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Welcome Back, Staff Series!

Remember our employee series, whereby one employee at a time conceived of a new beer for our tasting room repertoire? It led to such inspired recipes as Andrew’s Snag and Drop and Jim’s Triple Wreck.

Now, the employee series is back. Only this time around, we’re changing things up. Rather than leave each staff member up to his or her own devices, we’re having our individual teams, well, work in teams. First up, the tasting room crew with their Crusty Barnacle Pale Ale, the brainchild of Dan Petela and Jim Zolna.

“Everyone worked on ideas for two weeks and had a vote to choose the beer,” says Operations Manager Ashley Sundstrom. “They took part in a ‘brew day,’ which is a full, in-depth educational day to better understand the brewing process in order to provide our customers with a better experience while taking tours in our Tasting Room. The staff spent eight hours with Brian, learning everything there is to know about brewing beer.”

Their 6.3% pale ale is made with oats, which lend greater head retention and a creamier mouthfeel. These things go a long way toward creating a “pillowy, fluffy” beer, Brian says, even despite a low gravity. And a Brettanomyces yeast strain adds some exotic tropical notes of papaya and pineapple.

We’ve got a sweetspot for Crusty Barnacle, also, because it was the last beer brewed in our 15-barrel brew system, which is being decommissioned for sale in December, so that we can turn its space into our sour-only brewery.

Try it out for yourself — on tap beginning November 20.