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“It's low-cal and delicious. What's not to like?”

Watermelon Hard Seltzer

While the first day of fall was earlier this week, at Cape May Brewing Company, we hold onto summer as long as we can. Kinda like Bryan Adams. Except it’s the Summer of 2020, and not the Summer of ‘69.

So, even though we’re releasing the latest in our line of canned hard seltzers firmly within the autumnal season, there’s no reason not to celebrate as if it were still summer. 

It’s our Watermelon Hard Seltzer!

A new style of refreshment, Watermelon Hard Seltzer is cold-fermented all-natural cane sugar, gluten-free, and infused with fresh watermelon juice. With a hard seltzer base, all-natural watermelon juice yields a handcrafted beverage with a rosy glow, a light and spritzy mouthfeel, and a refreshingly fresh finish. 

And it’s only available in the Brewtique, beginning Friday!

Visitors to the Tasting Room and Beer Garden have been enjoying our draft line of seltzers. We’ve tried a few different flavor combinations over the past year or so, and they’ve all been well received.

“Our seltzers have been such a nice, refreshing option,” says Tasting Room General Manager Chris Costello. “They’re a great option for the non-beer lover who may be along for the ride with their friends, or particularly for our gluten-sensitive fans. They’ve been going over really well, and I’m sure that our canned Watermelon Hard Seltzer will be as big a hit.”

The second canned release in our hard seltzer line, last month’s release of Grapefruit Hard Seltzer was particularly well-received by our fans.

“Our fans had such a great response to Grapefruit Hard Seltzer,” says Brewtique Manager Kaitlyn Smith. “Sales started off steady and then really took off. I feel like our customers are eager to see what flavors we come up with next. Our seltzer line is slowly going to be a staple when visiting the Brewtique for beer-to-go.”

For the most part, all of our seltzers begin with the same base of fermented cane sugar in water, then we fold in real fruit juice and natural flavors.

“The use of fresh juice sets our hard seltzers apart from some of our competition,” Chris says. “The grapefruit version was very approachable and not overbearing at all, and I think fans will find the same thing in the watermelon version.”

Kaitlyn agrees.

“Grapefruit was a great first flavor to hit the ground running,” she says. “Our citrus-inspired beers are always fan favorites, so I feel like the grapefruit was a flavor our fans trusted us with. It was not overwhelming like some grapefruit-flavored things can be.” 

And Vice President of Brewery Operations Brandon Greenwood loves the idea of using watermelon in this follow-up.

“Who doesn’t like watermelon?!?” he asks, rhetorically. “It is the quintessential summer (or autumn) refresher, and — who knew?!? —  it also pairs really well with alcohol!”

With the longtime success of our Watermelon Wheat, Chris expects that fans will love it equally as much as a seltzer.

“Watermelon has always been a great flavor for us in general,” he says. “Our fans have always loved when we incorporated watermelon into our beer, so it was a natural fit for seltzer.”

And, while watermelons have passed their prime in South Jersey, it’s still a great flavor for the cooler months.

“It’s such a crisp flavor,” she says. “It’s super refreshing and subtle which I think adds to the appeal of it in seltzer form.”

We had a version of our Watermelon Hard Seltzer on tap at our company party in January, and it was a big hit with the Brew Crew.

“We had the opportunity to try some of the watermelon seltzer,” Chris says, “and it is of the same quality as our Grapefruit Hard Seltzer. I haven’t seen too many options on the shelves for watermelon seltzer, so I think this will be a welcome change to our fans.”

Kaitlyn says that watermelon is a brisk, stimulating flavor, well-loved by everyone.

“It’s a great time to release the watermelon flavor as our ‘local’ summer is holding on strong,” she says. “What better way to enjoy the weather and soak up those last hints of summer than with a crisp, refreshing Watermelon Hard Seltzer?”

Ultimately, it’s the simplicity of watermelon that keeps bringing people back. 

“It’s not complicated, not trendy,” Brandon says. “It’s simply flavorful, easy-to-drink, and delish!”

And, in comparison to some of our heavier beers, it’s one of the healthiest options available from Cape May Brewing Company.

“It’s low-cal and delicious,” Kaitlyn says. “What’s not to like?”

Watermelon Hard Seltzer is available for pre-order now and will be available for pickup beginning at noon on Friday, September 25th, only in the Brewtique. Don’t miss it!