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“Everyone’s super nice. Really welcoming. It’s a fun place to work.”

Welcome Andrea!

If there’s ever been anyone in the world who has needed an assistant, it’s Ryan Krill. 

The man has a lot on his plate. From travel arrangements for speaking engagements throughout the country to keeping a schedule that can go horribly awry by 9:05am to sitting in on meetings about expansions and growth and financial matters, there’s a lot that could potentially fall through the cracks.

Late last year, he bit the bullet and hired Andrea Sharp.

“Andrea is really smart, has a great sense of humor and has strong critical thinking skills,” Ryan says. “Her training and experience with finance and accounting is really helpful in keeping all the details of Cape Beverage and Cape May Brewing Company straight. Her title is Administrative Assistant but it’s so much more than that: she’s more like my right-hand woman in making shit happen.” 

Welcome Andrea!

Originally from Upper Township, Andrea completed a Finance major at West Chester University in three years, having earned ten credits at Ocean City High School beforehand.

“I wanted to save $32,000,” she laughs. “I took a lot of credits. I took winter and summer classes two times, and I took six classes a semester every semester.”

While at West Chester, she became a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, which makes her sisters with our Director of People Operations, Christine Bry.

Prior to Cape May Brewing Company, she was working at Scarborough Properties, handling the dredging operations for Scarborough Marine Group, mechanically removing silt from the back bays of Ocean City.

“I’d field all of the calls, then the owner Sean Scarborough and I would go out and measure all the properties,” she explains. “I’d work up the quotes, write up the contracts, then bill people and collect all the money.”

Andrea and her family are fans of “all the Philly teams.” We sat down with her after the Eagles’ devastating loss to Seattle last week.

“It’s okay,” she says. “We’re struggling. We were all screaming at the TV last night.”

She listens to “all music.”

“I don’t listen to jazz,” she says. “Or old stuff. But I like Juice Wrld — I’m very sad he died.”

With her family, she takes trips to Broadway, having recently seen Wicked and Mary Poppins.

“I just saw the Rockettes,” she says. “We prefer shows to concerts. We went to Carrie Underwood because we got free tickets. I’ve seen Justin Beiber and J. Cole, but nothing since I’ve been older. I haven’t been to one since 2015.”

Andrea is an avid traveler.

“I love to travel,” she says. “I’m always planning a trip.”

She recently had the opportunity to travel to Iceland.

“One of my best friends was studying abroad in Spain,” she explains, “and she traveled every weekend. And another friend of mine and I decided to meet up with her in Iceland. She ended up not being able to make it, but my friend and I decided to go — for $298 round-trip!”

Can’t beat that! They flew out on Thanksgiving Day last year and spent five days there, where it was actually warmer in Iceland, if you can remember that frigidly cold snap we got during Thanksgiving last year.

“It was amazing,” she says. “You feel like everything you’re looking at is fake. It’s like, ‘How is this life?’ It’s incredible. The skies are always beautiful, even though they were only getting five hours of sunlight while I was there.”

She flew into Reykjavík — the capital and most populous city in Iceland –, and from there traveled to the black-sand beaches of Diamond Beach and the Blue Lagoon. 

“We went down to the south, and it’s super beautiful,” she says. “There are waterfalls everywhere. The water’s so blue because the water’s so cold nothing can grow there.”

They visited the wreckage of a US Navy DC-3 that crashed on the black-sand beach of Sólheimasandur in 1973, marveling at the animals along the hike. 

“It’s such a long walk,” she says. “It’s like two hours, and the plane is sitting right there. You can climb inside the plane and take pictures.”

Iceland sits on the boundary between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, and Andrea went snorkeling between them.

“It’s the coldest I’ve ever been in my life,” she laughs. “Frost was forming on our dry suits before we even got in the water. I had a GoPro on me the whole time, and the instructor told me that I had to keep my fingers moving or they’d go numb. It’s one of those things that you do once and you’re done.”

Andrea was a competitive swimmer for several years — “I’m a Pisces, and I stay true to that.” — and, after the trip to Iceland, made it her mission to become a certified scuba diver.

“I’m halfway there,” she says. “I did my in-the-pool training in October, and in March, we’re going to the Keys, and I’m getting fully-certified. My dad’s certified. We’re water people.”

She’s also been to Disney World several times. Twenty-two times, to be precise.

“I’m going twice this year,” she says. “The shortest trip I’ve been on has been thirty-six hours or less. I basically flew down for a day and some change in August.”

Her family is members of the Disney Vacation Club, a timeshare with access to various Disney destinations throughout the world, which they frequently use to visit the parks.

“If we don’t go, we basically lose money,” she explains. “But we use it throughout the world. We’ve been to San Francisco; we’ve been to Disneyland. And we cruise a lot. I’ll go on my seventh cruise in May.”

Andrea is planning a possible trip to Amsterdam in July. Her sister, Lexie, plays D-3 lacrosse at Elizabethtown College, and she was chosen for the US Women’s Team.

“They’re going for ten days, and I know I won’t be able to go for ten days, but I might be able to do a part of the trip,” she says. “Flights are expensive, but I’m trying to make it work.”

While she’s traveled all over the world, Andrea really loves Cape May.

“We don’t live far away,” she says, “but it was always a treat when we came down to Cape May. We always get excited — we came down to the Blue Pig on Saturday for my mother’s birthday. I love the charm of the town. I love Cape May.”

She’s looking forward to her time here at Cape May Brewing Company, particularly some of the employee activities we’ve got going on.

“I came from working with five employees, where the offices here have fifteen-ish,” she says. “It’s fun. The first event I went to was our Christmas Pajama Party. It was cool to hang out with everyone, the atmosphere. And it’s fun to come to work every day because everyone wants to be here.” 

Andrea’s really been loving her time here so far.

“Everyone’s super nice,” she says. “Really welcoming. It’s a fun place to work.”

She particularly enjoys the access to her favorite beer, The Bog.

“It makes me want to sit on the beach,” she says. “I was at Yesterday’s one night with my friends, and one of them made me try it, and I was like, ‘I need every can of this that they make!’”

Andrea’s usually in the office, but makes it over to the Tasting Room for shifties on occasion. Be sure to say hello the next time you see her!