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It’s well-run, well-organized, everybody’s cool.

Welcome Avery!

Avery Deane has worked in food service for most of his life, though usually in the kitchen, behind the scenes. However, it didn’t take him long to make the transition to barback.

“Avery has been a great addition to the CMBC team,” says Tasting Room Manager Chris Costello. “There is no task too small or too big for Avery to complete. He comes to us with a great work ethic and a willingness to learn everything he can about what we are doing here.”

Welcome Avery!

IMG_4370Born and raised in Cape May Court House, this Middle Township High School graduate hasn’t let the grass grow beneath his feet.

“When I was 18 and graduated high school,” he tells us, “me and two of my buddies moved to Panama with no intention of ever coming home.”

Yeah. Panama. You know that S-shaped country in South America, famous for a canal… and not much else? It’s basically a jungle containing the single most important shipping lane on the planet.

And, apparently, some killer surfing. You see, we didn’t choose that East Coast small wave rider on the front of the Summer Catch can for no reason — you can’t shake a stick around here without hitting at least four surfers.

Avery’s one friend had lived there for a year with his mother, so they decided to conquer Bocas del Toro — a chain of islands in the Caribbean — and the three of them decided to spend the rest of their lives surfing “some of the greatest waves in the world.”

“We made it three months,” he said. “Instead, I learned an important lesson in financial responsibility.”

Since then, he’s traveled quite extensively throughout the Caribbean and South America, surfing along the way.

IMG952508001“I’ve been to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Martin, Antigua,” he says. “Mostly tropical places. I like warm weather; I do not like the cold.”

So, Avery’s loving the weather right now.

“This is my time,” he says. “I don’t mind the fall, but this is what I prefer.”

This past fall, he and a friend sailed a 40-foot yacht from Maryland to Antigua, delivering the yacht to the owner.

“It was an experience,” he says. “I’d spent one or two nights at sea, but never two-and-a-half weeks.”

Of the places he’s been, he’s definitely enjoyed Nicaragua the most.

“It’s definitely the most out-there place I’ve been in terms of far away from my normal reality,” he says. “People were extremely friendly. It was just a great place. Beautiful. The waves were incredible.”


When he’s not surfing — or traveling places to surf — Avery enjoys music. He’s a fan of all kinds of music — from classical, to metal, to hip-hop. He recently went to the BB&T Center in Camden with his father to see the band Chicago.

“They still got it,” he says. “They’re definitely getting up there, but they’ve still got it.”

With his spirit of wanderlust, it may not come as a surprise that Avery is a little unimpressed with his hometown. Fundamentally, however, he loves it.

“I do really love it,” he says. “I mean, of course, everyone’s got their own qualms with their hometown and where they’ve been most of their life. But, compared to most other places, I’d rather be here.”

As a surfer, of course, he loves being by the beach.

“And I love the variety,” he says. “It’s crazy in the summer, calm in the winter. Also, it’s not too rural, but we’re not in a big city.”

He’s spent the past seven years cooking at Piro’s Village Restaurant in North Wildwood. After seven years of the heat of the kitchen, it was time for a change.

“I was tired of cooking,” he says. “I was burnt out from that. I was looking for something new.”

IMG952511001Avery had been a regular customer here for years and knew many of the staff.

“I was in here one night, and Dan asked if I was going back to Piro’s — that’s how I met Dan; he used to work at Piro’s. I told him I probably wasn’t going back, and he handed me an application, and the rest is history.”

It was a good move for Avery. He’s been loving the time here.

“For one, it’s a much less stressful job,” he says. “A lot less responsibility, at least right now. That’s not a bad thing. It’s well-run, well-organized, everybody’s cool.”

“And I love the beer.”

He’s looking forward to learning a lot about beer and trying as many as he can. In the meantime, he’s found a favorite: Corrosion.

“I love sours,” he says. “I’d tried a few, but Corrosion was definitely the first one that I was really into.”Be sure to say hello to Avery the next time you see him in the Tasting Room!