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Visiting the Brewery

There have been a number of changes at Cape May Brewing Company, from changes due to COVID-19 to opening new spaces and creating new experiences.

We want our visitors to have all of the information they need in one place, so we’ve compiled it below. If you have any unanswered questions, please see our FAQ page.

The Cape May Brewing Company Tasting Room, Beer Garden, and Brewtique are currently open daily from noon to 7pm. Our Brewtanical Garden is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm.

General COVID-19 Information

  • Face masks are required for entry to the facility. 
  • There is a one-way flow throughout the facility: the entrance is clearly marked, and all guests will exit through the back of the Beer Garden.
  • Our greeters will meet you at the entrance, keeping a close count on the number of people onsite.
  • No reservations are required. All seating is first-come, first-served.
  • Six-foot spacing is clearly marked throughout the Tasting Room.
  • All staff will be wearing PPE masks.
  • Scheduled cleaning takes place every hour and as needed, with all hard-contact surfaces being disinfected.
  • We’ve instituted a new growler exchange program. See here for details.
  • We are currently accepting cash, credit cards, and electronic payments.
  • We are only serving pints — no flights.
  • Plastic cups are used in the Brewtanical Garden while glassware is used in the Tasting Room and Beer Garden. However, new pint glasses will remain available for purchase in the Brewtique.
  • We will be open noon to 7pm, with the last seating at 6:30pm, space permitting.

Tasting Room

  • In order to maintain social distancing standards, we have twenty tables available.
  • Parties must remain fewer than eight in number.
  • Seating will still be first come, first served.
  • You are only permitted to drink while seated at your table.
  • Masks must be worn when away from your table.
  • There is no bar seating. All orders must be placed with your server.

Beer Garden

  • The Beer Garden is adjacent to the Tasting Room and is accessible through the main entrance to the Tasting Room.
  • Our Beer Garden is open to the elements. Please dress appropriately.
  • Masks must be worn when away from your table.
  • No pets will be allowed in the Beer Garden.
  • Guests must remain seated at all times.
  • We will be open noon to 7pm, with the last seating at 6:30pm, space permitting.


  • Team members will be monitoring the number of people in the store. You may experience a short wait.
  • As necessary, we’ll divide waiting lines into an in-store shopping line and an in-store pickup line.
  • You’ll find a clearly marked area for order pickup. Our team will retrieve your order by last name or by order number.
  • Curbside Pickup is currently available. Shop online, select a time slot at checkout, park in one of three clearly marked parking spots behind the building, and TEXT us at (609) 766-5005 with your last name and parking spot number.
  • All glassware is kept behind the register. Simply tell the Brewtique Associate which one you’d like.
  • All available sizes are on display.
  • Currently, we are unable to allow our customers to try on any merchandise; however, all merchandise purchases may be returned in their original condition for any reason up to 30 days after purchase.

Brewtanical Garden

  • The Brewtanical Garden is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 1pm to 7pm.
  • The Brewtanical Garden is located behind the Tasting Room, next to the parking lot, on its own, unattached to the rest of the venue. To enter the Brewtanical Garden, there’s no need to enter through the main entrance.
  • Masks must be worn, but, as in the Beer Garden, can be lowered to drink.
  • The Brewtanical Garden is open to the elements. Please dress appropriately.
  • Pets are welcome in the Brewtanical Garden.
  • There is a merchandise display in the Brewtanical Garden. You may place an order in our online store and pick it up before you leave! Keep in mind that the Brewtique closes at 7pm.
  • We have twelve taps in the Brewtanical Garden. You’ll find a menu when you arrive, but, generally speaking, if you can find the beer in a can at your local store, you’ll be able to find it in the Brewtanical Garden.
  • We ask that you remain seated at all times in the Brewtanical Garden, except when you are purchasing beer or visiting the restroom.


    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      Of course! Simply come up to our order window at the front of the building and we’ll take care of you!

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      The Tasting Room, Brewtique, and Beer Garden are open. The Brewtanical Garden is closed.

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      We are! The only days we are closed are Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  1. Clár Ó'Flannagáin

    Any word when the Beergarden or Brewtanical garden will open up this spring?

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      The Beer Garden is currently open, but the Brewtanical Garden will be reopening soon. We’re not exactly sure when, but as soon as things start getting consistently warmer, we’ll be open. As soon as we have more information, we’ll post it on the blog and on social media. Keep your eyes open!

  2. Christina

    Do you take reservations for tastings? If it would be a group of 3-5 people?

  3. Do you have any non alcoholic beverages for teens when they’re visiting with their parents?

    1. Cape May Brewing Company

      We sure do! We brew our own root beer and ginger ale that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

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