It’s not stuffy like the last place I worked.”

We are certainly not stuffy. That’s for sure.

And even though it’s a thing of the past, Brandy definitely loved her new favorite beer: Old Salt.

“It’s so refreshing and very drinkable,” she says.

If you happen to catch Brandy working in the Brewtique, be sure to say hello!