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To everyone so far who stuck through our survey last night, we want to extend a huge thank you for giving us your feedback!

If you haven’t seen our Customer Survey yet, we’re offering a 20% off merch discount to each and every person who submits the survey, and you also have the chance to win $500! 

Our survey will be open until November 27th, and you have a chance to use your discount code until then. If you are interested in winning the $500, we’ll be contacting the winner by December 1st.

We’ve included the survey below to make things easier for everyone and keep it in one place!

You’ll need about 15 minutes, so we recommend checking it out as you sip your coffee or prep a snack! You’ll find the discount code on the last page of the completed survey, so keep an eye out for it before you exit the page!

**Keep in mind that the 20% code does not apply to previous orders, beverage purchases, or sale items, but we have tons of merch and accessories for you to check out in our store!**

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